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Tim and the Omelette

by _papercranes


When you have expensive taste, you're bound to go hungry every once in a while.

      This was the situation that Tim, the hungry Green Kadoatie, was placed into every night. Feeders would run by him, rushing to give Winston a Chia Pop, or Zapp a slice of pizza—but nobody ever wanted to give Tim the Lawyerbot Bowl he so badly craved. Maybe he wasn't a good enough Kadoatie. Perhaps the way he waggled his tail wasn't as cute as the other Kads, or his green fur was unnoticeable in comparison to the other pretty, Rainbow Kadoaties who populated the Kadoatery. Whatever the reason, Tim was a very, VERY hungry Kad, and he needed dinner as soon as possible.

      Tim waited about a half-an-hour, until the Kadoatery was flooded with wild Neopians, swarming around the "easier-to-feed" petpets. He recognized a handful of faces, people he had often seen run past him before, but no names he could recognize. He decided that this would be the opportune moment to escape and perform his plan, while the other Kadoaties were distracted by copious amounts of love, affection, and delicious food. Picking the lock of his cage with one of his claws proved to be incredibly successful, and before he knew it, Tim was on the floor and sprinting out of the Kadoatery at top speeds.

      The outside world seemed so different to him—so much livelier than he had grown accustomed to inside of his small cell. There were Shoyrus exchanging letters in the sky, Kacheeks playing hide-and-seek behind buildings, and the scents of a variety of delicious food shops filled the air.

      'Oh, food!' Tim's tummy grumbled at the thought of delicious, wonderful food. He wandered for a few minutes, in search of a place that could provide him with sustenance, but to no avail—that was, until Tim spotted what seemed to be a humongous burger. He darted toward it immediately upon sight, and then sunk his fangs into the side of the large hunk of patty and buns and cheese and lettuce and condiments all combined into one beautiful, appetizing masterpiece... or, at least, he TRIED to sink his teeth into it, but he quickly found out that the large burger was rock solid and not to be eaten. Tim gazed upward to find a sign that read "Food Shop", and, upon the realization that this was a building, not a burger, he walked away, sad and hungry.

      Tim thought to himself. He thought for a long time. He walked around in circles, thinking and pondering and hoping for an idea on how he could find food. Suddenly, everything was dark! Tim's thinking came to a halt, and his movements turned abruptly from a slowly paced walk in a circular motion to a frenzied struggle. After what seemed like an eternity of battling the darkness, Tim finally reached the light, pushing off whatever object had landed on him and hidden him from the world.

      'It's a... brochure? A Tyrannia Travel Brochure?' Tim pounced onto the piece of parchment before it could fly away in the breeze and browsed over it for a moment. He wasn't sure what any of the other words on the paper meant, but he did recognize one major detail—the Giant Omelette.

      Tales of the large omelette constantly circled around the Kadoatery during the long nights when only a few Neopians would come in to visit feed the petpets. "It's an endless food supply!" or "It tastes just like chicken; I've been there before!" some of the Kads would say. The sheer thought of such a delicious meal caused Tim's stomach to throw a temper tantrum. He wanted that omelette, and he was ready to do whatever it would take to eat it.

      Tim's new plan seemed simple. He would go to Kiko Lake, and then take an extended boat ride over to Tyrannia, but getting to Kiko lake proved to be much harder than he though. Tim's short legs only carried him so far, and as soon as he reached the small town, he collapsed from exhaustion.

      Tim could not bring himself to open his eyes—he was far too tired from hours of walking and a lack of nourishment—but he felt something pick him up by the scruff of his neck, and suddenly, he knew he was in motion again. His savior, or captor, Tim wasn't sure which at that moment in time, spoke to him in a gruff, low rumble.

      "You should take better care of yourself," said Tim's new acquaintance after plopping him down onto what felt to be a slightly wet, wooden bench. "When I found you, you were right next to the waters of Kiko Lake. The tide could have pulled you in."

      Tim rolled over onto his back with his eyes still closed, and then stretched out his sore limbs. He uttered a weak "meow" as a form of thanks before falling asleep completely in the presence of his new companion, and then dreamt vividly of the large yellow, gooey egg, and the tales he would have to tell all of his Kad friends back in his little cell.

