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Celebrating Issue 600: A Look At The Last 100 Issues

by painted_dreams87


Also by xiaolin10413

With the arrival of the 600th issue of the Neopian Times, I considered what it is that makes the Neopian Times so wonderful. Is it the articles? The comics? The short stories? Or is it a combination of all of the above? When I really think about it, I believe it comes down to the issues as a whole. From themed days to events to outstanding writing and artwork, there have been some incredible and memorable issues throughout the many years of the Neopian Times. Grab a warm cup of a tea and join me as I highlight what I consider to be the top ten most memorable issues from the past 100 issues of the Neopian Times.

1. Issue 500

The 500th issue is one of the most memorable issues of all-time, in my opinion. It celebrated the amazing landmark of one trillion page views for Neopets, which is quite the accomplishment. The article, "Happy One Trillion!" by gooie629, highlights how The Neopets Team celebrated reaching one trillion page views with the memorable trillionftw auctions. The auctions gave wealthy Neopians a chance at buying one of those ever elusive items, and it's still something that is still talked about on Neopets today. Of course, there were also several notable 500th issue-inspired submissions. "Celebrating the 500th: Why Write?" by roboticc is a motivating look at why people write for the Neopian Times. If you find yourself in need of an extra push to keep on writing, I highly recommend checking it out. "Musings: Edition 500" by _razcalz_ and elegon is a beautifully drawn comic that gives viewers a humorous look at why White Weewoos are clearly the best petpet to represent the Neopian Times. "500th Anniversary" by ava_ked is a hilarious comic about what happens when a White Weewoo eats your must-needed kad food.

2. Issue 503

While issue 503 is not a themed issue of the Neopian Times, I still chose it as one of the most memorable issues because of the incredible writing and particularly funny editorial. "Kadding Your Way to an Avatar!" by ayeitsgabby is a wonderful article with various tips and kadding methods to help readers obtain the avatar. If you're struggling with kad feeding, it's a must-read. "Flash Game Avatars and How to Get Them" by flapjackpax has eight fantastic tips to help readers push past their barriers to finally obtain their dream flash-game avatars. It's a very motivating read, and I would highly recommend it for any avatar-seekers. "Picking the Perfect Petpet" by sacred_w0lf highlights four big things to take into consideration when choosing the right petpet for your pet. It's a fun and educational article that I personally found to be very helpful. On the lighter side, "Soldiers 101" by proudpony is a fun comic about the unique fighting style of the soldiers in your Habitarium that's sure to give you a laugh. After Krawk Island disappeared, do you remember the mass excitement and panic when it suddenly reappeared with new tentacles covering it a bit sooner than The Neopets Team intended? I sure do! The editorial in this issue captures the chaos that ensued. If you were around during this time, I suggest looking back at it for a good laugh.

3. Issue 522

Issue 522 is another issue that does not highlight a specific theme or holiday, however it has a wonderful and random assortment of articles and comics. "10 Things to Remember When on Vacation from Neopets" by uni_32497 covers everything you need to know and accept if you plan to take an extended hiatus from Neopets. No matter how long you've been playing, these tips are still very relevant and useful. "10 Top Last Minute Bargains for the Gifting Seasons" by fireairshadow and lute248 is a great guide to gift-giving, especially if you're in a bind and unsure of what to get someone. It's definitely helped me out a time or two. "The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Ultimate Neohome" by _hotpinkdiamonds_ is a great, informative guide that teaches readers how to create the perfect neohome. It even includes some unique tips and tricks for utilizing items in ways you might not have considered, making it a must-read for everyone who keeps up with their neohome. "Dealing With Petpets" by baltoy is a true and funny comic about how changing your language on Neopets can change your pet's opinion of their new petpet. After all, I think we've all been there at least once or twice. "The Mystery Capsule" by amarillida is a comic that highlights the joys of receiving countless bows when going for that exclusive capsule bonus item. If you're into neocash, I'd highly recommend checking it out for a good laugh. Last but not least, "Sketch Borovan" by izzywizard is a beautifully executed and creative comic about a mischievous Poogle who tries to steal a Usukigirl from Usukiland.

4. Issue 526

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year filled with joy, warmth, and the always memorable holiday edition of the Neopian Times. This issue contains literally everything you need to know to prepare for the holidays on Neopets. "A Neopets Christmas: Traditions and Trivia" by ridiculer and deadlaw is a wonderful article that covers what makes the holidays so memorable each year on Neopets. If you're new to the site or just need a refresher about the happenings on Neopets in December, I'd highly recommend checking it out. "What to Get the Ten Kinds of Neopian" by puufuu is a great guide to gift-giving that will surely help anyone choose the perfect gift for every neofriend on their list. "Super Affordable Festive Holiday Clothes" by rock_star_megs highlights fun and affordable wearables for your pet to wear during the holiday season. It's perfect for Neopians who are on a budget but would still like their pets to look festive. "Ten Awesome Christmas Paint Jobs" by epiic_spork is a fun look at the ten best festive petpets for your Neopet in case you're looking for a new friend for your pet. "A Very Kookith Christmas" by qelato is an adorable and wonderfully creative comic about Christmas Kookiths, and it's really a must-see. Finally, Sketch Borovan Holiday Special 3 of 3" by izzywizard is another beautifully executed comic by izzywizard about a Poogle and Usul - this time celebrating the holiday season.

