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Faerie Wings: The Fate of Kira - Part Seven

by downrightdude


"And who are you?" asked Ardore.

     "I'm Alice," Alice said softly, "and I've come here because I've heard screaming from the nearby woods. Are the Light faeries alright, Kira?"

     Kira shrugged her shoulders, not knowing what to say.

     "So, why would a couple of Dark faeries attack a bunch of Light faeries, Alice?" Sirena wondered.

     "It's because it's all part of their master plan," Alice insisted. She sat down on the rim of the Faerie Plaza's fountain and sighed deeply. "A few months ago, I overhead a group of Dark faeries discussing about how they had wanted to wipe out every single Light faerie in Faerieland. I wasn't sure what this meant... until your guys' friend was attacked."

     "But why would they want to target Light faeries?" asked Kira.

     Alice gave Kira a serious look. "Because only Light faeries can possess the powers of light: which, if used correctly, can wipe out a Dark faerie in just seconds!"

     Sirena rubbed her chin as she considered Alice's comment. "You know, I do remember Brillare telling me about how Dark faeries have always secretly feared Light faeries because of the powers that they can summon when provoked."

     "And there haven't been any reports of any Light faeries destroying Dark faeries," Ardore pointed out. "So why worry?"

     "Because they would always have this feeling inside that the Light faeries would attack and destroy them," Alice explained. "And besides, that was only one of those Dark faeries' plans. Kira, do you still have your circlet?"

     Kira nodded and held out the circlet in front of her. "Here it is. Why?"

     Alice turned to Sirena and asked her, "Do you still have The Necklace of the Water Faerie after your attack?"

     "What?" Sirena gasped. "How did you know about what happened to-?"

     "Because," Alice insisted, "I saw what happened."

     Kira looked at Sirena, whose face was becoming more serious. "What is The Necklace of the Water Faerie?"

     "My faerie treasure," Sirena sighed. With everybody looking at her now, Sirena sighed again and said, "Come with me everybody and I'll show you what happened."


     As soon as the faeries huddled into Sirena's and Illere's bedroom, Sirena escorted Kira to the Water Faerie Vanity that was placed beside her bed. "It's in one of the top drawers. I placed it there for safe keeping," Sirena explained.

     Kira watched as Sirena pulled a drawer open, revealing a necklace that looked as if it were made of solid stone. "It's beautiful," she breathed as Sirena handed her the necklace. The necklace's stone gem tingled inside her hands, as if it were trying to burst out of the stone covering. Half of the necklace's rim was covered with various little jewels that Kira thought would have glimmered in sunlight, and the necklace itself would have looked lovely if it was not stone-grey and around Sirena's neck.

     "Is that the Necklace of the Water Faerie?" asked Illere, sounding surprised. "I don't believe it!"

     "Neither can I," Ardore said with a smirk. "You must have done something really stupid to lose the powers of your necklace, Sirena."

     "It wasn't my fault!" Sirena scowled at her. "It was Rosia and her band of Dark faeries that did this!"

     "Rosia did this?" Kira gasped, remembering what Alice had told her about Dark faeries being able to turn things to stone. "Are you sure it was her?"

     Sirena sighed and nodded. "It happened on the same day that I had found my Faerie treasure; I had just reached the surface of The Faerie Tide Pools when Rosia, as well as three other Dark faeries, approached me. Before I could even blink, the faeries had blinded me and taken my necklace! Then, just as they were leaving, one of the Dark faeries gave me my treasure back before she followed the others."

     "And I suppose that was when they turned your faerie treasure to stone, right?" asked Illere. Before Sirena could reply, Illere reached underneath her bed and pulled out what looked like an Earth faerie staff-only it was made of stone, not wood. "This was the legendary Staff of the Earth Faerie that Fyora had placed inside an old oak tree in the Faerie Forest. I was going to bring this back home, however before I could-"

     "Rosia struck," Sirena interrupted. "Right?"

     Illere nodded and held the staff out towards her hands. Had the staff not been turned to stone, Kira could picture the mighty staff to be made out of solid wood, with a live vine wrapped around the staff and the orb that was perched right at the top of it. "I still can't believe I had let them get away," Illere grumbled furiously.

     "Well at least they didn't take your treasure and fly away with it!" Ardore piped up angrily. "I was just minding my own business when they arrived and took my Greater Orb of the Fire Faerie! Then they dropped it on my head once they turned it to stone."

