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10 Ways to Support Your Faction

by chestnuttiger787


I should have joined the Sway.

I know a lot of you will be thinking that exact same thing, but it's much more bitter for me. I was locked in a difficult struggle to decide which faction I would join--the Sway or the Thieves' Guild. I should've gone with my gut, my first reaction, and joined the enigmatic Sway, but everybody gets their doubts sometimes and on another impulse I joined the Thieves. I knew that whichever faction I joined, I would ultimately regret not joining the other, but of course now I'm headdesking the day away.

And yet, as I soon came to realize, headdesking is a really unhelpful way to spend the day. We're all proud of our own faction, Sway or no Sway, aren't we? One measly little war can't possibly determine the fate of these six factions. They've been around for ages and this won't shake their overall awesomeness. And if you choose to continue to be a member of your faction, then you will surely end up being a valued and important member! So what are some ways you can be useful to your faction right now? And what's more, what are some ways you can cheer up your comrades? Read on to find out!

10. Boost the General Morale

Being defeated is definitely not fun. But there's no point in moping around, now is there? Be the person in your faction who has the brightest face and the best attitude, and watch what wonders it works. Commend everybody for their hard work and discuss all the amazing opportunities that await your faction in the future. Maybe you'll get a lot of dirty looks and some mocking remarks, but cling to the knowledge that in the end your bright optimism will be remembered fondly!

9. Listen to the Stories

After the war, some people would rather not discuss what they faced on the battlefield. But others have exactly the opposite feeling and could talk all day about their experiences--if only somebody would listen! You can be that listening ear (though you don't have to listen all day) and even form strong friendships. Who knows--you could even write a book about all the cool things you hear!

8. Join the Clean-Up Crew

It may not be glamorous, but wars are messy. Every faction is going to need lots of healers and plenty of people to mop up and clear out their base camps. And depending on your faction, there may be people needed to supply sugar, sort armour, or "collect" conveniently forgotten items from the battlefield. It's not always fun work, but it will help you bond with your fellow faction members, and you will ultimately be remembered for your hard work, even when the going got rough.

7. Raise Faction Pride

You joined your faction for a reason! Continue to celebrate those reasons even though you've lost. There are all sorts of ways to do this. Maybe if you're proud to be part of the Awakened, you can give them that cake they wanted--all five delicious, sugary, gooey layers of it, complete with decorations! This cake is no lie. Or, if you're a member of the Thieves' Guild, make a collage of miscellaneous stolen socks, papers, and other random items, and use it to look back on the good times while drinking another cup of that stolen Sway cocoa. The options are endless!

6. Do What They Say

One of the simplest ways to help out right now is by doing precisely what your faction leader instructs you to do. Want a job to do? Ask for one! Want to utilize your talents, whether they're writing, giving inspiring speeches, or inventing new items? Tell your leader and they'll set you on a task. Getting to know your leader is important too, and letting them know you're ready to work hard for a long time always leaves a good impression.

5. Collect and Record Information

Your faction probably likes to have good records of important events like this war. Help them out by recording whatever you can! Multiple perspectives and lots of data on various events are important. Tell about everything from the mysterious arrival of the Obelisk to the surprise attack at the end of the fighting to the appearance of the Oracle! Your writing could go down in history books--you never know.

4. Keep Doing Your Thing

Sitting about moping around the Obelisk isn't going to help anybody--get everybody to work doing what they love! If you're part of the Order, get some spell practicing going, or invent a new potion. If you're a Seeker, try a new experiment, or document Tyrannia's diverse plant life. There's plenty to do and no time to waste!

3. Prizes Galore

There's still plenty to celebrate--how about the arrival of all those spectacular prizes? These are no consolation prizes; they're state-of-the-art, quality items to be treasured forever! Admire the fine craftsmanship on your new wearables or appreciate the witty description on those faboo keyrings. Every faction is well-represented and the wait was well worth it.

2. Explore Tyrannia

Nothing is more destructive than a bored faction full of members who have been waiting for a long time. But instead of letting this destructiveness develop, occupy your time! Do you see your beautiful, lush, and scenic surroundings? This, my friends, is Tyrannia, arguably one of the most beautiful--and most under-appreciated--lands in Neopia, and there is a lot to do. Don't speak Ugg-ga? Don't worry a bit! By now the citizens of this land have grown used to tourists and foreigners, and most of them can speak Neopian as well as their native tongue. Get out there, make friends, and have fun--what's the sense in coming all the way to Tyrannia and not seeing or doing anything?

1. Set your Sights Onward

Face the future! Move onward to the brightness that's ahead of you and put this loss behind you. Your faction has much to do and there's no sense in wasting time. Plan for all the wonderful things you'll do after the war, and keep moving forward, no matter what!

Whether you're a Brute or a Seeker, a member of the Order or the Awakened, or one of the lucky thieves in the Thieves' Guild, you can use these tactics to help out your faction. Continue to do so in any other way you can think of, and be proud to be a member of your faction!

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