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What's Your Favorite Part Of Each New Month?

by indulgences


I greet each new month on Neopets with happy satisfaction! To me, the beginning of each new month symbolizes a kind of renewal, and I love starting fresh!

My favorite part of each new month is the Monthly Freebies page, which rewards you with 2,000 Neopoints and a food item for each Neopet you own. Though I donate the foods right away, the 2,000 Neopoints is very welcome! Not being a rich Neopian, I appreciate this important (albeit small) bit of income! And it's fun to donate the foods because although they're cheap, they do make a difference in the lives of poorer Neopians who lurk the Money Tree in hopes of nabbing free food.

I'm also enthused about my pet transfers opening up! Because my accounts are very aged, each account has four incoming and four outgoing transfers, which most users would consider to be a lot! I love giving away my zapped pets, and being able to safe-transfer them wearing all of their Paint Brush clothes is so rewarding! I love giving my pets away to loving new owners who deserve them!

I also find great satisfaction in putting my pets in the Neolodge! On the first of every month, I put all of my Neopets in the Neolodge for 28 days. Though I don't pay for any perks, it's truly gratifying to see my pets being taken care of! For a paltry couple of hundred Neopoints, my Neopets will smile, bloated, for an entire month!

Wondering what other people think is the best part of each new month, and knowing that I'm not an expert at many aspects of the site, I decided to ask the Neoboards to see THEIR take on what the best part of each new month is!

Something that people brought up, which I'd totally forgotten about since I'm atrocious at games, is trophy reset night. Trophy reset night is when the high scores for the games get reset to zero. People compete like madmen, trying to land on the newly cleared high score tables. I want to congratulate these people for their competitive spirit! I don't think I'll ever land on a high score table for any game, so instead, I had a lot of fun encouraging my fellow Neopians to do their best!

Some people were inspired by each new month because each new month brings an assortment of Neopets holidays, like Gelert Day or Borovan Day. These people make creative projects for the Random Contest, inspired by the current holiday, or make holiday-themed drawings for the Beauty Contest. Personally, I love each new month because I love writing about the pet days within that month. My favorite poem that I ever wrote was called "The Mysterious Venuquin on Peophin Day." I love being inspired by Neopian lore!

The users on the Neopian Pound Neoboard declared that the first of every month symbolizes new pet trades! All of their pet deals and plans come to fruition on the first, when their safe pet transfers open up. I personally love to lurk the Neopian Pound Neoboard on the first of every month because people are so excited over their brand new dream pets! They're not afraid to post happy, bubbly threads full of grateful babbling and crying!

Open pet transfers also meant that the users on the Avatar Neoboard were able to lend and borrow pets! I thought this was awesome! I still remember how excited I was to borrow the Draik, Krawk, Mootix, and more. I love my avatars very much, so thank you, generous lenders!

Half Price Day, which happens on the third of each month, is something that's anticipated with eagerness and joy by nearly every Neopian. On this auspicious day, all the items that go into the main Neopian shops are half price! I know people who save and save all of their Neopoints throughout the month, only to spend them all on Half Price Day. They end up doubling and tripling their Neopoints after selling all of their restocked items!

If your account is more than 60 months old, you can visit the Hidden Tower in Faerieland on the third Wednesday of each month to receive a 3% discount on your purchase for the day. Depending on the item you want to buy, this could equal big savings! Lots of people wait to buy coveted Battledome weapons and other rarities until the third Wednesday of the month, and I'm glad they're able to save just a little bit of Neopoints for themselves!

Many people have their own personal reasons for appreciating each new month. I admire these people the most! For instance, they're part of roleplaying guilds that start a brand new adventure together the first of every month. Or else, they're part of an artist guild that holds a new competition every month. I love it when people have unconventional hobbies on Neopets! They're so creative and unique!

Hands down, the most popular answer on my threads was... the Advent Calendar! People anticipate each December with joy and elation, knowing that the Neopets Team is churning out awesome freebies, both Neopoint and Neocash alike, for us to collect at the Advent Calendar. The cute animations at the Advent Calendar are always amusing and fun, and everyone loves them! People also love the new Winter Starlight Celebration Neoboard, where happy Neopians wish each other good tidings and sometimes even send each other small gifts and friendly Neomails.

I loved talking to everyone! It was impossible to feel disparaged or sad, knowing that we all love this website to bits, and we love to celebrate it in every way we know how. Everyone I spoke to was positive and enthusiastic. It seems Neopets brings out the best in all of us!

Thanks for reading this article, my dear Neopians! And thank you for replying to my threads on the Neoboards! Your opinions were insightful and interesting, and I not only learned about you, I learned a lot about the website in general!

May you greet every new month with enthusiasm and joy, the way the Neopets Team intends, and good luck with everything you do!

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