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Top Ten Tips for a Homemade Island Party

by iluvfyora896


As the temperature begins to rise and the sun shines brighter and hotter than ever, many Neopets may decide to take a trip to Mystery Island to take advantage of the glorious weather. Why not go on a tropical vacation when the opportunity arises and the timing is perfect? For those who cannot make the trip, however, recreating Mystery Island at home is always an option, and adding friends makes the experience more fun! How does one effectively construct a makeshift Mystery Island? How can an average Neopian create the impression of sand and surf? If you want to try to make your own tropical getaway and gather some pals for island festivities, then you may want to try following these top ten tips for an island party:

10. Try to obtain some bottles of sand and place them in your backyard. Whether you want to dump out their contents is your own decision, but remember that if you make a mess, you will probably be the one who has to clean it up. Just by having colorful bottles of sand in the vicinity can practically lighten up the room and already make it seem more festive. The whole point of going to Mystery Island would be to have a bit of a vacation, so this festive effect is much desired! Regular sand works just as well. Although, unless you are truly desperate for the feel of sand beneath your toes, stomping and mashing Sand Oranges, Sand Bananas, Sand Grapes, and the like is probably not the best idea. That would be sticky, stinky, and unsanitary. Why waste food?

9. Write some haiku! Maybe you could make a game out of it, and have your guests write some of their own poems. Just because you cannot quite make it to the haiku generator on the island does not mean that you should miss out upon the wisdom and beauty of this poetic form. Of course, not all of the haiku have to be serious. If you really want to have a line that simply says, "Refrigerator," then by all means, go for it.

8. One of the main attractions on the island is Techo Mountain, a fascinating but also intimidating volcano. If you want to recreate this, please use paper mache or perhaps make a cake that oozes lava frosting. Do not be reckless and set up any dangerous decorations. That goes for torches, too. While torches truly do give the tiki impression, and the Garden Center may have some in stock, that does not necessarily mean that this would be a safe or wise investment. Instead, set up some tiki masks, palm fronds, or maybe a few coconuts. Be safe.

7. Setting up the sea is an entirely different situation from that of creating a beach. Somehow, pouring water all over your floor or yard does not quite exude that oceanic vibe. Do not despair, though! The main focus of an island party is usually the luau aspect; nevertheless, this does not mean that you have to entirely forego any sense of sea. Mystery Island also has the renowned Rock Pool along the shore, where it sells a plethora of petpets (most of which are stolen from Old Maraqua, but that is beside the point). Assuming you do not want to flood your home or face the Chasm Beast as you snorkel around Maraquan ruins in the search of refugees, then try this: Make a miniature Rock Pool. Set up some rocks in a circle, and in the center put in a bowl or tub of water. You can add a real petpet if you have one, or some bath toys or plushies that resemble aquatic petpets. You could even just fill the basin with water bottles for guests who want refreshments. Now you have covered the ocean and the Rock Pool, and quite literally killed two birds with one stone (or a ring of them).

6. Adding Jhuidah to your guest list is always a great idea, because believe it or not, she can bring life to any exotic festivities. Even if she can attend, though, she cannot exactly bring the Cooking Pot along. In this case, you can try to make your own "cooking pot." Faerie magic is necessary to make new items, but you could instead try a cooking contest in your home. Tell your friends to prepare the best tropical salads, desserts, or beverages that they can create, and bring them to the party for people to sample. The "cooking pot" technically will not be at your place, but the products will be!

5. Shouldn't a party have games? When you go to Mystery Island, you want to relax and enjoy yourself. When guests come along to your miniature island, then they will probably aim to accomplish these same goals. An extremely popular sport on the island is volleyball—just ask the Myncies. Purchase a volleyball if you can, and you do not necessarily need to have a net. Just some poles and a string can suffice. Place the game in an area where spectators or non-participants are not in danger of being smacked by a volleyball, though. Another idea is limbo. Just grab a limbo stick and watch your friends try to see how low they can go.

4. For all of the guests that will want to play games and celebrate loudly, some will also desire to take a respite from the stress of daily life. A peaceful tropics vacation can provide this opportunity for some individuals, and as such, it would be wise to try to accommodate their needs. Establish a small section of your home or yard that is dedicated to relaxation. Lay out some beach towels and a chair or two. If you have lawn chairs, that would be dandy. An umbrella would not hurt, either. If you can, try to find a way to close off this section so that some Neopians can find a way to rest their aching, tired bodies. Plus, you may want to rest back here once everyone leaves so you can unwind.

3. One particularly well-known resident of Mystery Island is the Tiki Tack Man; in fact, his Tombola is one of the most famous activities of the island. Plus, he sells plenty of souvenirs for tourists to purchase before they leave. This provides you with a couple of options for attempting to embody the spirit of the great Tiki Tack Man. The more tedious task would be to establish a makeshift Tombola game. You could create a bin and fill it with numbers for your guests to pick, and much like in the actual Tombola game, winning numbers get a prize! The prizes should be themed with the party, of course. Bottles of sand, toy sailboats, sandals, and beach balls are all appropriate gifts. If the Tombola idea does not appeal to you, and the party is on the smaller side, you could simply hand out these items as party favors to your guests as they leave. While this step is not necessary, it is a nice gesture.

2. Get everyone involved in making your humble home feel like Mystery Island by establishing a sort of dress code. Recommend leis and grass skirts to your friends and family, so they can feel like they are practically island natives themselves (or at least real tacky tourists). If you want to be truly authentic and go by Gadgadsbogen festival rules, however, you cannot drink something that is the same color as your outfit. Therefore, anyone who wants Funnydew Melon juice should not wear a yellow grass skirt!

1. While on the subject of beverages, prepare some tropical cuisine. The Island has a variety of fruits with unique and exotic flavors. Unless someone in the local Marketplace happens to have recently brought in a bunch of fruits from the island itself, obtaining these delicacies is an improbable goal. Do not fret, though! Simply making a salad or sandwich with fresh fruit or pancakes with sweet syrup will create the impression of feasting on island fare. Fish are also plentiful on the beach, so try to provide fish for your guests as well. Melons, berries, coconuts, and fish, if served creatively in salads, smoothies, sandwiches, and such, can create a marvelous menu for partygoers. As for dessert, if it tickles your fancy to provide some, then cakes with fruity sauce drizzles on top would be delightful. Also, some guests could bring their own donations, especially if you try to institute the Cooking Pot plan (see tip #6).

However, the most important detail to remember for the entire party, not just the food aspect, and the reason why this tip is number 1 on the list, is this:

Never, EVER run out of cheesy pineapple sticks. Always have them. Always have plenty of them. If this party truly took place on Mystery Island, chaos would surely erupt without Cheesy Pineapple Sticks. They go fast, so stock up, for your own sake.

Now that you have read the list, feel free to prepare an island party with a sense of confidence! Not every suggestion is required, and you can alter them slightly if you so desire, but by following these basic guidelines, you will have a successful pseudo- Mystery Island experience, minus the angry natives. Isn't that a plus?

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