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Smitten at First Sight

by azizara


Stood by the school gates, Abigail grinned as the red-headed Cybunny came into view, waving Lulu over. Her cousin, as per usual, was wearing something the blue Aisha hadn't seen before, probably picked up on her latest spree around the NC mall. There was no denying that Lulu was the best dressed girl in school, having memorised her ideal colours. That, teamed with her impeccable knack for putting the right things together, made Lulu's outfit something to look forward to each day.

      Today, it was a green beret, teamed with a new dress Abigail had seen in the mall windows the other day. Green Teachers Dress, or something like that. It looked nice on the hanger, but somehow, Lulu made it look so much better. Maybe it was because she hadn't overdressed it, or maybe it was simply because it suited her. Abigail might deny it if ever asked, but she definitely found herself envious at times of Lulu and her ability to pull most any outfit off.

      The Cybunny stopped dead beside the Aisha, her eyes locking onto something not too far away – following her line of sight, Abigail just saw people Lulu already knew. Nothing different. Nothing special that should warrant her attention the way it did – at least, nothing Abigail could see. Unless Lulu had finally lost it around her and AAA. Snapped. Started imagining things.

      Wouldn't really be a surprise. In Abigail's opinion, prolonged exposure to AAA was dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. She was still convinced that AAA actually stood Arrogant Annoying Aristotle, not Aristotle A. Avinroo. She preferred her version too – summed her brother up far better.

      "Hey, Abby!" The hushed words, combined with a sharp jab to the ribs had Abigail turning around, pulled out of her train of thought, glaring at Lulu. If only looks could kill, she thought, then Lulu wouldn't be here to keep jabbing her in the ribs to get attention. Not that the words alone wouldn't have grabbed Abigail's attention. But apparently, just using words hadn't crossed Lulu's mind – it never did.

      Maybe the Cybunny's only purpose was to jab her in the ribs, Abigail thought. Maybe Lulu was only put on Neopia to jab her in the ribs, instead of just speak like a normal Neopet.

      "What?" she snapped back, pausing with a frown when Lulu didn't reply straight away. "What do you want now?" she groaned, clamping a hand over her side in mock pain. If Lulu was going to jab her, then she was going to feel guilty for it.

      "It's him."

      Abigail rolled her eyes at her cousin. Because that definitely explained everything.

      Him could've been any of the boys Lulu had set eyes upon in the last few weeks: she was rather fickle and moved on fast. Her affections were far faster than AAA's fingers on a gaming console when it came to moving around.

      "Not psychic, remember? I'm going to need a little more than "It's him."," she replied, mimicking Lulu's voice when she quoted her. That earned her another playful jab in the ribs, but Abigail smirked this time: she deserved that one. In all honesty, she wasn't sure how Lulu put up with her sometimes, and it truly was a miracle that AAA's gaming equipment hadn't ended up on the front lawn at some point during their cousin's stays. AAA got... competitive, quickly, to say the least. Very competitive.

      "You know, the one I told you about yesterday. The new boy. Him."

      Abigail frowned at Lulu as her cousin looked star struck towards what seemed to be a flock of rabid Neopets. All carrying pens and paper, and... and photos? The frantically waving images didn't stay still long enough for Abigail to get a clear view, but whatever it was, it was green, and it was grinning.

      "The new kid in AAA's year?"

      Lulu nodded slowly, a smitten smile plastered across her face. A paw vacantly combed from her red hair, sorting it into a neat parting.

      "He's... He's gorgeous, Abby..."

      Abigail sighed. She'd had plenty of experience dealing with a smitten Lulu in the past, but each time Lulu fell head over heels for someone new, it was just as tedious and trying and it had been the first time.

      "They're making out like he's a celebrity, or something special..." Laced into her tone now was curiosity. She was still primarily fed up, but there must be something about this new kid to have more or less the entire school flocking around him.

      "He is," Lulu replied, grinning. "He's stunning, and smart, and kind, and incredible, and-"

      "I get it, Lulu."

      "You really don't, Abby. He spoke to me yesterday. Said his name was Chadrick, but I should call him Chadley. Then, get this!" Lulu turned to Abigail, grabbing the Aisha's paw. "He winked at me!"


      "You're missing the important part, Abby. He. Winked. At. Me." Abigail nodded absently, watching as the crowd fell silent and began to part. It was definitely an interesting site, and it raised Abigail's curiosity higher than before. "Keep looking, " Lulu whispered to her, the massive smile on her lips growing ever more.

      The crowd spread a little more, forming what looked like a pathway through it. Girls looked eagerly towards the figure walking past them, chin held high as they giggled and swooned and whispered. The boys didn't seem immune to this figure either, casting respectful – but rather jealous – glances over towards him.

      Then he stepped out of the shadows.

      That's when Abigail first saw him. Chadrick, the Zafara; Chadley, the new boy.

      A thick green tuft of hair fell in curls just short of his eyes, skimming the bright blue irises and wide pupils. He glanced across the school laid out in front of him like a king would his kingdom, and it seemed so fitting with him; so completely right and in character. He already had the majority of the school at his beck and call, willingly. Wasn't that essentially the same form of control a king would hold over a kingdom?

      Perfectly straight, painfully white teeth lined a wide, assured smile, framed by small lips. A smoothed green tail trailed behind him, not a strand of fur out of place to be seen. Even the red of his shirt, a deep ruby, with the collar standing to attention over a two-tone brown waistcoat seemed perfect, like the faeries were in his favour.

      And then there was that aura he had about him – he exuded confidence and importance, so much so that anyone in his mere presence paid attention, even when he was only breathing, or fixing his flawless hair. It was intoxicating in its own strange way, drawing the girls into a love struck spell and awing the boys into respect and understanding. Understanding of who was the head boy around the parts now, and who they shouldn't get on the wrong side of.

      Chadley's grin widened as his eyes met with Abigail's and he gave her a small wave and a wink. Whatever AAA had said and could possibly say bad about Chadley was void now – it meant nothing. Chadley could do no wrong.

      Abigail's eyes widened; her jaw fell open.


The End

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