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The Perks of Being a Lab Rat

by happytimewithmilk


Last year I started to lab one of my favorite pets, Evernone. I'm not sure if I started just for the stats or just for fun but either way, it happened. I care dearly for her but come on, life as a ghost Aisha can only go so far before you have to check out other things! To this day, she is still being zapped. Being a lab rat must feel pretty bad, I mean you're getting zapped by some mystical ray you don't know anything about! I mean what could happen? Could you turn into a Quiggle, change colour to rainbow? Lose all your good stats? Who knows! And while I was thinking about the negatives of being a lab rat, I also thought about the positives. This is where this article comes in!

Before we begin, let me tell you a little more about the secret laboratory ray (aka lab ray). Basically there are these pieces that you could find from a random event, or win from certain things. When all nine pieces are combined, you gain access to the lab ray, permanently. With that, you get one zap a day. If you have a NC Lab Ray Fortune Cookie, you could even get more! And yeah, I'm talking to you now Neopets that are reading this, you may be a little hesitant but when I am through, you'll be begging your owner to get the lab ray for you!

1. An interesting change of species

First off, you could be born as a rather interestedly lame species. Why exactly would you be born into such a thing? No idea but hey, none of us really get to pick how we start. Anyway, if you're born as say a Skeith, while I mean no offense to Skeiths they are rather well, round. Sure that's nice when you want to eat everything around, you'll have extra room to put it all. But if you want to wear that special new NC dress or some other fancy item, how exactly are you going to fit into it?! Yes I know, potions and transmogrification potions exist. (I think the first problem may be on whether or not you can actually remember how to spell transmogrification; could just be me though!) A lot of those great potions can be rather pricey. You pay for the lab ray once and never again! Also, I know dieting isn't really a favorite thing of Skeiths, trust me on that one.

Imagine when you have access to it though: So you're a Skeith but you don't really like that. Say you want to be really, anything else. The lab ray can do that for you! With one lucky zap, you could turn into the neopet species of your dreams, even limited edition species like Cybunnies or Lutaris!

2. Massive stat boosts over time

Secondly, you're new to the Battledome scene huh? Your owner is a little bit on the poor side so you can't exactly go off running to the Mystery Island training school or the Krawk Island Academy now, can you? No sorry, you can't. But the lab ray can help you out! Besides getting an interesting species change, you can also get stat changes from the lab ray. Sure sure, some can be bad and take away stats but if you're lucky, you can get some great ones! I'm talking multiple stat positives that would have cost thousands the neopoints that you may or may not have. I bet that'd help you out during the next war, am I right?

3. Nearly any colours you could want!

Thirdly, the colour changes you can get! Lab ray only colours like: Clay, Garlic, Ice, Robot, Sponge, or even the one and only MSP. Let me repeat, you can only get these colours from a zap! How cool is that? I'm sure your friends would be jealous when you are a Robot Bori while they are all yellow Kacheeks! Sorry to inform you though, there are a couple of colours that can not but gotten from the lab ray. These colours are : Baby, Pirate, Plushie, Quiguki, Royal, and Usuki. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on that front. Imagine yourself as any of these other cool colours though! Oh you've always wanted to be painted faerie or Maraquan but the paint brush was too expensive? A lucky zap and you could be flying through the skies or swimming through the sea! Oh, you've also wanted to be a grape Chia your whole life? That can happen too! (Just stay away from hungry Lupes if it does.)

4. An avatar for your owner

Yup, I'm talking to you now owner of this lovely little neopet! Did you know that there is an avatar for the lab ray? Well there is buddy. And you know you want it. I'm not going to exactly tell you how to get this said avatar but trust me, you need the lab ray to get it!

5. I guess it's not for everyone....

I guess I should get into how the lab could be bad for your pet, though. I mean, you probably want to hear both sides, right? The way I think it is, it really depends on the pet. Some are built for such an adventure of change. Some pets like to stay as they are forever and that's okay! If you are blessed at being an already beautiful neopet then you my friend, are a lucky one! So no lab ray for you, and I do not blame you. If I had a unconverted faerie pet, I wouldn't want her anywhere NEAR the lab ray! Not to say that unbeautiful pets aren't also oh so lovable though of course! I'm sure your mutant Gnorbu is a thrill at the Chocolate Ball, if he doesn't drool over everything.

So back to talking to you young neopet, are you convinced yet? I feel like your owner is already on the way to that! Honestly though, the lab ray is an exciting and wonderful adventure for neopets and their owners. It's a surprise present everyday for the rest of your neo life, after only spending neopoints on it once! It never goes away and your pet will thank you, if you're not thanking yourself for such a great investment first. Happy zapping, my friend!

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