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Chadley Galore! (Interview)

by elya99


Many of you know Chadley from the Daily Dare. With AAA out at camp, he's had to take AAA's place and live up to the mind-boggling scores we've all come to hate—I mean, love. Chadley (as he puts it) was so gracious as to give someone like me the pleasure of his audience in order to bestow an interview of his upon the lives of all Neopians. And let me just say it was quite a... er, pleasure... Anyways, without further ado, the interview I had with Chadley!

-Do you find it hard to live up to AAA's scores?

No, it's not hard at all! Nothing's hard when you have good looks of my magnitude.

-What's your favorite thing to do when you're not gaming?

Well, it used to be looking at my reflection to practice my winning grin, but then I realized: everything about me is already perfect! It's actually truly funny it took me so long to figure it out. *Flashes his award-winning smile*


But all child-ness aside, I also then realized something incredibly important. Not just to me, but to every single Neopet out there.

-What was it?! C'mon, don't leave me and your fans hanging!

That's just it! My fans. I realized I had a duty. No one could possibly be blessed with my incredible amount of sheer talent, good looks, and amazing personality for nothing. I realized I had to spread my fame to all aspects of Neopia, so I could bring joy to everyone who sees me. Not only did I join the Daily Dare to help Abigail in her time of need, but I also did it to help everyone know about me. I'm so happy for everyone! They finally get the pleasure of knowing me.

-Gee, that's certainly... something.

I know how you feel. My heart of gold shocks even me at times.

-Right, time for the next question: How has the large increase in the amount of fans you've gained after Day 1 of the Daily Dare surprised you?

Haven't you been listening? Wait, who am I kidding? Of course you have! No one can resist paying attention to me. I'm glad you love listening to my voice as much as I do. I, obviously, was not surprised by the fans. It was my plan all along to fill the lives of others with the glory that is me. All the love and admiration was to be expected. And since you love listening to me so much, I'll retell the story of how I came to my realization: I realized I had a duty. No one could possibly be blessed with my—

-Okay! Thank you Chadley, but that will be enough. Onto the next question! How would you describe your relationship with Abigail?

She's cool, but obviously not as cool as me. But, she's started acting kind of weird lately. I blame that on her brother. She used to act like every girl does around me, you know? But now I think she's... uh, sorry, I can't remember the word for it... annoyed? Nah, that can't be. It doesn't even make sense. Her? Annoyed with me? That's crazy. People can't get annoyed of someone like me. People usually can't get enough.

-Yeah... crazy. *cough* So what are your thoughts of AAA?

I always knew that dweeb was messing things up with the Daily Dare. With me in charge, it's ten times better. My gorgeous features are where they belong now: everywhere and in everyone's face! There's only one reason the Daily Dare is so popular this year, and that's because of me. Plus, what kind of guy just forgets about the Daily Dare and goes to camp?

-At least he's still participating through the Morse code.

The what?

-The Morse code. You know, it's the message that appears secretly... Oops, uhhh, never mind.

No, you were saying something about a code and AAA?? What code?

-Uh, no! No, I was just asking you if you had a code you used when you talked to your fans. Your awesomeness, since you have SO much, must have flowed out through your ears, muffling your hearing.

*Nods head understandingly* Yes, yes. That must be it. I've tried controlling my awesomeness, but that's just something even I can't hold back. And to answer your question: no. There's no code my fans and I use to communicate together. *Wink*

-I've noticed you've become a popular member on the Neoboards—

Oh, yes! It was great to see a Team Chadley on the Daily Dare board! Ha! I'm more popular than AAA's ever been.

-There was also a Team AAA.

Yeah, but his team was against mine. And any team with me in it can definitely not lose. Just think about it, and it'll make sense.

-Okay... How about you pick what you want to talk about next.

Oh, I see. You just want to see what my brilliant mind can come up with.

-Sure, why not. Let's go with that.

Let's talk about the genius idea of putting my face everywhere. It just makes everything look more stunning, don't you think? Everyone deserves a poster of me in their room to stare at. Oooh! That's a great idea for a future Daily Dare prize. Did you know I am SO unbelievably gifted in the looks department that they made me into an emoticon for people to use for their liking? Yeah, awesome, right?!

-Any last things you want to say to your fans before this interview finishes?

I just want to say: you're welcome, everyone. I'm so glad I can see all the smiles you can't help but have when you see me. It feels good to do something to better the world. If things go well, you'll be seeing a whole boatload of me in the future! Bye, see you around the Daily Dare!

-And that concludes my interview with Chadley! I hope some questions you were dying to ask him got answered, and if not, don't worry; I'm sure he'd love another chance to get more publicity.

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