      Tim suddenly jolted out of his elongated state of torpor, once again being carried by the scruff of his neck—where to, and by whom, he was not sure. He yelped frantically, but his distress signal was soothed by a calming rumbling noise from the figure carrying him, and Tim realized that this was the thing that saved him at Kiko Lake earlier.

      Tim's eyes wandered around, taking in his new surroundings. Where was he before? Did he finally reach the boat which he yearned to travel on so badly? Where was he now?! Tim's mind was spinning, but his eyes were completely fixed on his awe-inducing surroundings. There were enormous caves, tall mountains, and stone buildings everywhere. There was a wooden wheel with a bored-looking Flotsam outside of it, asking those who passed by for their neopoints, and there were young neopets running around whimsically everywhere he looked. He saw trees which must have touched the clouds, and the sky seemed to be eternally stuck in a beautiful sunset. Tim felt so at-home with his surroundings, despite being carried by the fur of his little neck to... well, wherever he was being carried.

      Tim's savior came to a halt and placed Tim on the ground in front of him. While Tim was free of his savior's strong grasp, he was still within reach of the creature. Tim decided it would be best not to go look for the omelette on his own, as Tyrannia (assuming this WAS Tyrannia), seemed so spacious and easy to get lost in, especially for a small, foreign petpet.

      Tim's traveling companion seemed to have stopped in front of a group of neopets playing a small card game. A short, stumpy creature covered in yellow fuzz and with the largest feet Tim had ever seen, walked toward the pair.

      "Sabre-X," grumbled the creature, seemingly speaking to the figure who was standing behind Tim, "we have kept watch over the food while you were gone, ugga. No one has come to take any, ugga. Good trip was had?"

      "Yes, Jarbjarb, my trip to Kiko Lake was quite successful," Tim's companion, apparently named Sabre-X, replied. "I ordered all of the supplies I needed from Kiko Lake Carpentry to construct a fence around the Giant Omelette."

      'The Omelette!' Tim whimpered in pure excitement. Who knew that the neopet carrying him was directly associated with THE omelette?!

      "Oh, yes!" Sabre-X gently placed one of his large, olive-green paws on Tim's head. "I found this little one on the sand of Kiko Lake. He seemed quite hungry."

      Jarbjarb looked down at the poor, scrawny little Kadoatie and smiled. "He is cute petpet, ugga ugg. Would pet, but Jarbjarb doesn't have arms, ugga."

      With this comment, Sabre-X laughed contently, and then wished Jarbjarb goodbye. Then, just as swiftly as he had been put down, Tim was lifted up into the air by the scruff of his neck, and the two were on their way to the omelette.

      Tim and Sabre-X finally reached the Tyrannian Plateau, but something seemed wrong. Sabre-X abruptly dropped Tim onto the rough ground and roared angrily. Somehow, the omelette was gone!

      "Someone, or something, must have taken the whole thing while Jarbjarb and I were talking!"

      Sabre-X glanced down at Tim, who began to cry unhappily. The poor petpet seemed so hungry. Sabre-X assumed it must have been hours, if not DAYS, since the little fellow had eaten, and seeing the Kadoatie cry tugged so intensely on his heartstrings that he decided to share one of his biggest secrets with the small creature.

      "Don't worry, little guy, I have a solution." Sabre-X picked Tim up and carried him to a small, hidden cave, at the far end of the plateau where nobody would ever think to wander. There were candles on the walls, and a fluffy rug on the floor. Sabre-X placed Tim down on the rug, and then disappeared for what was a moment, but seemed like a lifetime to poor little Tim. The Kad buried his head into his paws and wept quietly for a bit, mourning the loss of the Giant Omelette and regretting ever leaving the Kadoatery. But his attitude immediately changed when a delicious scent filled his nostrils, causing him to slowly lift his head up to one of the most beautiful sights.

      "I allow everyone to take one piece of the omelette a day, including myself." Sabre-X had placed a hearty piece of the omelette, a piece covered in slices of ham and melted cheese. "Enjoy, young one."

      With that, Sabre-X snuggled up close to his newly found companion, who bit happily into the delicious omelette after shouting out a blissful "meow".

      Sabre-X was happy to have found a new friend to take care of, and Tim was jubilant to have a new place to stay with the yummiest food his tummy could ask for. Tim, the hungry green Kadoatie, would never have to return to his lonely little cell, again.

The End

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