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Faerie Wings: The Fate of Kira - Part Three

by downrightdude


"Phew! Isn't today a scorcher, Illere?" Kira wondered as she followed Illere up a flight of stairs.

      Illere nodded in agreement. "It seems to me that the Light faeries are having problems controlling today's radiant sunlight." Suddenly Illere stopped. "And they've been having problems for a while," she sighed.

      "What kind of problems?" Kira wondered.

      "Oh... it's uh, nothing," Illere stammered. After forcing herself to smile, Illere opened a door and lead Kira inside. "Here's the bedroom that I share with my roommate."

      Kira looked around the small bedroom. Inside were an Earth Faerie Canopy Bed, a Water Faerie Bed, a Water Faerie Vanity, an Illusen Wardrobe, and a window that was placed between the two beds. The Water Faerie Vanity glowed with a dim blue light as Kira approached it. Bright yellow curtains fluttered lightly when a slight breeze swept beside the tower's window. Suddenly, Kira heard the sound of water rushing, and turned towards the wardrobe to get a better look at what was beside it. As soon as she noticed the small pond beside the wardrobe, Kira asked Illere, "Do you share your room with a Water faerie? Or is all the Water faerie furniture just for decor?"

      Illere giggled. "It's not for me, silly," she insisted. "It's for Sirena. She's my-"

      "Roommate?" a hush voice asked from the doorway. A tall faerie with long, blonde hair gave Kira a petite smile. Kira blushed with embarrassment. "Hello," Sirena said as she extended a hand. "I'm Sirena, the Water faerie of this tower. Who might you be?"

      Kira shook her hand. "I'm Kira: official Top Air faerie of Faerieland."

      "Ah, so you're the Air faerie Queen Fyora has been waiting for." Sirena's eyes were bright blue and very bright. "It's always such a pleasure to meet a fellow Top faerie," she said with a smile.

      "You're a Top faerie too?" Kira gasped. Sirena nodded. "And you're saying that Fyora's actually waiting for me?"

      Sirena nodded again. "Well kind of; she's been waiting for a while to meet the Top Air faerie before she gave the rest of us the lecture," she explained.

      "What lecture?" Kira asked, sounding concerned.

      "Oh just something about our duties and responsible as Top faeries of Faerieland," Sirena said, waving her hand. "That's all."

      "Ah," said Illere.

      "Do you mind if I ask you something, Sirena?" Kira wondered.

      Sirena shrugged her shoulders. "No, go ahead."

      "Why do you... uh, you know... have legs and no tail? Do all Water faeries have legs and walk around Faerieland like that all day?" As soon as she was done, Kira felt her face grow warm from embarrassment.

      But Sirena just laughed and said, "Well yes, I do have an actual tail that I use for swimming. It only forms in water, though, so on land I can walk and run all I want. It's also the same thing for the other Water faeries as well."

      "So that's why you have that little pond in the corner of the room," Kira realized. The tranquil pond was filled with clean-clear water and miniature lily pads that floated on top.

      "Well actually," Sirena admitted, "my wade-pond is only to help me freshen up each morning. I keep it in the corner because somebody here doesn't like it when I accidentally splash water on them while they sleep!" Sirena gave Illere a half-serous look.

      Illere glared at her. "That's only because you practically splash half the pond into my face everyday!"

      Sirena crossed her arms. "Well, if you would stop sleeping in on weekdays then maybe I wouldn't need to wake you up before noon!"

      "Oh, who cares when I wake up? Why do you need to be up every morning, anyway?" Illere demanded.

      "Because a proper faerie never sleeps in when her powers are needed elsewhere," Sirena said in a know-it-all voice. Illere gave her a scowl and was about to raise her hand when Kira went up and grabbed her wrist.

      "Please, not right now!" Kira exclaimed. "Can't we all just get along? And besides, we're already late to meet Fyora!"

      Illere turned to the tower's clock and gasped. "She's right! We better get a move on right now!"

      Sirena and Kira agreed and immediately ran out of the tower and onto Faerie City's bustling Faerie Plaza, which was located right in the middle of the city. Kira felt her heart pump hard as she followed her fellow Top faeries through a tall set of glimmering, blue gates. As soon as she saw the bright purple and pink building in front of her, she stopped running.

      I can't believe we're at Fyora's palace! Kira thought anxiously. She felt her heart pumping even harder now while her friends ran towards the front doors.

