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Lost in the Haunted Woods

by melina322


I swept my torch to the side, looking around nervously. The shadows loomed over me threateningly, and I had the smallest feeling I was being followed.

     I sighed, just to hear some sort of noise, as I walked on. "Okay, okay... breathe," I whispered to myself, despite the fact I was already shaking. I heard a snap behind me and whirled around. Nothing greeted me. I gulped and turned back, resuming my unpredictable journey.

     I knew one method that calmed me down. Think of facts. Cold, hard facts to get me away from the horrifying fantasies I was conjuring up as I walked on.

     My name is Prince. I am a red Kyrii.

     Good, good. Stick to the basics.

     I have three Kougra brothers and a crazy owner. I'm the youngest in the family... despite one of my brothers being a Baby Kougra. My owner likes to blow things up and ban us from places.

     Hah. So true. But now to move on from the basics...

     I ran from home in a fit of anger. I went to the first place I could think of.

     Now I'm lost in the Haunted Woods.

     I had always been intrigued about the Haunted Woods. Maybe that's why I came. It really was a mistake, though. I should've thought farther ahead.

     I had been smart enough to bring a torch. But I wasn't expecting to be so lost. So was I dumb or smart?

     I took in a shaky breath as I stepped over a log. I was just trying to find some sort of exit. I wasn't exactly the scaredy-Kougra in the group... one, I wasn't a Kougra, and two, I had went to the Temple of Geraptiku before... but when I had ventured into the temple, I had my brother by my side.

     This time, I had no one.

     I snapped a twig with my heel by accident and flinched. I held my torch higher, then quickly brought it down when the flame bent down, almost as if it was yearning to go out.

     I was thinking of the inexplicable horrors hidden in the trees. They could jump out and grab me, and I'd be done for. I'd never be heard from again. Never be found. Or maybe, years from now, my only remains would be bones.

     I really was stupid, then. No protection. No plan. And I was sure to have my family worried by now.

     I had gotten angry over the smallest thing...

     My life isn't exactly tedious. With my brothers, destruction was imminent. I would take part in it too at times. We do destruction as a family.

     I'm not even really sure what made me stomp off. I got into a heated argument with my eldest brother, Tiger. I said something, he said something... and I got sick of it. Sick of being the youngest and constantly picked on... even occasionally by my Baby Kougra brother.

     I really WAS stupid.

     They were annoying, but they loved me. So why did I stomp into the Haunted Woods, as if I could come out safe, unharmed. I really have to set my priorities straight.

     I stopped and sat on a log, the growing apprehension beginning to overwhelm me. Why did I leave? Our argument was just usual...

     Maybe I was just having a bad day. I did end up getting woken up early, making me grumpy. The good cereal had been finished. I had tripped over one of Nicky's toys and bruised my knee. When Tiger started an argument with me, I guess I had finally snapped.

     Tiger and I had been the only ones in the house anyway. My owner left with my two younger brothers somewhere. What was he doing? Was he even looking for me? Or am I redundant to the family? He probably didn't even care...

     I finally gave up the debate in my head and sat back onto a tree. The flame was dying on my torch. I couldn't give an insouciant shrug and act like I wasn't in danger.

     I was quivering in fear now. Wanting someone to come and save me.

     The flame died out and I was cloaked in darkness. It was helpful, it could hide me. But it was a disadvantage as well, for something could easily jump out unexpectedly and grab me.


     I paused. Was someone calling me?


     It was faint, a ghost of an echo. I stood up on shaky legs. Someone in the woods had been following me... someone was going to grab me.

     I took off down the path, which wasn't really smart. I was making tons of noise, crashing through leaves and dead branches, kicking away large branches and rocks. Then I started gasping, my energy draining.

     I couldn't give up now. The... whatever it was was following me. I could hear the crashes behind me.

     I forced myself to go faster, really panting now. Whoever was chasing me had to hear me. I could feel it coming closer... soon, it would grab me and I'd be done for. I was really wishing I had thought ahead and packed a weapon. For this sort of scenario. My heart leapt to my throat just THINKING about what was chasing me and how it knew my name. If I had to face it, weapon less... I couldn't even think of that.

     My boot caught onto a log and I tumbled to the floor, falling onto sharp sticks and scattered rocks. My breath... or whatever was left of it... was knocked out of me. I instantly gave up, laying on the floor, waiting for my misery to end.


     The voice loomed over me and a harsh glare of light nearly blinded me. I shut my eyes and someone helped me up. It was hard to open my eyes due to the ink-black darkness I had been in a little while ago.

     I saw a familiar Desert face staring back at me. Tiger. I was shocked at first, but then again, I shouldn't be surprised. Of course he'd come for me...

     "Tiger!" I fell into his embrace and he wrapped his arms around me, his face flushed from the running. Concern was evident in his eyes, as he looked me over. "Are you alright?"

     I nodded, starting to pull away.

     "You shouldn't have run off." The concern was gone and replaced by sternness. "You really scared me, Prince! Why did you run off?"

     I stared at my older brother, my ears pinned down in distress. I opened my mouth to declare that I expected better treatment, that I was sick of being the little one, but my words vanished and morphed into a sob.

     I fell back into his arms, clutching his leather jacket tightly. "I'm sorry, Tiger," I sobbed. "So sorry..."

     I felt him pat my back, and heard him chuckle. "It's alright, Prince. Just don't scare me like that again. I have enough to deal with, with just Lizzy alone!"

     I managed a small laugh, and Tiger stood up. I shakily stood up as well, ignoring the pain in my legs from my tumble over the log.

     "Let's get home, before Lizzy sends a search team after us," Tiger joked, gripping his lantern. He held a hand out and I grinned and slipped my hand in his.


     So I was stupid with running off. That debate was settled. But my other question was answered as well.

     My family really does care.

The End

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