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Around Neopia: Altador

by spirit_wolf589


Today, my boss walked into my office and slapped a ticket to Altador down onto my desk. He promptly informed me that I would be traveling to the land of Altador in a new mini series that would highlight many, or maybe each, of the Neopian cities. This caused nervous excitement to well up in my stomach, as I had never been outside of Neopia Central before, and had always wanted dearly to see the sights that our world had to offer.

I was a little horrified to discover that my ferry would be leaving in only an hour! My boss simply told me to "stir my stump" and get moving. I moved with all haste to my little apartment in the midst of the city, the very crowded city. I can't explain to you how scared I was as I pushed through the mobs of people to get my scant belongings packed. I was sure I would miss my boat!

However, I did not. I will not bore you with tales of my ride over sea to get to Altador. It seemed to take forever, and how terrifying it was! The captain of the boat decided to sail a dangerous route, above Neopia Central and through the little pass between Terror Mountain and the open land to the east of Shenkuu.

When I arrived at the port leading to Altador, I could not believe how beautiful it was. Between the Altadorian Docks and the city itself there was a stretch of great green grass, and many white stone buildings to our immediate right, which is predominate, it seems, in the architecture of the great city. To our left was a little island just a short swim from land, with a great building atop it. At first I believed it to be a lighthouse, but it is difficult to tell if it is not just someone's home.

There were many great ships also at port, with the Altadorian symbol stitched across their sail. Oh, it was just beautiful! I apologize for my lack of detail, I do not quite know how to describe such a thing. So mesmerizing, with the sun shining bright down upon your fur. Below I have included a little picture, which hopefully will be a little helpful for those who have not visited this fair city.

It was quite a trek from the Docks to the great walls. I could see its great stone walls, rising tall above me and sending great shadows across the land. It was a little intimidating. I do not see Altador having any considerable enemies any time soon. I can not imagine how anyone could breach their walls!

We entered through a small door near the Altadorian Archives. It was an odd structure for one who has lived her entire life in Neopia Central. A rectangular building of white stone, with a roof of a reddish orange. There were great pillars going from the floor to the ceiling, rising high above your head. It was surrounded by many other buildings of the same type.

Despite the fact I was still carrying my luggage, I could not simply walk past and tell myself I would visit it later. The first thing I saw upon entering was a bulletin board containing posters advertising various clubs. Some examples were the Mining Club, Astronomy Club, and Herbalism Club. I had an urging to go and join, or at least talk to some of the Club members, but I decided not to hassle them.

To the left were some other doors that were closed and behind a velvet purple line, oh how the word escapes me now. Well, I did not think I could enter, and so I did not. I believe one led to a sort of library, though, looking at the sign.

To the right of this bulletin board was the office of an archivist, a kindly Lenny that went by the name of Finneus. He was quite kind, and sported a very nice looking monocle! I will not lie; his office was a bit of a mess. But to each his own. Besides, the mess did not bother me so much.

He went on to tell me much of the history of Altador, including how the Altador Cup was founded. It was all quite interesting, but I will not repeat it here. If you really want to know more of Altador's history, you should search for the book Amazing Altador.

I then hurried to where I would be sleeping for the night, a hotel beside the Colosseum. To get there I was able to skirt a large, incredible structure. It was higher than even the walls of the city, which is saying something! It rose straight up, with a curved roof and more of the pillars that ran from one floor to a higher floor. It was all very nice, and I vowed that I would have to go there very soon.

As everyone, I'm sure, is aware (and if you are not, please do not think I am trying to insult you in any way! Not everyone is such a fan), it is the Altador Cup season. There were many other tourists crowding the streets, causing traffic to be quite chaotic. Fans were constantly going in and out of the Colosseum as matches would end and begin. I am extremely upset now that I brought so few Neopoints to spend on my little journey. I would not be able to buy a ticket to any match.

Now, I will not go into detail of my hotel room. I would be sleeping there, and that was about it.

As I left I began to make my way around the city, searching for the entrance to the great building in the center. The one that rose above the very wall itself! Finally, it seemed, I found it. It was on completely the other side of the Colosseum. And before the doors was a little water fountain. Well, not exactly little. Very grand, in fact. I found that this was the Hall of Heroes.

It has statues of the twelve great legends of Altador. Tallest of all was King Altador himself. He is wearing armor, and in his right hand he holds a large sword. In his left, a bow. His plaque reads The Hunter, and it has much more information besides, some facts I did not even know about him!

