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Feeling Lucky?

by usukii


Earning new trophies for your collection is often a challenging and time consuming process. You've got to find the games you're already good at and practice them again and again until you can achieve a high score and even then you've got to hope no one (or very few people) get better than you... Or you can rely on luck. A few clicks and you've either got your trophy or you haven't, but either way you can move on to the next game. Of course this way you're not guaranteed a trophy, but if you're persistent enough eventually you'll probably get quite a few luck based trophies while putting in the minimal amount of time and effort. Sounds good? Here are some of my favourite luck based trophies to try for!


An often overlooked game by trophy seekers, but definitely worth trying. There's not really much of a method to follow when trying for this trophy (as with most of these games) but you're more likely to win if you wait a short amount of time, however you get more points if you wait a longer time. So it just depends on your playing style and what score you're trying to get. Chances are you'll be sat there replaying this for a while, but play it enough and you'll most likely get lucky. Eventually.

Vending Machine

Nerkmids are a lot cheaper than they used to be however this also means more people use them now. I'd recommend hoarding nerkmids over the month and then using them all on the 1st when the high scores are reset. The high scores are based on how much NP the vending machine gives you for your nerkmid, the item prize doesn't affect it at all. Also the scores are not cumulative, so it's just the most NP you get from a single nerkmid, but chances are you're gonna have to use quite a few before you get given enough NP to get you on the high score list.

Tyranu Evavu

8 is the middle point so for numbers higher than 8 you want to guess Evavu, and for numbers lower you want to guess Tyranu, but this game delights in giving you an ace after a king or a 2 after a 3, so you just need to cross your fingers. This game has a limited amount of plays before your pet gets bored though so for the best shot at the trophy you want to max out every day. It would also be beneficial to keep track of which cards have already been shown so you know what is left remaining in the deck, but this can be time consuming.


You can play three times a day, there are various theories on which cheeses work better, but no proof as to if they do or not. So go with the cheapest or the one in your favourite colour or the first alphabetically, it's up to you!

Kiss The Mortog & Double or Nothing

Click. And then click again. And again. Be prepared to sit down for a good few hours (or more) on the 1st of the month if you want one of these. As a lot of people get the same scores on these it works best if you get on as soon after midnight as possible to start trying for these, because 20 people may have the same score, but only those in the top 17 will get the trophy, and if you get the same score as those people after them, you'll be below them on the high score table. For Double or Nothing you probably want to aim for at least 5,120, but 10,240 is more likely to guarantee you a trophy (most likely gold on the 1st). For Kiss the Mortog it's best to keep going until you win the game, which is 35,000.

Bilge Dice Streak

Play. Try not to lose. You probably want at least 5 or 6 depending on the month. Make sure you're prioritising those qualifiers even if you have to sacrifice a 6.

Grumpy Old King & Wise Old King

Skarl you can attempt twice a day, Hagan once a day. Put whatever you think makes you sound the most intelligent. Or least intelligent. Whatever you feel like that day.


Unless you are playing really early in the month (and even then it's not guaranteed) just winning the jackpot is not going to guarantee you a trophy. You either want to wait until the jackpot is particularly high before playing or you need to cross your fingers for that 1 in 10 10x multiplier. If you're really wanting this trophy you're going to want to play until your pet gets bored each day and make sure you never collect your pot (unless you've won the jackpot) because it'll set you back to the original dice with no chance of a trophy.

Brain Tree Quests

You need to complete two Esophagor quests after getting your Brain Tree Quest in order to get the answers and complete the quest. You'll then be given a random amount of neopoints and this is your score. This trophy is unlike the other quests trophies as it is not cumulative so your score will not increase each day, it's just a matter of being lucky enough to get given a high amount of NP from him. Or higher than the majority of other people at least.

Fruit Machine & Test Your Strength

Click once and cross your fingers.

Brucey B & Black Pawkeet Slots

You can spin up to 250 times a day on both games, and as with everything else I just follow the cross your fingers method of playing.

Slots Big Losers

Starting on the first of the month you want to max out both Brucey B and Black Pawkeet Slots, that's 250 spins each. And you'll probably be somewhere on the high scores, but maybe not high enough for the trophy. It's cumulative so continue this every day and you should get your trophy. I got my trophy after 2 or 3 days and gold within a week, it just depends how many other people are playing for it. Your score will increase every time you win nothing from a spin on one of the slot machines.

Sloth, Tax Beast & Angry Tax Beast

Have as much NP out as you can (keeping in mind that you have to be willing to lose up to 25% of what you have on hand) and just do as much on neopets as you can to get those page views up and the chance for random events. Obviously earlier on in the month you'll need to be taxed less to get a trophy so if you're planning on having a day with non stop playing on Neo, I'd go for somewhere earlier in the month so you have a chance at getting one of these.

And there you have it, a possible 19 new trophies that involve minimal effort and no practice at all, just a lot of luck! So... good luck?

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