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Menacing Meercas

by quiggles_r_kewl_1


To celebrate Meerca Day I thought it would be fun to take an in-depth look at the Meerca species. Meercas originally came to Neopia on the 7th Day of Awakening, Year 3. The Meerca is a small, squirrel-like Neopet that can not only stand up on its own two feet but can also stand on its long, bushy tail. The Meerca certainly has the most impressive and flexible tail out of any other Neopet species, but they are also known to have bad tail days. Meercas have large, round ears that are able to hear noises from far distances, but they have quite small eyes and thus don't have the best sense of sight. Meercas have two large buck teeth, which is perfect for gnawing their foods. Meercas often scavenge for food, but they know how to hunt for their food as well-their favourite food being the negg of course! Meercas can be found living all across Neopia. They are highly adaptable and can live in a variety of different environments. Meercas are fun and energetic creatures and are known for being menacing pranksters who will always go all out to play a trick on someone! You definitely need to be a bit wary of this if you own a Meerca. You may want to avoid your Meerca completely on April Fools Day.

In my opinion, Meercas seem to be overlooked by most Neopians- maybe it is because of their small size. Meercas are only ranked 21st in popularity at the moment. My goal of this article is to change Neopian's opinions of this small, but mighty Neopet! There are actually many famous Meercas in Neopia! To help you gain more appreciation for this amazing Neopet, I will now list the most famous Meercas in Neopia!

The Meerca Brothers - Hermeedjet and Meerouladen

Hermeedjet and Meerouladen are two mischievous, brown Meercas who are often known simply as the Meerca Brothers or the Meerca Henchman. The older brother Hermeedjet is tw2years old and wears goggles and a red hat. The younger brother Meerouladen is 19 years old and wears a blue cap. These two Meercas are considered trouble; even in the Neopedia it lists their interests as treasure and their occupation as thievery. They used to have ties with the menacing Malkus Vile who hired them to steal King Coltzan's crown. They did manage to narrowly escape the law after that robbery and now work for themselves. It is now thought that they still up to no good and are hiding out around Qasala.

The Meerca Brothers are also opponents in the battledome that have to be unlocked by refreshing at the trap door in the Lost Desert. They are also the 8th opponent in the Defenders of Neopia Series 1. They are considered very tough to beat. They fight as a duo in the Pango Palladium and facing them two on one is a difficult challenge. They collectively have 150 hitpoints on easy mode, 225 hitpoints on medium mode, and 300 hitpoints on hard mode. Some of the weapons they use include Meerca Brothers Glue, Meerca Brothers Water Pistol, and a Hefty Loot Bag. Their many abilities are Shade, Positive Thinking, Icicle, Throw Pillows, and Burrow.

The Meerca Brothers are also featured in two games- Trouble at the National Neopian Bank and The Great Qasalan Caper. In the game Trouble at the National Neopian Bank, the Meerca Brothers are two of the many thieves in the game that are trying to steal from the bank and it is your job to lock the doors on the thieves while letting the actual customers deposit their money. The Great Qasalan Caper also features both brothers trying to steal 100 gold statues that Jazan had made for Nabile's birthday and stored in the Qasalan Royal Treasury.


Meuka is a snot Meerca and is an challenger that you can unlock in the battledome when your Neopet gets the Sneezles or the Neoflu. Meuka is also the 4th opponent in the Defenders of Neopia Series 1. Meuka fights in the Rattling Cauldron and he is known to be a fairly tough challenger in the battledome-maybe it is because no one wants to touch him. He has 75 hitpoints on easy mode, 90 hitpoints on medium mode, and 105 hitpoints on hard mode. His weapons include Meuka Snot Gloves, Meuka Snot Shield, Meuka Snot Gun, and Meukas Snot Trail. His abilities include Shade, Cranky, Icicle, and Shhhhhh.

Meuka is also found in other areas in Neopia other than the battledome. Meuka is also the enemy in the game Snot Splatter. In the game Meuka devised a plan to trap Neopets and their petpets that wandered through Haunted Woods by putting up a snotty, sticky web between two trees. Your goal when playing the game is strategically clicking on the blobs of mucus to clear the board so the pets don't get trapped. Meuka is also an enemy to defeat in Neoquest II where he is found in Chapter 4 in Haunted Woods in Von Roo's Castle. Meuka also appears in random events where he will turn an item in your inventory into a snot burger-eewwww!!

