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16 Wearables to Celebrate the 600th Issue of the Neopian Times

by star138


Whether you're already published or an aspiring journalist, it's important to look the part--especially if you want to help the Neopian Times celebrate its 600th issue in style!

These sixteen wearable accessories and trinkets will add a journalistic flair to any outfit and show everyone that your Neopet takes every newspaper assignment seriously. (Or that they like a fun 600th Issue Party as much as the next Neopet. Could go either way.)

1. AAA Host Shoes (Neopoint): I know what you're thinking. These aren't reporter shoes. They're boring brown shoes that look kind of like boots. But that's exactly why you need them! Being a reporter requires a lot of legwork to track down leads and interview sources. These sturdy shoes will go with any outfit and make sure your feet stay comfy from the start of your assignment right up to its publication.

2. Journalist Hat (Neocash, Retired): I'm not saying having a spiffy hat will make you a better Neopian Times reporter. But I'm also not saying it won't either. This hat even has some handy papers where you can write down your notes for story or comic ideas.

3. Jazzmosis Hat (Neopoint): If you aren't up to dealing with NC trading this hat is a nice (cheap) neopoint alternative to the Journalist Hat. Being grey, it's sure to match any outfit. An ideal choice to help you keep a low profile while you're tracking down that next lead.

4. Tour of Mystery Magnifying Glass (Neopoint): A big part of reporting is following clues and investigating scoops for new stories. This magnifying glass will help you track down sources and look into the details of any story whether you're interviewing King Hagan, writing an expose on the secret life of Weewoos, or scoping out the Mysterious Obelisk based on a hot tip from Hannah.

5. Spotted Print Glasses (Neocash, Buyable): Along with sturdy shoes and a nifty hat, glasses are a great accessory for any intrepid reporter. This trendy pair is sure to make you look trustworthy and smart--two key attributes for a successful reporter! Plus, at 50NC these glasses are well within your reach as a cheap Neocash accessory.

6. Evil Twin Goatee (Neopoint): Sometimes it's important for a reporter to be in disguise. I mean, if you're writing an expose about Dr. Sloth working with the Meepits, you don't want them to know about it before publication. Everyone knows evil twins never write for the Neopian Times, which makes this goatee the perfect disguise!

7. Fingerless Asparagus Gloves (Neopoint): Neopets loves asparagus. And every reporter needs fingerless gloves! These gloves are perfect for when you need to keep a grip on your pen while reporting in colder locales like Terror Mountain.

8. Artist Smock (Neopoint): Not all Neopian Times reporters write their stories. Some Neopian Times contributors draw comics. This smock will help keep you clean and organized with all of its pockets for your paintbrushes and other supplies.

9. Paint Splatter (Neopoint): If you don't want to wear a smock (or if you just want to look artistic) this paint splatter will show everyone that you're too busy being creative and making great art to worry about being neat.

10. Painters Supply Table (Neocash, Retired): Whether you are a painter or a writer, this table is a wonderful way to organize all of your supplies for creating Neopian Times articles or comics.

11. Piles of Books Foreground (Neopoint): Reporters concern themselves with five simple questions when writing an article: Who? What? When? Where? Why? Usually, answering those questions involves doing some research. And usually that research involves reading books. (And maybe leaving them sitting around in large piles so everyone can appreciate just how seriously you take your research.)

12. Lawyer Briefcase (Neopoint): Reporters and artists have to carry all sorts of papers from place to place. This briefcase is a great way to keep all of your important files safe. Also, it could be a great way to carry cookies or cake. Just saying.

13. Compass Bracelet (Neopoint): Whether you are following a hot lead in Moltara or sailing off to Krawk Island, it's really important for reporters to know where they are going and how to get there. This compass bracelet adds a little shine to any outfit while providing some practical navigation help.

14. The Way to Adventure Sign Post (Neopoint): Sometimes it's hard to figure out where to find a good story or comic idea. When in doubt it's a good idea to follow the sign that claims it points to adventure.

15. Pile of Confetti (Neopoint): Help the Neopian Times celebrate its 600th issue by throwing around lots of confetti. Everyone loves confetti! (Just don't stick around when the Yurble Janitor comes to clean it all up--unless you have a conciliatory Negg for him.)

16. Neopets 10th Birthday Celebration Cake (Neopoint): What better way to celebrate this latest milestone for the Neopian Times than with a giant cake? After all, everything--especially a 600th Issue Celebration--is better with cake.

Bonus Items every Neopian reporter or artist wishes they had:

Neopian Times Background (Neopoint): This is the pinnacle for backgrounds among Neopian Times reporters. It was also only given to Neopians who were published in the 500th issue of the Neopian Times so it is very pricey.

Neopian Times Writing Quill (Neopoint): It may not be as efficient as a pencil or a modern pen, but who wouldn't want this fancy quill to demonstrate their love for the Neopian Times? This quill was given to Neopians published in issues 450 and 550. While easier to find than the above background, this quill is still rather expensive. Not a wise choice for reporters who have a habit of losing their writing utensils.

I hope these sixteen wearable accessories and trinkets (and the two bonus items) will help you and your Neopet look the part of an intrepid Neopian Times reporter or artist. Now that your Neopet is ready to look like a reporter, all that's left is to celebrate Issue 600 with some confetti and cake. (And to write a great article or comic of your own, of course!)

Congratulations to the Neopian Times on 600 fabulous issues! Here's to 600 more!

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