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Battledome Woes

by admonisher

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The Return: Part Six
The industrial district was located on the east side of the city, in the northern Docklands along the coast where the ships came to port. It was a mess of factories and smoke, and few people lingered there who weren't working.

by herdygerdy


Cybunny Down: Part Three
"They say only Cybunnies can find Cybunny Down. Do you think they will show themselves to your friend?"

by x_raynebow_x


...::: Yooyus Are Nasty :::...-Clockwork-
You think yooyus are cute? You are mistaken...

by chlo26


All About Your Chocolate Petpet
There is no "Chocolate Paint Brush", so the only way to obtain these special petpets is through a lucky zap from the petpet lab ray.

by blessed_faerie

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