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Halloween Lupes vs. Werelupes: An Anatomical Debate

by waaurufu


Many people use the terms "Halloween Lupe" and "Werelupe" as interchangeable terminology for the same set of creature. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth. There are many differences, both physical and mental, that differentiate a Lupe that has been painted Halloween at the Rainbow Pool from their feral cousins lurking in the depths of the Haunted Woods. This article will attempt to catalog in detail the differences and similarities between the two Lupe sub-species through scientific observation and analysis. And what better way to do this than to use a genuine Werelupe as our point of reference? I'd like to introduce you all to my pet Werelupe, Steve. Say hi, Steve!

Steve: What up?

Professionalism, please. We are making scientific history!

Steve: Oh. What up... ma'am?

Eh, close enough. Now, without further ado, let us document our observational findings!

1: Stature

Let's begin with what is probably the most obvious of the differences between Halloween Lupes and Werelupes. When a Lupe is painted Halloween, they retain their quadruped status; that is, they still walk on four legs. My theory for this is that, though their fur color changes with a magical coat of paint added, their spinal structure remains the same. Now, let us observe our Werelupe.

Steve: Hi.

As you can see, Steve is clearly bipedal, though with a slight hunch to his spinal curvature, a possible residual trait from the previous Lupe form.

Steve: I'm what now?

You stand on two legs.

Steve: Oh! Well, duh. Why didn't you say so?

I thought I did... Also note the leg structure of the Werelupe, where you can see the presence of the Lupe's natural quadruped leg, but with a bone structure that facilitates bipedal mobility. Come to think of it, that seems like it would be pretty uncomfortable to stand. Maybe that's another cause for the hunched spine...

Steve: Could you stop poking my knee? It feels tingly.

Er, right, sorry. Onto the next subject, to the head!

2: Facial Features

Halloween Lupes have the short and relatively stubby ears that most Lupes possess, which in itself isn't all that surprising. What is surprising, however, is that the Werelupe's ears-

Steve: Hello again.

The Werelupe's ears are elongated, as portrayed by Steve here, who has the long ears that are very typical of his species.

Steve: That's not bad, is it? I don't have a disease, do I?

No no, that's perfectly normal, you're not sick. ...Now if only you would stop eating the omelettes after they spoil, you wouldn't get sick as often...

Steve: Hey, I can't let perfectly good food go to waste.

But it's not good, it's- ...Ahem. A research study isn't the place for this argument. We'll talk about this later, mister.

Steve: Yeah... Sure...

...ANYWAY! As far as facial differences go between the two Lupe types, there isn't much more to differentiate. Halloween Lupes and Werelupes both share their iconic haunting green eyes and fang-like canines that protrude from the front of their muzzles, as well as similar fur coloration and general fuzziness. One last thing to note, however, is that Halloween Lupe females possess longer eyelashes than their male counterparts, making genders easier to tell apart. Werelupes don't have this difference between genders, and as such it is nearly impossible at times to tell the difference between male and female Werelupes.

Steve: So I could be a girl and not know it? ...My life is a lie.

Hey now, I wouldn't name a girl Lupe Steve. That would just be confusing. Now, let's look at another big distinguishing trait, the front paws!

3: Hands or Paws?

Halloween Lupes are, as stated before, quadrupeds, so as such their front paws look like... well, paws. Werelupes, on the other hand-

Steve: Other hand. He he. Puns.

...Werelupes, on the other... hand... possess instead of paws... You guessed it. Hands. However, these hands are worth looking at in detail.

Steve: Ow, don't grip my wrist so hard!

Oh, don't be a baby. I've seen you go through worse in the Battledome. Anyway, note that the Werelupe's hands have four fingers, where as a Halloween Lupe only has three toes on its paws like the average Lupe. Also note that this extra finger is in fact, a thumb, which suggests that Werelupes have evolved in a way that requires more sophisticated hand coordination than other Lupe types.

Steve: Basically, we're awesome?

Basically. I also want to point out the claws, which are long, black and razor sharp. Both the Halloween Lupe and Werelupe have these claws on their paws or hands respectively, making them both formidable hunters. ...And no, before you ask, I have not tried to clip his nails to make a Werelupe Claw Necklace.

Steve: I wouldn't let you even if you tried.

And one final note on this subject: notice how the arm of the Werelupe doesn't bear much similarity to the front legs of a Halloween Lupe. This could be due to the bipedal nature of the Werelupe, and over time the unnecessary structure design was selectively bred out, giving the Werelupes arms that bear a humanoid resemblance.

Steve: The prefix "were" does mean "man" after all.

How did you-

Steve: I think I heard you say it one time in one of your rants.

Th-they're not rants, they're lengthily worded arguments that happen to be one-sided!

Steve: Uh huh...

4: Miscellaneous Observations

With most of the major differences thoroughly analyzed, let us look at some of the other factors that make Halloween Lupes and Werelupes so unique. First, let's look at the shoulder and torso of the Werelupe. As you can see, the Werelupe has very broad shoulders that gradually give way to equally broad pectorals.

Steve: In other words, I'm totally buff! And yes, I work out~

However, this wide chest tapers off quite dramatically as we move lower towards the stomach and hips, suggesting that the Werelupe naturally requires more upper body strength than a normal Lupe, which again can be evidence of how they have adapted to bipedal travel.

Steve: Maybe I should do more squats... Some ab crunchers too...

Another thing to note is that both Halloween Lupes and Werelupes tend to wear tattered pants held up by a simple rope, perhaps this is due to the culture of the Haunted Woods?

Steve: Hey, they're totally fashionable!

Speaking of fashion, the Halloween Lupe's body structure lends it much better to wearing all manner of clothing, should they ever get bored of the pants-and-rope look. This makes it much easier for Halloween Lupes to adapt to lifestyles all over the world, and not just the Haunted Woods. Werelupes, however, due to their bipedal nature and extremely broad shoulders, are unable to wear normal Neopian clothing, which may be the reason the pants-and-rope look rose to popularity in the Werelupe community.

Steve: I'd rather have my massive muscles than fancy pants clothes anyways. I regret nothing!


Though Halloween Lupes and Werelupes do share many similar qualities, grouping the two Lupe sub-species together in the same category is unfair to both parties and ignorant to the differences that make them so fascinating. It is my hope that through this article, you have learned some of the many intricacies of both Werelupes and Halloween Lupes, and shall walk away with a better understanding and appreciation for both creatures. Oh, and thank you for helping me with my project, Steve.

Steve: Anytime! ...You're still going to take me out to the Kelp like you promised, right?

Uh... Riiight. Just let me get my wallet... Way over here... By the exit... RUN AWAAAAY!

Steve: Hey! Get back here! You be glad it isn't a full moon, missy!

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