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The Odd Life of a Traveling Meepit

by tabascosoup


Several months or years ago who knows, there was a yellow Tuskaninny who was lucky enough to get a meepit. He wasn't happy abut it, but he was screaming and running and begging his older sister Merry the pink Lenny to go back to the petpet store and get him something else, such as a blobikins or a green grackle bug. But Merry told him that even if he thought that the meepit was evil or not, they are keeping it. The yellow Tuskaninny named the little meepit Bub and kept the little creature, despite the numerous complaints that he told her. Merry had enough of the endless complaints and finally got the courage to go back to the pet store and bought him a grackle bug just to keep the peace, picked up the little meepit and her blue bike, tucked the meepit under her wing and pedaled miles from their home in Kiko Lake to the deep, dark, and creepy woods of the Haunted Woods dropped the little meepit to the ground and pedaled back to the house, in the middle of the cold and dark night. But that's not the end of the story. This is where it begins.

     As soon as Merry left, Bub was screaming loudly. He never experienced living the wild, never even felt a cold wind on his fuzzy pink fur. He continued to scream in the high-pitched voice throughout the night, firmly planted to the muddy and murky ground. He had woken up an assortment of spooky petpets in the woods. Devilpi parted around him in fright, running away in fear that he was going to scare the living daylights out of them. Bub never would hurt anyone, never would frighten anyone either. In other meepits' terms, he was simply an oddity.

     That morning, as usual in the dark forest woods, it would be common to see huge swarms of meepits prowling the spooky forest. Bub had stopped screaming and noticed a swarm of meepits passing through. Bub cluelessly followed them. Later in the morning the group stopped near a group of bushes for a snack. As they feasted on nuts and berries, a young meepit called out and pointed to Bub. "Who's that?" The whole group turned and looked at the newcomer. They stared at him with such contempt for a good minute or two, and then huddled together to discuss what they should do with this meepit.

      They called for their leader to decide. The leader appeared, a ghostly meepit with dark red eyes. As he walked towards Bub, the meepits bowed as he passed through. The leader went face to face with Bub. The leader cleared his throat and spoke in a gruff, booming voice, "So, this is the little newcomer they've told me about. Well then. If you want to live in this group, you must prove your worth. You will do three tasks that meepits commonly do. If you do all three without failure, you may stay. Fail all three, and you cannot come back. For now, give him a share of what we stole last night." Meepits begrudgingly tossed him half eaten berries and rotten fruits and vegetables they stole.

     That afternoon, the leader taught Bub a little bit about world domination. An hour after this lecture, the leader handed him a stubby blue crayon and a ripped piece of paper and told him to draw a picture of what world domination looks like. Ten minutes later, Bub handed the leader his finished artwork. It did show Neopia, but it wasn't what he wanted. He instead got a picture of neopets and meepits living in harmony. Bub had failed the first task.

     That night, a blue female meepit took him to a nearby family's backyard. She told Bub in a whispery voice, "Do you see that?" She pointed to two yellow Kacheeks, playing a game of catch with a red rubber ball. "Go over there and frighten them. If you're lucky enough, you could steal the ball, and bring it back for the young meepits." Bub crept to where the youngsters were playing. He waited until the ball was in air. He stole it out of the air, but instead of frightening them and dashing off to the forest with his prize, he held the ball out to one of the young Kacheeks. Now, they were told by their parents to run away and scream if they spotted a meepit. But the two kids were so surprised that cute gesture they picked up the ball, patted Bub on the head gently, and for no good reason, gave him an orange slipper, and went inside their house, giggling. When Bub made his way back to the blue meepit, she shook her head sadly, and ate the slipper. Bub had failed the second task. Now, if he failed the last one, he'd have to leave.

     In the middle of the night, the eldest meepit from the group took Bub to a fruit garden. The eldest meepit told him of thieving methods passed down form generation to generation. The elder demonstrated the Hiss-and-Scare, Snatch-and-Dash, and the simple Stare. The elder then pointed to a bushel of fresh green apples. "Go steal five apples from that tree, and bring them back. If you see anyone, do the methods I told you about." Bub approached the tree, and took five apples, but then he wrote a note of apology for the garden owner. He then dropped all five apples behind him and dashed to the elder. The elder had grumbled under his breath, "You're not cut out for this type of thing, aren't you."

     That morning, poor Bub was banished. He was given a little toy suitcase from a usuki doll set, two weeks worth of half-eaten berries, and a tiny map. "Leave these woods and never come back," the leader pronounced.

     Bub didn't say anything but "Uh. Um. Oh my. I'm-I'm sorry." Bub left the Haunted Woods with a suitcase, a map, and a small supply of food.

     Bub made it to a garden in Faerieland, and then he finally stopped. He hadn't seen anything noteworthy during his travels except cobblestone floors and grackle bugs building shelters. When he stopped at Faerieland, he saw a huge red tent with lights and loud music blocking his path. The fading words on the tent said FINKLEBUTTON'S TRAVELING PETP CIRCUS. Bub walked inside. He saw an assortment of different petpets doing tricks like juggling darblats, jumping through rings of fire, and assorted tricks. Bub sat through the whole show. When it was over, he looked carefully for anyone, making sure no petpets or neopets saw him and wanted to take him or tease him. He saw the circus performers. He stealthily followed them into the specially made travel car for them in the back of the circus owners red bicycle. When all fourteen passengers (and one little stowaway) were ready to travel, they took away the bright red circus tent and sped away.

     All fourteen petpets, two angelpuss, two babaas, two candychans, two polarchucks, two spardels, two beekadoodles, and two darblats noticed Bub nestled in a corner, hidden in an empty tin can. "Who's that guy?" an angelpuss called out.

     "Maybe he's supposed to be tomorrow night's special act," a babaa replied.

     "I hope the rumors about meepits aren't true. I got all my feathers fixed yesterday and I hope they don't fly off in a flurry because of him." Both beekadoodles grumped.

     The next day, the ringleader picked up the carrying case and emptied all 15 out. When the ringleader pulled Bub out, Bub had the suitcase in his hands, and began to scream loudly. They were currently in Kiko Lake. The ringleader (a Meerca in a bellhop outfit without the luggage cart) said in a high pitched voice, "Well, well, well, looks like we have a meepit with us. It's okay because now we have a special new FINAL ACT!"

     Bub gulped loudly. The ringleader placed Bub's suitcase in the carrying case. During practice, when the angelpuss twins were practicing their tight rope trick, the candychan twin were trapezing with the polarchucks, spardels were juggling darblats, and the beekadoodles were doing their aerial stunts, Bub nervously thought of what the ringleader was going to do with him.

     Later that night, the petpet circus drew up a crowd including Bub's previous owners with their grackle bug with them, and the final act began. The ringleader introduced Bub and said he was going to scare the entire crowd.

     Remember the beginning, how Bub couldn't scare anyone? It was right. Bub made an assortment of odd faces. Instead of the crowd fleeing in terror, they laughed loudly. Bub squeaked and squealed in terror,then Bub ran away in fear. The ringleader had a puzzled look. Bub dashed to the carrying case, stole his suitcase, and ran away.

     Now, Bub is traveling across Neopia, taking scraps of food, taking his suitcase and map with him. We haven't found him nearby the Haunted Woods in months. The last sighting of this crazy little meepit was in a village square in Brightvale, playing in the fountain in the middle of the square, about two days ago. He'll still be a traveler, an oddity to other meepits, but he's still just a little pink meepit named Bub.

The End

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