A Waffle Paradise Circulation: 191,494,866 Issue: 606 | 2nd day of Hiding, Y15
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Suspicious Food

by saudadesdagripe

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Mistaken Incubation
One day a baby Pteri started a Habitarium...

by ragecandybar


Pystry's Elemental Odyssey: Part Two
"She's a beautiful vessel, isn't she?" Bizhiw sidled up to Pystry, who had been leaning over the ship's rail, entranced by the hypnotic expanse of seemingly endless ocean.

by peirigill


Ridley's Ruin: Part Four
"Fay can't go to the concert, Genson," I announced as soon as I spotted the other Kougra.

by ireneholmes


Don't Jump Into the Volcano!
"How do you think you become magma-painted?" Piyo the Shoyru asked his best friend, Mori the Xweetok.

by ex_machinae

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