These statues are luxurious, beautiful! They stand tall, and are a darkish grey colour, all upon small pedestals of the same stone, with similar plaques to King Altador. They sit in a circle around a decoration on the floor, the symbol of Altador, a great gleaming sun. And behind King Altador there are large windows through which the sunlight shone through, glancing over the statues of these great heroes. Besides King Altador, for those who know not of Altador, are Jerdana, Siyana, Kelland, Florin, Torakor, Marak, Fauna, Psellia, Gordos, Sasha, and the Darkest Faerie.

Exiting the Hall and straight ahead is the Altador aqueduct. It stores the city's water, which is also all along the walltop. I do not know why. Perhaps because they simply have so much water they need more places to store it? Or maybe because it is safer?

And behind the aqueduct you can see the mountains. It rises high, high above you. There are ledges going up, and on some of these ledges are more white stone buildings. I do not know what maniac would live up there, but I commend them for their bravery! I do not think I could manage such a thing.

Next I visited some of the shops this fine and fair city had to offer. Exquisite Ambrosia has the most delectable food you will ever taste! Simply mouth-watering. It is, however, a little pricey. Be sure to have your Neopoints on hand. In my opinion it is worth every coin. If you do visit Altador, I would suggest stopping in, at least for a little taste tester.

Next I stopped by Legendary Petpets, a quaint little shop to the left of the aqueduct. It's on a natural little rise, and you have to traverse a small ramp to reach the actual shop. It has the same pillars, but a purple roof. Inside you will find many different Petpets. I found all to be absolutely, huggably adorable! From the Vaeolus to the Altachuck, all were precious.

Though I am not a fighter, I visited Illustrious Armoury next. It was run by a tough looking, but kindly Elephante. Inside, I found every piece of armour and weapon you could ever wish to have! Such a selection there was, and all were fashioned in the way of Altadorians. Many had the symbol you can find all over Altador. They were exquisite, and I found many Battledomer's inside checking out the wares. If you have fought in the Battledome before, and you are looking for equipment or weapons, I would highly recommend dropping by Illustrious Armoury.

As the sun set on a beautiful day, I headed back to my little hotel room. I had trouble sleeping that night from the day's excitements. The sights, the sounds, the scenery! Why had I not visited Altador sooner?

As I awoke I headed towards the one little shop I had not yet visited. It was Magical Marvels, and inside were all kinds of magical weapons and clothing. If you belong to the Order of the Red Erisim, you would find much of use here. They seemed to have everything you could ever need! The shelves were stocked full of all kinds of things.

While I was browsing, there was a tiny explosion three aisles over. It seemed some Neopian had knocked something off of a shelf, causing it to explode in his face. Nobody was injured, thank Fyora. The poor Lupe just had a little singed fur. Nonetheless, I shimmied out of there as quick as I could without looking like some madwoman.

That is when a beautiful miracle occurred. I bumped into a Techo on the street, knocking him and myself over. I apologised, and he simply shook his head and said it was his fault, as he wasn't watching where he was going. We walked together down the street, as I was heading back to my hotel, and we got to talking about the Altador Cup. I expressed my discontent at not having the Neopoints to purchase myself a ticket, and that I was upset that I had been so shortsighted.

To my amazement, he offered me an extra ticket he had. I shook my head, saying I could not in good faith accept, but he would not take no for an answer. It was the Meridell-Maraqua match. I didn't care that I didn't support either of these teams, I was just very excited I was able to visit a Yooyuball game at all!

The stadium was enormous. It had to be to fit all those Neopets. There were so many, I almost lost my new friend in the crowd several times. The seats are stone benches that wrap around the middle of the Colosseum, where the field was located. We weren't especially high, as I was able to see the players from our seats.

And boy, I can't tell you how loud this Techo screamed! And the oddest part was, he was cheering for both of the teams simultaneously! It was a great time, and I screamed and cheered along with them as a Yooyu flew past the a goalies' head. I cheered for both teams along with my new friend. It was a very great time. If you ever have the opportunity, you must go to an Altador Cup match. And the slushies, just exquisite! And all are served by a single red Tuskaninny (and boy, do I want her hair!)

As I trundled back to my hotel, saying goodbye to my friend, I thought of the day's events and how sad it would be getting back on that ferry headed towards Neopia Central.

But as I padded across the great green field the next day, down to the Altadorian Docks, with the sun shining bright on my face, I couldn't help walking a little faster. I missed my home.

The ferry took off, pushing away from the land, swaying gently in the water. I watched as the great walls grew smaller and smaller as we pushed farther away. It seemed perfect, the way the sunlight shone down upon this bright, beautiful city, and I knew that one day I would return to the land of Sun and Hills.

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