Flaming Meerca

The Flaming Meerca is an automatic challenger for Neopians to go up against in the battledome. He puts new meaning to the term fighting fire with fire. He fights in the Central Arena and some of his weapons include a Fire Flying Disc, Fire Nunchuks, and a Fire Spear. The abilities he uses includes Static Cling, Meh and Meditate. He is an intermediate opponent to face having 40 hit points on easy mode, 52 hitpoints on medium mode, and 72 hitpoints on hard mode. Just watch out you don't get burnt to a crisp when fighting him. I would definitely bring a shield into the dome for this guy!

Meerca from Meerca Chase

This Meerca is probably the most visible Meerca in all of Neopia being featured in Meerca Chase II, which is one of the most popular games on Neopets! This Meerca was first featured in the original Meerca Chase and now is still going at in Meerca Chase II. This Meerca is hungry and eager to eat as many neggs as possible without touching the deadly red neggs! The Meerca also has to be careful not to touch the walls or its tail either or else that also means game over.

Chuffer Bob

Chuffer Bob is a purple Meerca who is an opponent you must face in the game Cheat! He appears from round two to round four. He is actually not a very good cheater and most Neopian's can see right through him when he does cheat. His biggest problem at winning is his enormous appetite gets in his way. When he is hungry he loses all concentration and can't sit still. He would rather be eating some negg stew or meaty pot pie rather than playing a game. He even brings food to the table with him when he plays. He hates eating healthy foods though. He stated once before that his mom once tried to make him eat fava beans for a whole month when he was younger, but he would just feed it to his petpet Beefy the Snorkle when she wasn't looking.


Monty is one of the opponents one must face in the gambling game Bilge Dice. This pirate Meerca is nicknamed "Monty the Mad" because of his unpredictable and wild playing style. You honestly will not know what move he will make next. He certainly takes a lot of risks, which sometimes works out for him and other times doesn't. He loves to go for the big play and loves it when he ruins your winning streak. He doesn't want anyone to get the lucky streak avatar on his watch!

Young Sproggie

Young Sproggie is one of the pirates who eat daily at the Food Club in Krawk Island. Every day Neopian's have the opportunity to bet neopoints on which pirates will win an eating contest, and if you bet correctly you can win big! He has strength of 73 and a weight of 112. He is one of the lightweight pirates, but he really knows how to pack the food away. In the current rankings he wins about 20% of the time. His favourite foods not surprisingly are meats and neggs. His allergies are gross foods- but really who would like gross food anyways?


Fanetti is the long time goaltender for Haunted Woods in the Altador Cup. What he lacks in size he makes up in his speed, good hands, and a great tail that he utilizes to defend his net. Fanetti is a champion having won the inaugural Altador Cup back in Year 8 when Haunted Woods defeated Darigan Citadel. He was even nominated to make the all star team as goalkeeper, but just lost out to Garven Hale from Krawk Island. Haunted Woods hasn't won the Altador Cup since, but with Fanetti in net I think they have a good chance to capture it again!

Gregorio Maille

Gregorio Maille joined Meridell for Altador Cup II in Year 9. He replaced Vitri Sitol on the team because Vitri Sitol couldn't get along with his teammates in the previous year causing Meridell to only get in 7th place. Gregorio Maille made a great addition to the team as he was an excellent scorer. He had a lot of determination as well. A great example of his determination and love of yooyuball was prior to Altador Cup VI he sprained his tail while fighting in the battledome, but he managed to rehabilitate himself in time to play that year. Just before Altador Cup VIII began this year he decided to hang up the jersey and retire. Even though he never captured the cup he did have a great yooyuball career and Meridell will certainly miss him.

Wyett Tuggins

He was a defender for the Lost Desert team in the first Altador Cup in Year 8. He took most of the blame when they lost that year and was replaced by Luvea Trivon the next year. It was a shame since he was excellent at stealing the ball away from his opponents.

Honourable Mentions

As you can see, Meercas are well represented in Neopia! There are actually a few other Meercas in Neopia that aren't as famous, but they are still fairly well known and deserved to be mentioned.

Nigel of Meridar: He is one of the opponents you must face when playing the game Round Table Poker. Watch out when you play against him because he loves to bluff!

Merifoods Shopkeeper: A Meerca runs the Merifoods shop in Meridell. Most of the foods this Meerca sells there don't look very appetizing to me though.

Crumpetmonger: This Meerca runs the Crumpetmonger shop in Neovia. She cooks all the yummy pastries and baked goods herself. She is quite the good cook, but she also likes to test taste all her baked goods too so watch out for nibble marks in your pie!

I hope this article has given you more of an appreciation for Meercas! Happy Meerca Day, everyone!

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