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by the_furreh_one


Meepology – a study by Mega_Meepit_Fan

(This is my headcanon. If you don't like it, too bad, it's none of your business.)

A favorite among petpets, meepits rank #1 on the petpet popularity list that only I have access to. (Me? Making up statistics? NEVER!) They have many items dedicated to them, and even a game! However, little is known about meepits themselves. I have dedicated two weeks of my time with meepits in order to study them and their lifestyle. I will attempt to make this as in-depth as I can get it.

Eating Habits

It is debated by many whether meepits eat plants or meat. However, through my studies, I have concluded that they eat both. At the back of their mouth is flat teeth to grind plants, and the rest of the teeth are razor-sharp. The buck-teeth at the front have a much smaller flat tooth underneath, which can get any plants they are eating to reach a texture suitable for the back teeth to chew. However, I have one thing to warn you of: The meepit chair is NOT a real meepit! It is physically impossible for meepits to retract their flat teeth, and they cannot open their mouths that wide. If you try to make a meepit into a meepit chair by opening its mouth like that, it will DIE. Do not attempt this!

Favorite foods among meepits vary from meepit to meepit, but a well-known drink they love is juppie juice. Each color of the juice has a different flavor, and oddly, changing a meepit's color changes their taste in juppie juice. The red juice is incredibly spicy, and will set anyone's taste buds on fire. The orange juice is slightly less spicy, but has a punch of sourness. The orange juice's sourness pales in comparison to the yellow juice, however, which is more sour than a lemon. The blue juice is relatively mild, and has a nice taste that sort of is like milk and honey, combined into a taste that is delicious. The green juice is a sweet and sour type of juice, which is almost like some Neopian candies, but its taste is hard to put a finger on. The purple juice is a spicy-sweet juice, much like cinnamon. And finally, the pink juice is like a heavenly candy, swapping from one flavor to another, being mild at one point, but then blazing, then blissfully sweet.

Other foods that meepits like are acorns, juppie fruits, snorkle and wadjet meat, and mysterious orchids. Mysterious orchids, however, are not usually eaten by them, as they do not taste as good as the other things. Another, rarer favorite food among meepits is neopets. Not many meepits like to eat neopets, however, whether it is because they don't like a food that fights back, or simply hate the taste or idea of eating their owners.


Many people know by now that meepits, along with most other petpets, have their own special abilities that make them unique as a species. Each color has a different ability, however, there are abilities that are common to all meepits. I will start with the color unique abilities:

Pink: A normal meepit. Nothing special.

Blue: Quick and agile. Many love to run around.

Yellow: Extremely mischievous, they can toss around objects with ease.

Green: Quite mild and lazy, however, as they sleep, scratches on them heal.

Christmas: They don't seem to have powers, but actually they can make toys and things out of thin air on the Day of Giving (What's a Christmas, anyway?).

Faerie: They can fly, and also have many faerie powers. They vary from meepit to meepit.

Tyrannian: Big, smelly, and very strong. Like every Tyrannian.

Fire: Very short temper, and they can burn things with a touch of the paw.

Grey: They don't have much power, they mainly mope, but being around them makes others sad too.

White: They also seem to be pretty powerless, but they do manage to hide on paper quite well. Though they would do better if they were sketch meepits!

Ghost: Flies through walls, slight telekinesis, just average ghost powers.

Red: Their tempers are not as short as fire meepits, but they are quite strong in terms of raw power.

Island: Using the powers of Pango Pango, it is unknown what exactly their powers are. They just use what Pango Pango grants them.

Dung: Eeeeewwww...

Snow: While they can melt, they can pose as snowmen, or cause tiny avalanches.

Pirate: They live a swashbuckling life, are very hardy, and wield cutlasses. What more can I say?

Mutant: It is unknown what abilities they have, as they do not like company.

Starry: They channel the darkness of the night sky, and the stars on their body glow a soft yellow.

Robot: Depends on what they're configured with. Most have laser eyes.

Disco: The power of DANCE, baby! GROOVY!

Glowing: They light the dark far better than starry meepits, and seem awfully toxic.

Zombie: They're undead. They eat brains. They're hard to kill. What did you expect?

Halloween: They fly and suck blood, but the sunlight is harmful to them.

Royal: They actually are just like normal meepits; just other meepits tend to obey them for their color.

Darigan: They fly, have an awful temper, and attack very viciously. Stay away!

Stealthy: Blending into the darkness, stealthy meepits make very good assassins. Or cookie thieves.

Now, for the power all meepits share that we all know and love: the STARE! The large eyes of meepits were not specifically for staring originally, their eyes actually are like that to grant a very wide range of vision, so they could see you if you were almost right behind them. However, over the years they realized that for some reason Neopets got hypnotized when they stared at them for a long period of time. To this day, not even the meepits themselves know why this happens.


Meepits live in colonies, ranging from a few meepits, to a huge group. Some meepit colonies are similar to feral kadoatie colonies, being small groups in which each has to fend for themselves, with little to support them. Other colonies, on the other hand, are large and have many technology advances. The major colonies tend to be little known by the public, or are hubs for meepit adoption. Also, they are so advanced the meepits can support themselves, even if they are living in an area with little to no neopets.

Generally, meepits get along well, however, there are skirmishes between them. The most common fight is the color war, as yellow meepits tend to foolishly cause fights between meepits of different colors, not always including themselves in the fight. The most devastating fight so far was the war between Darigan, Halloween, and Zombie, leaving many meepits injured, dead, or missing. However, it was resolved when a fire meepit reminded them that it does not matter at all who is the creepiest, and that they should get back to plotting- I mean living peacefully. Right.

Meepits have a very complex language. It is made up entirely of variations of meeps, but just the slightest variation could mean a completely different word. High pitches tend to be asking for something or showing happiness, affection, or satisfaction. Medium pitches tend to be general conversation for meepits. Low pitches show that a meepit is very dissatisfied, or still hasn't gotten what it wanted. Here are some very important meeps to know for any meepit owner:

Mee-eee-eep(High-pitched, a higher pitch in the middle): I'm really hungry and you haven't fed me yet!

Meyeep(Middle-pitch, deadpan): I don't like this.

MEEEEP! MEEEP! MEEEEP! (High-pitched, frantic): Help! I'm in danger!

Mrp (Short, low-pitch): I HATE this.

Mip! (High-pitch, quick): Hi!

I hope you find meepits as interesting as I do, and as time goes on, more will be discovered about meepits. Just so you know, meepits are not evil! NOT EVIL AT ALL! Yeah. Not evil at all. ***le slides into the shadows, eyes staring like meepit eyes***




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