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KS: KI ftw

by semmy_genius

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The Old Switcheroo: Part Four
"It was going all right, at first! It was fun," Hanso explained, sounding as though he still couldn't quite believe what had happened. "Until... until I... I took off the hood."

by liouchan


The Misadventures of a Grumpy Plumpy (Vol III)
Mmm... bacon flavoured.

by gypsychic420


Galleries: A How To and What's What Guide
A Gallery is "a collection of items with the intention to be displayed and shown-off". In Neopian terms, this means "a place to show off all your cool stuff!"

by chibine


Turning Pages - Part 4
It can also be used to protect your carpets from paint, make stylish pirate hats, or in papier mache projects.

by jupebox

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