     "Well, did you use any spells to defend yourself?" Illere asked with concern.

     Ardore crossed her arms and frowned. "I do NOT want to talk about that! But let's just say that a certain red-headed Dark faerie will be seriously torched once I'm done with her!"

     "Do you think those faeries would come after my circlet?" Kira asked cautiously. Sirena and Illere nodded confidently.

     "You should hide that in a safe place at your house and NEVER bring it out!" Illere suggested. "That way, at least one faerie would still have an active faerie treasure to use in case of an intense battle."

     Kira nodded her promise. "Don't worry: I'll store this circlet in the safest place that I know!" And I'll never let any of you down, she added silently.

     Sirena sniffed and wiped her eyes. "It's just so sad!" she said to her friends. "It's just awful that Queen Fyora trusted us and that we all couldn't... we all..." Not wanting to finish her statement, Sirena flopped onto her bed and began weeping wet tears into her pillow.

     Kira leaned over to Illere and whispered, "Is she going to be alright?"

     "I don't know," said Illere. "You know how emotional Water Faeries can get when they're upset."

     "Freak," Ardore muttered as she watched Sirena cry harder.

     "Say Kira," Illere said with an eager voice. She looked at Kira with big, eager eyes and asked, "Do you mind if I ask you for a small favour?"

     Kira nodded. "Sure. What for?"

     "Would you mind if I stay over at your house tonight?" Illere wondered. "I wouldn't want to disturb Sirena during her... um, 'time of sorrow' if you get what I mean."

     "Sure," said Kira. "I don't mind." After watching Sirena sob some more, Kira followed her friends out of the bedroom to give the Top Water Faerie her privacy.


     "Have you found it yet?" Rosia shouted from outside the Hidden Tower.

     "Not yet!" Daphne replied from inside. After a few more moments, Velma led Daphne and Violet out of the invisible stone tower and reported their findings to Rosia, who was waiting impatiently for the Amulet of the Dark Faerie. "It's such a shame that it wasn't in there," Daphne sighed as she watched her fellow sisters mumble their agreements

     "But look at what I found!" Violet exclaimed eagerly, showing her sisters the Jhudora doll she was holding. "Can you believe that Fyora's selling these dolls here? They're so cute!"

     "Violet! We didn't come all the way over to this invisible nuisance for a stupid doll!" Rosia shouted. With her sisters watching her, Rosia created an orb with her hands and began zapping the Hidden Tower until it turned into a looming tower of stone.

     Daphne clapped her hands. "Well done, Sis. Now those who can never find the Hidden Tower can now find it easily!" Rosia grumbled something under her breath as the four sisters headed towards the ground.

     Once all four Dark faeries landed, Violets turned to Rosia and asked her, "So when are we going to take that pretty tiara?"

     "It's actually a circlet, Violet," said Daphne. "And can I be the first to say that the Circlet of the Air Faerie is honestly the tackiest 'treasure' that I've ever seen! I mean really why can't the Air faeries have something that's, oh I don't know, more fashionable?"

     Rosia gave Daphne a glare. "It's because the circlet was designed to combat dark magic!" she insisted. "It was not created to be a faerie fashion accessory!"

     "Whatever," said Daphne, shrugging her shoulders. "I still think it's tacky."

     "I'll try to summon up the amulets powers by using my visual waves," Velma suggested. With her hands placed on both sides of her head, Velma began to hum as she sent invisible mind waves around Faerie City.

     Rosia just rolled her eyes. "I can't believe that it's lead to this!" she moaned out loud.

     Violet shivered. "Well I can't believe how cold it is!"

     Daphne nodded in agreement. "I know! To think the Neopian Times said nothing about the weather getting colder at night!"

     "Oh would you two stop complaining!" Rosia barked. "Yes it's cold, but we have more important things to do than just complain and complain about something that we can't control-at least, not yet."

     "But I'm freezing!" Daphne pouted. "Can't I just fly back home and get a sweater?"

     "NO!" Rosia exclaimed. "Why didn't you bring one with you before we left? Why are you now-?"

     "Rosia!" Violet exclaimed. With her sisters now looking at her, Violet quickly turned her head to face the dark alley that was behind them. Then, in a slight whisper, she hissed urgently, "Sisters... we are being watched."

To be continued...

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