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Mutant Pets and You

by tyuio_k50


When you hear see a Mutant pet, what comes to mind? Is it something like: "Oh Sloth, what is that thing?!" or "WHAT in Neopia could that thing be???"? It's reasonable for one to envy the beauty of these gorgeous pets, therefore these actions are common.

Unlike plain, normal, Neopets, these Mutant Pet feature various "extensions", such as horns or tentacles; nothing more than clear signs of their beauty. With that said, today we're going to show you THE Top 7 most fascinating, breath taking Mutant Pets there are to offer. From the scaly Mutant Eyrie, to the gorgeous Mutant Gnorbu, you're about to witness some of the most gorgeous creatures in Neopia.

So, without further ado, let's begin!


7. Mutant Quiggle

Oh. My. Goodness. Look at that.

Words can't even describe how beautiful this thing is. I'd like you to meet the Mutant Quiggle. Unlike your average, everyday Quiggle, this one drools a lot more. What's more? It smells. Really bad. Neat, huh?

They also have this thing for using their claws - in place of their old, webbed feet, to claw at your furniture. Not only can they "re-decorate" your furniture, but with their super-extendable tongue, they can quickly clean up your house. From rubbish lying about the floor to small Petpets making annoying sounds, the Mutant Quiggle will consume all of your troubles.

Other than that, they come with an extra eye, which they leave open while they sleep. They're very good at digging up flower beds, too.

Won't you consider turning your Quiggle into a Mutant Quiggle?

6. Mutant Moehog

Lazy... Smelly... Perfect.

All this pet will do is lie on the floor, make an occasionally make moaning sounds, with a few grunts here and there. Sometimes they'll roll over on their backs; this means that they're in a playful mood. Just be sure not to put your hand anywhere near their mouths when feeding. They love Rotten omelettes.

Overall, this pet will give you no trouble, with proper care. Be sure to brush their tusks every night before bed, and always remember to give them food when they start growling at you. Some say they slightly resemble Plumpy when in their default position, don't you think so?



5. Mutant Eyrie

Oh so scaly.

Let me point some things out to you. First of all, they tend to not play so nice with other Eyries; their sharper beaks tend to tear through bones. They also dislike the presence of electronics, The high pitched buzzing sounds some machine make causes them to start screaming. So as long as you steer clear of the Virtupets Space Station, you're fine.

They occasionally go into fits of rage, fly around your Neohome and destroy everything when they don't get their way, but only occasionally.

It is also said that the Oukin Species from Petpet Park slightly resemble the Eyrie Species... Maybe they'll someday be available in Mutant form?

We sure hope so!


4. Mutant Chia

Hide your Petpets!

Next we're going to move to something slightly more common: The Mutant Chia.

Does it look familiar? It's the same colour and species as Florg from Feed Florg. Mutant Chias have a knack for always getting into trouble, and usually won't admit their wrongdoing. But at the end of the day, they're also mischievous.

Unlike your everyday Fruit Chia, the Mutant Chia can do lots more. From an extendable tongue, to the ability to shoot out sharp quills, you'll have plenty of fun trying to run away before it eats you.

3. Mutant Gnorbu

Take a chance... Look beauty in the eye.

I'm just going to give you a moment to ponder on what you're looking at.


Words cannot describe... The beauty. You must be speechless.

This, right here, is perfection. Perfection. Absolute perfection. Perfection yet to be matched by any other. It's blinding beauty is said to kill... It's drop dead gorgeous. The only way to to shield yourself from the deadly rays of beauty is to sport a pair of very, very dark sunglasses.

While you may never be able to reach this level of perfection yourself, you can own one yourself. There's not much more I can say while in the graceful presence of this majestic creature.

So... Are you ready to take on perfection?



2. Mutant Chomby

The Dino with a Soul Patch

Ooooh yeeeaaahhh, the Mutant Chomby!

They're big, they're scary, and they're purple. They love stomping around, eating your food, and beating you up when they're bored. Being one of the last few pet species to be available in Mutant form, this pet is rather special. Be sure to keep it away from your other pets, and give it what it wants, when it wants it.

Last but not least, try and run if it attempts to charge you. It's a bit too good when it comes to playing tag.

1. Mutant Cybunny

A Happy Cybunny, Sharp Tooth and Red eye,

For your birthday it will make you a Mutant Negg Pie!

Just as you imagine them in your dreams, happily hopping in and out of burrows in the ground, happily nibbling on carrots and giggling amongst themselves. Only these are better.

Now, they come with larger tails. They feature sharp teeth (Just the thing to chop those yummy veggies for dinner!), menacing red eyes, four sets of sharp claws, and giant, floppy ears. In fact, when introduced to other Cybunnies, they quickly hopped away and hid, probably in a jealous fit!

And you can forget about the Easter Cybunny... Because now you have the Mutant Easter Cybunny! I wonder what kind of Goodies he'll leave you for The Festival of Neggs?



...And All Mutants!

Neopia's most marvelous population

While there wasn't enough room to cover every mutant in Neopia, there's still a need to send a shout out for all those other mutants out there.

From the Three-Eyed Mutant Usul to the colourful Mutant Ogrin, from the Tentacly Mutant JubJub all the way to the Brainy Mutant Kacheek, they're all special. Mutant Pets, Petpets, items, and whatever else there may be, they'd all like you to have a happy Mutant Day...

Happy Mutant Day!!!


And there you have it. You've witnessed one of Dr. Sloth's most ingenious creations. You're now aware of the marvel that Mutant Pets are.

So, with that said... Will you consider morphing all of your pets Mutant!?


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