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Top 15 Cutest Petpets

by mercy_angel


Petpets to the left, petpets to the right. Petpets everywhere!!! We all know that Neopia is full of petpets, but have you ever wondered which ones are the cutest of them all? Wonder no more! In honour of Petpet Appreciation Day I'm going to tell you what I think the top 15 cutest petpets of all time are.

15) Snorkle

Just look at the Snorkle's cute curly tail and little nose!!! Have you ever seen anything more adorable? The Snorkle's snout is valued for its avatar potential, but I personally think that the snout looks the best when it's attached to the Snorkle's face. It just adds to the Snorkle's overall look of constant surprise.

14) Magaral

The Magaral makes me think of a squishy ball of fur. Every time I see it I just want to hug it. Like the Snorkle, the Magaral has a small nose and the cross-eyes that come with it. It must be tough trying to see the tip of your nose when your nose is the size of a grain of sand.

13) Schnelly

The Schnelly is another cross-eyed petpet that makes this list. However, its eyes aren't the only feature that makes this petpet cute. Just look at those large ears that extend all the way to the Schnelly's chin. It makes it look at though the Schnelly is rocking sideburns.

12) Dragoyle

The Dragoyle is one of the most loveable petpets to come out of the Meridell petpet shop. There's just something so innocent and endearing about the expression on its face and general posture. It also doesn't hurt that the Dragoyle is a fan of collecting shiny objects. Who isn't a fan of shiny objects like Neopoints??? :P

11) Snowbunny

The Snowbunny first made its appearance into Neopia via the Advent Calendar of Y4. It's hard to believe that this cute petpet is over a decade old. The thing I like the most about the Snowbunny is its tiny paws. Just imagine the adorable little paw prints it must leave when it's hopping through the snow.

10) Meturf

If you want a petpet that's cute and extremely cheap, then give the Meturf a try. It somewhat resembles a ball of fuzz, but with giant feet, hands and vacant black eyes. Not sure if it has a nose, though. That seems to be missing or hiding under all that fur!

9) Pandaphant

It's a panda! It's an elephant! No, it's a Pandaphant! These adorable petpets are one of the gentlest petpets you'll ever meet. Everyone in Shenkuu loves them, but who can blame them? Pandaphants are very loving creatures and any Neopet would be lucky to have one as a companion. Just take a look at those heart-shaped pads on the bottom of their hind paws. They have so much love to give.

8) Grackle Bug

Grackle bugs always have the saddest expression on their faces. I think that's what makes them cute. I can't imagine why anyone would want to harm these cute creatures by skewering them with a stick and selling them as "grackle bug on a stick" or even worse, "burnt grackle bug on a stick". They look much better attached to your Neopet.

7) Ona

The Ona is a five star cutie!!! Well, actually three stars since that's the number of stars it has on its body (one on its face and two on its antennae). It's also a sweetheart. All it wants is to be hugged and loved. The Ona even has some angelic features. Just look at those wings. There's also a sense of innocent to its posture as well as its facial expression.

6) Faellie

If you're a fan of cute petpets with enormous ears than the Faellie is a perfect match for you. These petpets are not only cute, but they're extremely nervous creatures. Their big ears allow them to sense danger way before it comes, but because of this they might be skittish in new environments. This behaviour is just a part of the Faellie's cuteness appeal. It also has a fluffy tail to boot.

5) Symol

Symols are the cute and mischievous petpet from Meridell. These adorable petpets have a way of burrowing into places they shouldn't be, but it seems impossible to stay mad at them for long periods of time. Just take a look at those chubby cheeks and that little pot belly. How can you be angry at something so cute?

4) Ukali

Like Grackle Bugs, Ukalis are constantly depressed looking. No matter what you try to do to cheer them up, nothing seems to work. Maybe this is just the Ukali's way of making us spoil it and if that's so then it seems to be working. This would not only make the Ukali a cute petpet, but also a clever one at that.

3) Babaa

Babaas, fluffy, easily scared and all so cute! They are the petpets we think of right before we fall asleep and have nightmares about math. Oh, why did TNT have to associate such a cute petpet with something so horrible?

2) Kadoatie

Kadoaties, or Kads as they are better known, are described as being a pain in the neck for their fear of the dark and having to sleep with the lights on, but no one can deny these petpets of not being cute. The size of their head seems to be too big for the size of their body, but somehow it works. It makes the Kad look more delicate and helpless. Maybe that's why we feel the need to care for them in the Kadoatery when their owners are away.

1) Candychan

Just look at that adorable face? I don't think there's anyone in Neopia who can deny the Candychan of not being super cute. I've been in love with this petpet since the first time I laid eyes on it years ago. There's just something about the way it looks that makes me go "Aww!!!" every single time. It probably doesn't hurt that the stripes bring up thoughts of candy canes which reminds me of Christmas time, the happiest time of the year. Whatever the reason is I think that the Candychan is indeed the cutest petpet of them all!

There you have it, petpet appreciators, the list of the top 15 cutest petpets. If these petpets are just too sugary sweet for you then consider getting your Neopet something a little scarier. Just remember, your Neopet will appreciate any petpet you give it because it provides them with a playmate for the times you aren't online. Besides, what better way to show your appreciation for petpets than to give one a wonderful home? :)

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