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12 Best User Lookup Shields

by turtling


Ah, the user lookup shield. If you look immediately to the right of your user information, you will see a shield serving as a background to a Neopet or some kind of object. This nifty image displays how long you have been playing on the wonderful site we know as Neopets. Of course, not all shields are created equal. Some are more eye-catching, more adorable, or more epic than the rest. But before we get to the best of the best, here is some useful information about user lookup shields in general:

So far, the ages displayed by the shields range from Newbie to twelve years. Yes, it is quite impressive for anyone to have a user lookup shield representing twelve years on Neopets!

The color of the shields also vary. Shields for younger accounts will be bronze, then after one month they will change to silver, then gold after one year, then silver with gold trim after six years, then a really intricate sparkly gold after ten years. Yes, I'm sure all of us covet that super-fancy shield that only the oldest accounts have.

There are methods to replacing the shield on your user lookup with a custom shield that you or another user have made. This, of course, involves some coding. But I personally wear my shield with pride. After all, I've spent a while on this site and I want everyone to see that!

But, let's be honest, some of the shield images are downright prettier than others. These are the shields we wish we could keep forever, but alas, they will change as long as our account ages. This is where I present you with the top ten best-looking user lookup shields.

12. 14 months

This particular shield displays an adorable robot Kacheek. Let me tell you, it will probably be very difficult finding anyone on Neopets who dislikes robot Kacheeks. And 14 months isn't a huge period of time, so this shield is not difficult to attain at all. Show it off while you have it!

11. 28 months

The Jelly Chia shield is awesome. Slightly creepy, considering the Jelly Chia has no eyes, nose, or mouth, but awesome nonetheless. I especially like the bright blue color. 28 months might seem like a lot (it's important to note that I'm only at 22 months as of now) but it's really only slightly more than two years on the site.

10. 52 months

It's a Rainbow Paint Brush! This is currently the only shield to display an image of a Neopet paint brush. The artwork itself is fun and vibrant. And since there is a variety of color, this shield is bound to match quite well with whatever colors you happen to have on your lookup.

9. 34 months

Yes, we are going backwards in time, but some of the artwork on the younger shields is quite impressive. And this particular starry Uni is adorable. I want one for myself! And if you've made it this far, congratulations, you've had your account for nearly three years!

8. 46 months

The White Kougra Plushie on this particular shield is cute, cuddly, and squishable as well. The red ribbon, which serves as a nice little detail, pops against the white and blue fur of the plushie. A user with this shield will have had his or her account for nearly four years. Now, that's not nearly as much as a whopping twelve years, but it's still an admirable age.

7. 47 months

Can you tell I like pictures of toys? Here is a shield displaying the image of a Clockwork Quiggle. It's playful, charming, and downright adorable. Just look at its googly eyes! This here is an enthusiastic image for an impressive 47 months.

6. 49 months

Here we see Koya, the Korbat Huntress. A force to be reckoned with, this Korbat is known to be clever and dangerous in battle. Therefore, she is the perfect addition to any user lookup. If your account is 49 months old, embrace this shield while it lasts!

5. 55 months

The figure on this shield is a Moltenore, a fiery petpet that happens to be able to bathe in lava. But did you know that a Moltenore is actually cold to the touch? Anyway, I find the artwork on this shield to be impressive and visually appealing. I certainly am envious of any user who has this image on his or her lookup.

4. 71 months

Behold, the Glowing Asparagus. This is a special Space food that also happens to look quite nice on a user lookup shield. I wonder if it tastes any good? Anyway, kudos to you if you have this shield - you've been on Neopets for almost six years!

3. 45 months

What we have here is a Candychan, a very rare and sought-after Faerie petpet. Its expression and its body placement only adds to its cuteness. If it were possible, I would like to have this particular image on my user lookup forever.

2. 63 months

Another lovely petpet. This one is a pirate Harris, and a sassy-looking one at that. Yes, I suppose I do have a soft spot for petpets as well as plushies. But you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn't like this little guy!

And finally...

1. 12 years

Oh, yes, you saw this coming, didn't you? This shield, which features the Money Tree, is an obvious choice for the best user lookup shield to exist. We all covet it. Twelve long years of dedication and effort are represented by this well-drawn image, which graces only a handful of user lookups in all of Neopia. And how does one attain such a prize?

Well, dedication is key. Log on regularly and be sure not to risk getting your account frozen by breaking TNT's rules. Even now, you are well on your way to having a very old account. One day, you yourself may have this shield on your user lookup (if you don't already!)

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