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5 Ways to Get Your Dream Pets

by lauradiane15


Have you ever drooled over another user's pets, wishing that you could get such nicely painted ones yourself? Have you ever looked through the Rainbow Pool at all of the beautiful colors pets came in and wished you could acquire them? Then you've come to the right place!

Here are five ways that you can get those beautiful pets you've dreamed of!

1. Adopt Them

This method requires the smallest amount of neopoints on your part, but that certainly does not mean it will be easy. Whether you surf for hours through the pets that have been abandoned in the pound or you slave over an application for a pet that has been put up for adoption, this method will not be easy.

The chances of finding painted pets in the pound are fairly low, and the chances of finding a particular color or species is even lower. Your account must also already be 4 months old to even SEE most painted pets that are in the pound.

If you were to write an application for a pet, first you must find one that is up for adoption. You can either look for UFA (Up For Adoption) boards on the Pound Chat or you could look through the various adoption agencies that exist all over the site. Then you must read the rules for the pet, and usually almost write an essay of why you want the pet and why you would be the best choice. Also, even though you might spend hours or days on your application, there is no guarantee you will be picked to get the pet.

2. Trade For Them

If you've ever been on the Pound Chat, you will have seen dozens of boards stating that pets are "UFT" or Up for Trade. Neopet trading involves offering to trade a pet that you own for a pet that someone else owns. To trade for your dream pet you must first have a pet to trade! Whether it is a random painted pet that you have adopted from the pound, or a pet you've gotten from the lab ray (we'll be discussing that later!), or a pet you've created yourself, you'll need to have a pet that attracts the attention of the owner of the pet you want.

Trading for your dream pet can often take a long time, because you have to find someone with the pet that you want who wants the pet you have. You might offer on hundreds of pets before you find someone who thinks that it sounds like a fair trade. Never give up though! If your pet is a fair offer for the pet you want, eventually you'll find a successful trade.

Let it be known that the Pound Chat is often very picky about the names of pets as well, so you'll have better luck trading if your pet's name is all letters (no numbers or underscores) and the first letter is capitalized. You can still trade pets that are not nicely named, but it is much easier if they are.

3. Zap Them

If you have access to the Secret Laboratory Map, then you can let the crazy scientist zap one of your pets every day in hopes of it turning into something you want. You can also get a lot of cool colors from the Lab that you cannot get from paintbrushes, such as Jelly, Snot, or Ice.

Although this is all fun and is a fun way to get pets to trade, getting a dream pet from the lab directly is pretty unlikely. The lab can change your pet to any species and most colors, and it probably won't change it into the ones you want. You can also go months without getting a single color or species change, just getting stat changes the entire time.

I have gotten pets I really loved (Island Lutari) and pets I really hated (Snot Quiggle) from the lab. Zapping your pets is fun, but the results might not always be what you were hoping for.

4. Get Lucky

It is possible to get paintbrushes or color changes through sheer luck on Neopets. There are several places on the site where you can win paintbrushes if you're lucky enough, including the Wheel of Monotony, Fruit Machine, Key Quest, Test Your Strength, and others.

There is also a chance that you can get a paintbrush or a color change through a random event! Unless it's your very first day on Neopets, you've probably gotten a random event before. Whether the Pant Devil stole something, you saw a Draik flying overhead, or you found neopoints on the ground. You can also get paintbrushes this way! Either Jacko the Phantom Painter or a faerie may show up and give you a paintbrush.

If a baby pet is what you're after, then keep the pet you want to be baby as your active neopet in case Boochi shows up. Boochi is a baby Bruce who has a ray gun which can turn your neopet into a baby. Many people do not keep their expensively painted pets as their actives for fear of getting hit by Boochi's ray gun.

Also, there is a chance you will get a much-sought-after Fountain Faerie Quest. If you do happen to get a quest from her, after you give her the item she requests she will allow you to paint your pet almost any color in the Rainbow Fountain! The items she asks for are sometimes quite expensive, but usually it's worth it if your dream pet has a more expensive paintbrush!

5. Save Up

Ah, the most obvious answer to get your dream pet. Saving up all of your hard earned neopoints to buy the paintbrush or morphing potion yourself. Often, if your dream pet has a rather expensive paintbrush (or morphing potion) this method could take a while. Some paintbrushes are millions of neopoints!

This is the most certain way to get your dream pet, though. You do not need luck, you do not need to find the right pet to trade, and you are guaranteed to get the pet at the end of it, unlike applications. Once you save up all of those neopoints and you buy your paintbrush or morphing potion, you will have the pet of your dreams and a sense of accomplishment!

Some good ways of making neopoints are games, Key Quest, restocking (buying items from the shops you find in Neopia Central or elsewhere and reselling them in your shop for more), sniping (buying underpriced items in user shops and selling them in your shop for more), and many other ways.

Although saving up is hard work, you often end up feeling more attached to the pet in the end because of all the hard work it took to get them.


Well, that's it! You now know the 5 ways to get the neopets of your dreams! (:


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