5. Issue 547

Of course, who could forget Fyora Day? With all its pinkness and faeries, it truly is an issue to remember. "Dress Like the Faeries: Part 1" by minemoe is a great guide to help you customize your pet just like the Faerie Queen herself. "Fyora Day Festivities: An Overview" by melaiv and larkspurlane is a fun article all about how the various lands celebrate Fyora Day. "Hide and Seek with the Faeries" is a funny comic that gives viewers an inside look at a popular game among faeries. Lastly, Mymorowen: Adventures in the Ice Caves" by athanasiusagrona is a hilarious look at how Fyora really gets her items for the Hidden Tower.

6. Issue 550

Littered with great articles, stories, and comics, issue 550 is certainly one of the top ten. Themed articles for the 550th issue include mystie06's, "Insert 550 Words Here", a wonderful little mad lib featuring Dr. Sloth, Jazan, and many more popular Neopians. In this issue, there is finally an awesome explanation for the confusing and impossible game 'Neggsweeper,' in the article "All You Need To Know About Neggsweeper" by moocowalex. "That Time of the NT Schedule" is a comic by neo111186 that encourages readers to submit all the Weewoos! Or maybe the Yooyu's. Another unique aspect about issue 550 is that the one and only Dr. Sloth answered questions in the editorial, making the editorial into a make-shift story where Altador Cup dreams were crushed, uncovering that people actually donate to Tombola, and answering the pressing question about if getting in the editorial during 550 gives the avatar is answered, (which is a no. D; ).

7. Issue 568

If you're looking for a more spooky Neopian Times issue, issue 568 is it. Halloween brought in some creepy, but amazing, submissions! Read about a Meepit named Mr. Cuddles, in "Mr. Cuddles" by saphira_27. It's Halloween, and a surprise gift, Mr. Cuddles, is at the doorstep of Katrina and Zillie's. Mysteries of the Colors: Halloween JubJubs and Kikos" by icyowl explores the colors of Halloween JubJubs and Kikos. It is an absolutely hilarious read, and I would recommend it to anyone. (Icyowl has also written other "Mysteries of the Colors" articles featuring the Baby Pteri and Cloud JubJub). An interview done by impellent is able to give a little more insight on the Mutant Chia, Florg, behind the game Feed Florg. "An Interview with Florg" proves that Florg isn't just all about eating petpets, and the question as to why he cries so much is answered! After reading up on him, I now understand why the Feed Florg avatar continues to evade me.

8. Issue 585

As the obelisk was unearthed and different groups started to appear wanting to take power, reporters and artists got to work! "How I Chose My Faction" is a lovely comic by sidette about cake... er... the impending war. Other factions were also represented in the Neopian Times this issue, including glitt_ 's comic "Sketch Parade" about the Sway, and article "Reading Up on Magic" by bittersweet52, which suggests some good spell and potion books after joining the Order. Not only are they magnificent reads, the nine suggested books only cost 144,000 neopoints combined! That's nothing compared to the power that the obelisk might give. Another article "An Exclusive Look at The Thieves Guild" by moonandflowers, contains several interviews with the members themselves. There are also a few unbiased short stories and articles about the obelisk and the looming war, such as "Letters from the Plateau" by anthropologist, and "Secretary-General Condemns War in Tyrannia" written by neomonorail. What an intense issue!

9. Issue 586

Yes! Two memorable issues in a row! It's Illusen's day for the Neopian Times, and this issue contained a lot of great submissions about nature and Illusen herself! Read a touching and beautifully-written story about Illusen's student and their relationship in "Her Apprentice" by lux_aeterna1234. If you are a nature lover, reading fantasyeyesuk's "Connect With Nature... Just Like Illusen!" will help you channel your inner-Earth Faerie by giving you some suggestions on how to connect to nature. Some suggestions include talking to Woodland pets, traveling, and taking some walks in the warm sun with your pets. Math and food lovers alike will love the article "4 Reasons Why Pi Day Should Be a Neopets Holiday" by cotop! It's a wonderful balance of the delicious dessert and seemingly random numbers after a decimal. Dragonsflame_uk's step-by-step guide on how to make a "Crocheted Illusen" is absolutely delightful and will allow you to have your very own little Illusen!

10. Issue 588

Last but not least, issue 588 is in the top ten for the appearance of Grandma Boochi! It was April Fool's in Neopia when this issue came out, and a lot of the contributors to the Neopian Times pulled together to pull a prank on the readers. I have to admit, when I first read this issue, I really did believe Grandma Boochi existed! Submissions that helped make this possible included: "Family Secrets - An Interview with Grandma Boochi" by chaotizitaet, "Article Spies - Grandma Boochi" by water_park1993, "Just Grandma Boochi's Luck" by saudadesdagripe, and "Mud Coffee" by goron0000. Not only was I fooled for a short time, but this Neopian Times reader was fooled as well, with this question asked to the editorial in the issue directly after the little prank...

In issue 588 of The Neopian Times, why were there articles, stories, and comics about "Grandma Boochi"? ~username removed

We believe those writers engaged in a... a prank in our esteemed newspaper! Why, the very idea! We are quite shocked."

There you have it. There are the top ten most memorable issues in the Neopian Times the past 100 issues! The past two years brought a great 100 Neopian Times issues, and I'm sure that the contributors, the Neopian Times staff, and the readers will help make the next 100 even better!

Thanks for reading!

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