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Bringing Default Back

by marcthegr8est1


Also by neo527539

There are well over 300 'secret' avatars currently available in Neopia - with more added constantly! Hours upon hours are spent practicing, playing, refreshing, questing and all sorts of verbs to obtain avatars in the attempt at upping a player's count. They have become an integral part of Neopian life for the average player. However, which avatars are overlooked? Which are rarely used or even mentioned? That is where we begin: the Default avatars. You may have forgotten which these are or what they even look like. They are the wonderful personas listed at the top of the drop down menu in the preferences section of the Neoboards.

Default avatars are avatars that, by default, are automatically credited to your account. You have over 50 of these already without any work done. Most people choose their active avatar based on the rarity, exclusivity or even their cool flashy graphics, but when everyone has all these 'secret' avatars, where is the fun in that? We are going to let you in on a little secret... some of the best avatars are the aforementioned Default. We have put together a small sampling of some of the best default avatars to bring default back.

Honorable mention: Grundo.

The Grundo avatar was included in our countdown because of Grundos' prevalence in Neopian Society and Sloths Invasion. These little minions were created by Dr. Frank Slo... *PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT* - Grundos must be included as a tribute to the great Dr. Frank Sloth. All other entries should be removed as anything linked to Dr. Sloth is greater than all. - *END SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT*

Please ignore that... Now back to our list! The art work for this avatar comes from a Mutant Grundo and possibly the Grundo Chef himself; while the Green and Red complement nicely.

10. Grarrl

Without a doubt, Grarrls are one of the most feared creatures in Neopia. They have an insatiable appetite and will devour just about anything. I advise that you think twice before crossing a Grarrl as you might end up being its next meal. However, for those brave enough to own one as long as you keep it well fed and happy you should be fine. What better way to show off the Grarrl's fearsome nature than to feature Grarrg, the Tyrannian Battle Master, in this avatar.

9. Lutari

Once regarded as one of the hardest to get! Access to Lutari Island is no more and Lutari Morphing Potions have been springing up in pairs now. The Sky and Pale Blue work with the White and Beige to create the airy avatar shown. Perfect for players who like to use light fonts and even if they can't get their hands on the actual pet, at least they can have the avatar!

8. Lupe

Fearless and loyal; these are the words that come to mind when we think of the Lupe. From Balthazar to King Altador himself, Lupes come in a broad spectrum of characters and personalities. This avatar not only displays a valiant pet, but also a great color palette. Grey, white and pale blue allow users to have a nice and neutral avatar to complement any font.

7. Lenny

The use of green and pink in this Avatar allows for those with a voice to be heard; the bold colors is more than enough to catch anyone's attention. An interesting fact is, reading a Vengeful Scroll will turn any pet into a pink Lenny... but what is the correlation? Why the Vengeful Scroll? Perhaps this Lenny has a motive behind his smile. *shivers*

6. Bori

Originating from the frigid peaks of Terror Mountain, Bori are generally timid and peaceful creatures. Rumor has it they have built many intricate tunnels and mines under Terror Mountain. I would use caution when traveling in this region. In addition to its striking artwork, this precious Avatar uses lighter tones and soft colors to show off the Bori's cute and cuddly side, landing it a spot on our list.

5. Hissi

Compared to some other Neopet species, little is actually known about the Hissi. They possess an acute vision and strong sense of smell making it easy for them to get away from enemies or enjoy a game of hide and seek with friends. Some notable Hissis include the evil Kastraliss and the Citadel's Layton Vickles. This avatar showcases the Hissi's determined and intimidating nature, which is a nice contrast from other cutesy avatars.

4. Cybunny

Cybunnies are one of the rarer species in Neopia. Being a limited edition Neopet, less than six-hundred thousand exist in Neopia today. One of the few Default avatars with a painted pet, the different shades of pink of the Plushie Cybunny featured in this avatar accentuates the cuteness of this species and allow users to show off their fun side. How could you resist those darling eyes?!

3. Shoyru

With those adorable big eyes and magnificent wings, it's not a surprise that Shoyrus are one of the most popular species in Neopia. They are splendid flyers who can be seen zooming through the skies every chance they get. This avatar not only embodies this love of flying but also display a user's fun-loving nature making this avatar worthy of being on our list. The bright blues match the sky on a clear or even cloudy day offering a variety of tastes to a user's font.

2. Krawk

With only a little over two thousand in existence, Krawks are the rarest species in Neopia. Krawks start their journey as a petpet but once they eat the magic fungus from the Fungus Cave, they become magnificent creatures. A warning to those who mess with Krawks... they have a very vicious bite. Krawks are extremely loyal but have a mischievous side, perfect for those user's with that personality. This avatar has a darker green background which makes the yellow Krawk pop and grabs the reader's attention.

1. Default

Possibly the most overlooked avatar and in our opinion, it doesn't get enough attention! It features the Neopets star logo that we all know and love and is, by default, the active avatar for each and every account that is made. We believe there's a reason it's the first that appears on everyone's avatar list. ;) For individuals who feel a little nostalgic and want to take a walk down memory lane, this would be the perfect avatar to choose.

Well, that's all, folks. :) We hope you enjoyed our listing of some of the top default avatars and hope you will consider all of your options when editing your font or avatar.

Please remember: All views expressed are opinions of the authors. If your favorite default avatar is not listed, please don't fret. This listing is just for fun!

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