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What Type of Altador Cup Player Are You?

by river_valley37


June is a time of year long anticipated by many Neopians. Why, you ask? June in Neopia is home to the famous Altador Cup, a sporting event giving the numerous lands a chance to battle it out with each other, display team spirit and hopefully bring home a nice shiny trophy and some prize shop points. And this year's Cup has been no different from the rest- plenty of drama, team rivalry and jumping-ship All Stars.

There are plenty of different people that enjoy and participate in the Altador Cup, from the newbies nervously playing their first games of Yooyuball to the dedicated, hardcore players aspiring to that elusive All Star rank. To find out what type of player you are, take this quiz, jotting your answers down as you go.

1. Which team do you pick each year?

A. The same one you have joined ever since you started playing. You're loyal to your team and would never even consider switching, no matter how badly they did last year.

B. It depends on who won the year before- you'll go with one of the teams that finished up on the podium.

C. You're never really sure. You just pick whichever team catches your eye- maybe the one your friends are joining, the one representing your favourite land, or just whichever team has the prettiest team colours.

D. You have absolutely no idea and are completely stressing out. This is your first time ever playing the Altador Cup and you need to make sure whichever team you pick is the right one; you could end up playing with them for years!

2. How many games do you play each day?

A. You play about 50+ games of Yooyuball every day without fail, and take breaks from them to play 10 or 20 games of Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise or Shootout Showdown.

B. Probably about 10, give or take.

C. Hardly any. You're fairly busy in real life and only come on to play when you feel like it and have some spare time.

D. As many as you can. You don't want to let your new team down! But you're not exactly the best player...

3. How do you show team spirit?

A. By going all out- every bit of your Neopets profile is decked out head to toe in your teams colours, logos and icons: your lookup, shop, gallery, neoboard font, even your pets customisations are dressed and ready to go.

B. You don't really. You change teams often so it's hard work having to change team colours on your lookup.

C. You don't go overboard- just a simple Neoboard font or a cute little adoptable on your lookup.

D. Team spirit? What? How do I show that?

4. Do many of your friends play in the Altador Cup?

A. Yes. You make them! And they're all on the same team as you because you've played with that team so long you are best friends with all your team mates.

B. You have no idea. You made a few friends last year, on your team's board, but you changed teams this year so you don't really keep in contact with them.

C. Yes, a few. In fact you'll join the same team as them and will have a few Yooyuball marathons together to make it less task-worthy.

D. You don't really know anyone yet, but you're hoping to make some friends this year!

5. What rank do you usually obtain in the Altador Cup?

A. All-star, every year, without fail. Anything less is disappointing.

B. Usually around the 12-14 mark.

C. It depends on how busy you are at the moment, but on previous years you've gotten up to about 6-8.

D. You've never played before! What are ranks?

6. What other things do you usually get up to on Neo while the Altador Cup is on?

A. Nothing! No time for anything else if you want that all-star rank!

B. Maybe your dailies and a bit of chatting or surfing boards, but most of your Neo time is spent playing the Altador Cup.

C. General things; you won't let the Altador Cup spoil your usual gaming. You'll chat to friends, do your dailies, play a few games of Key Quest, maybe get a little bit of Kadding or restocking in on the side, but you'll fit a few games of Slushie Slinger in somewhere.

D. Everything I usually do- the Altador Cup won't take up too much of my time! Will it?...

7. How do you spend your free time leading up to and after the Altador Cup?

A. Leading up to: Frantically prepare my mind and soul for intense gaming hours. After: Frantically prepare my mind and soul for next year's intense gaming hours.

B. Leading up to: Checking over last year's results, choosing a team. After: Back to usual Neopets time.

C. Leading up to: Chatting with friends, maybe ask a few which teams they are joining.

D. Leading up to: Researching as much as you can about the Cup; teams, rules, players, previous history. After: Breathing a sigh of relief that you got through it, having a laugh at all the noobs that have come to play only to realise the Cup is over.


Mostly A: You are a hard-core, dedicated and loyal Altador Cup player. You have been with your team for a number of years and don't plan on switching any time soon. Most of your Neo time from mid May to early July is spent preparing or playing the Cup. You are very driven and motivated, and won't settle for anything but the best.

Mostly B: You are one of the ship-jumper players of the Altador Cup. You change teams regularly, mostly because you like to win. You find it hard to stick with one team or feel attached to them, and your Altador Cup decisions are mostly based on whether you will be joining the winning team, not if you like the team for their players, land or colours. You sometimes find it hard to make friends and talk to people who you don't know.

Mostly C: You are a casual Altador Cup player. You play because you enjoy it, not because you want to win or feel obliged to play. You don't let your usual time on Neo be affected by the Cup, and instead will only play if you feel like it or if you have some free time. You are a fairly calm and relaxed person; easy to talk to and get along with, and many people like and admire you.

Mostly D: You are a complete newbie to the Altador Cup. This is only your first or second year and you have no idea what you are doing. However once it is finished you feel happy and accomplished, proud to display your first shiny Altador Cup medal or trophy on your lookup. This year was just practice, next year is where you get to relax and enjoy the Cup: chatting to your new friends, showing off your trophy, giggling at the newbies. You were never that unknowledgeable about it, you're sure.

And there you have it. Which player did you turn out to be? Maybe try the quiz again next year, see if you get a different result. Thank you for reading and taking part, and congratulations to this year's winning team!

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