      "Come on!" Sirena shouted. "You don't want to make a bad first impression!"

      Kira shook her head to get out of her trace. Then she followed Illere and Sirena into the palace, up a flight of stairs, and down the palace's main hallway. As soon as she had spotted a wooden door trimmed with solid gold, Illere wriggled her fingers to open it from her distance. As soon as the door opened, all three faeries ran inside, and Illere wiggled her fingers again to close the door behind them.

      "Right on time," Sirena huffed as she collapsed to the ground.

      "And it's about time, too!" a Fire faerie snarled. The faeries looked up and saw a tall Fire faerie glaring down at them. "Why are you two so late?" she demanded.

      Illere rolled her eyes. "And hello to you too, Ardore," she replied.

      "Hello Ardore," Sirena said as she trembled. "Lovely day we're having, right?"

      Ardore scoffed and pointed a finger at Kira. "And who's this? Hadn't Fyora told you two before that unwanted visitors are strictly forbidden from her palace?"

      "I am not an unwanted visitor!" Kira exclaimed. "I'm Kira: the Top Air faerie of Faerieland!" Sirena and Illere applauded.

      "Oh hum," Ardore scoffed. "Who honestly cares about the top 'Air' faerie when the Top Fire faerie can toast her in seconds?" As soon as Kira saw Ardore create a flame with her fingers, she gulped.

      "Now girls, try to behave," a calm voice sounded from the doorway. Immediately all of the faeries, except Kira who had no idea what to do, knelt down and bowed their heads as the Faerie Queen entered the room. "I hope you girls have all succeeded with those quests that I have handed out to you all," Fyora said with confidence.

      "Yes, my Queen," the kneeling faeries replied at once.

      "And may I ask for your name, dear?" Fyora asked Kira.

      "Um... well, I... I'm... uh," Kira stammered.

      Sirena stood up and bowed her head again. "This is Kira, your majesty. She just so happens to be that 'missing link' that you were talking about."

      Fyora nodded and walked towards her wooden desk. The faeries watched as Fyora pulled out a piece of paper from one of her desk drawers and sprinkled pink dust over it. Kira's eyes grew wide when the piece of paper flew over to her.

      "Thank you, you're highness," Kira said as she inspected the paper. "May I ask what this is?"

      "It's a piece of paper, genius," Ardore scoffed.

      "It's actually a clue towards the location of your Air Faerie Token, Kira," Fyora explained.

      "Air Faerie Token? What's that?" asked Kira.

      "Each Top faerie has her very own token, my dear," Fyora said, looking over the other faeries. "You see, as soon as a Top faerie realizes the true powers that she can possess, I would send her on a quest so that she can find two objects: a Faerie Token and her Faerie Treasure."

      "But why would I need a Faerie Token?" Kira wondered. "I thought my powers were strong enough, aren't they?"

      "Well yes," Sirena agreed, "your powers are magnificent. However without your designated Faerie Token, you would never be able to use your real Top faerie powers that can surpass any other power among your kind of faerie!"

      "And each Faerie Token has a secret location where their designated Top faerie can find them," Illere continued. "All you need is a clue and some logic to find it!"

      "Ah," Kira said, glancing at her clue again. "So, why is my clue so... well, blurry?"

      "It's so that your fellow Top faeries, or any other of your enemies, won't be able to find it before you," Ardore said with a laugh. "And of course without your Faerie Token, you wouldn't be able to find your Faerie Treasure either. It's just another important reason to find your token, so good luck on your quest."

      "Um, thanks," said Kira. With all of the other faeries looking at her, Kira suddenly felt a question bubbling inside her. "Excuse me guys, but shouldn't there be a Top Light faerie or something? And is there also a Top Grey faerie?"

      Ardore laughed out loud. "Everybody knows that Grey faeries are just about the biggest wimps who have ever existed! Why would they need to serve at Fyora's Faerie Court when they have no magical powers?"

      Kira glared at her. "I was only asking! And what about the Top Light faerie; where is she?"

      Illere gulped and placed a hand on Kira's shoulders. "It's a long story," she explained. "I'll tell you it sometime, okay?"

      Kira nodded. "So I guess the Dark faeries are ruled out too, I supposed?" The other faeries nodded.

      "Now, go onto your first quest Kira," Fyora said encouragingly. "Make sure you use whatever magical means that you need. Good luck, and come see me when both quests are over." Kira nodded and followed the faeries out of the palace.

To be continued...

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