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Advanced High Score Guide for Crisis Courier

by heqiqi



Hi, everyone. My purpose for writing this guide is to help those who want to achieve the high score on the game Crisis Courier. Whether if it's for a shiny gold trophy or for a sense of achievement, this guide will give you some helpful tips that will bring your game to the next level. Since this is not an introductory guide, the reader should already understand the basics of the game.

Points system:

1. Gold Goodie Bag: Can be collected by Fire, Ice, and Mutant Yooyu, and are worth 5 points. They are worth 20 points when collected in Faerie form.

2. Red Goodie Bag: They are worth 10 points and can ONLY be collected by Fire form or Faerie form, collecting these in Ice form or Mutant form will lose a life.

3. Blue Goodie Bag: They are worth 10 points and can ONLY be collected by Ice form or Faerie form, collecting these in Fire form or Mutant form will lose a life.

4. Red Minitheus/Flying Red Minitheus: These are worth 10 points and can only be attacked by Fire or Mutant form.

5. Blue Minitheus/Flying Blue Minitheus: These are worth 10 points and can only be attacked by Ice or Mutant form.

6. Level Bonus: Each stage you complete will yield bonus points. Stage 1 yields 100 bonus points, Stage 2 yields 200 bonus points, Stage 3 yield 300 bonus points, and so on.


The core strategy is to maximize your points in each stage without losing a life, and doing so requires some practice. You begin with three lives and each time you lose a life before getting far into the game will lessen your chances of getting a high score. My personal recommendation is to at least start Stage 6 without losing a life. The stages get faster as you progress into the game. For example, Stage 1 is the slowest stage and you should take your time to get every possible point.

Stage by Stage Guide:

Stage 1: This is the easiest and slowest stage in the game. You should take your time learning to max out this stage because the highest score you can obtain in this level is 490. This should be your benchmark in every attempt.

Stage 2: This stage introduces the Faerie and Mutant Yooyus into the game. This stage also has a small trap in which getting a Wing Fruit near the end can cost you some points because it causes you to miss out on two sets of Minitheus.

Stage 3: Stage 3 introduces the concept of clusters of Goodie Bags. In this stage, there are multiple clusters of Goodie Bags in which you have to be very quick in order to get all of them due to the stage moving fast. There is a point in the game in which there is a decision to be made: whether to either pick up a Wing Fruit and take a cluster of Goodie Bags in Faerie form or simply remain a regular Yooyu and knock out the Minitheus and take the Goodie Bags. I've tried both methods and the second option is the one that yields more points. Combining all three beginning stages can achieve a high score of above 5000. Usually, 4800 is a good benchmark to go for if you want to get the high score.

Stage 4: Stage 4 is the where you can truly maximize your chances of getting a high score because of the many opportunities in which you can take clusters of Goodie Bags in Faerie form. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT stage of the game. The choices you make in this stage can determine whether you make 3000 or 4000 points in this stage. It is important to know that you should get every Wing Fruit presented in this stage and collect all the Goodie Bags you can in Faerie Form. Additionally, the Fig should also be collected in order to knock out all of the red and blue Minitheus combinations. A good score to have by the end of Stage 4 is over 8000.

Stage 5: Stage 5 still contains the elements of the previous stages except it has fewer points to give out compared to Stage 4. Stage 5 tests your ability to alternate between Fire and Ice forms quickly. Many times during the stage, sets of red and blue Minitheus will show up and if you don't change forms fast enough, you will lose a life. The stage here is fast, and the priority here is to not lose a life while trying to score as much as possible. After Stage 5 is completed, your score should be a little bit over 10,000 or more.

Stage 6: Stage 6 is where getting points is no longer the highest priority. From Stage 6 onwards, your main goal is to not lose a life while progressing through the stage. Stage 6 is very tricky because it presents "traps" that can cost you a life. In the beginning of the stage, multiple Wing Fruits are available to be picked up, but they are of no use to you and will cost you to lose a life. In addition to all of the elements in the previous stages, a new trap is presented. These traps are caverns filled with Goodie Bags that leads to a brick wall and you will be forced to lose a life. Depending on how you fare in the previous stages, it is possible to have a score between 11,000 to 15,000 after the end of Stage 6.

Stage 7: This is the most difficult stage in the game. I say this because there are multiple caverns that lead causes you to lose a life if you do not pick the right route to go into. It is extremely easy to lose all three lives in this stage because of its tricky paths and traps. If you do get to Stage 7, spend some time mapping out the level in order to learn which paths are not traps. It took me a lot of attempts in order to get familiar with this stage. After you complete Stage 7, a 16000 score should get you a bronze trophy in Crisis Courier. Anything higher is a plus. Stage 7 also introduces a new element that I call "dodging." The stage forces you to go into Faerie form and you must navigate through a large number of flying Minitheus in order to not lose a life.

Stage 8: Believe it or not, Stage 8 is actually easier than Stage 7 because there are no traps. It is quite straightforward but there is a lot of dodging involved. After you get past Stage 8, it is safe to assume you have beaten the high score. Most players don't get this far, and if you did, congrats!

Stage 9: This is the last stage of the game. Again, it is straightforward with no traps and has a lot of dodging involved.


Crisis Courier is a fun game. It took me about 6 hours to get familiarized with all the stages but it was worth it because I reached a score of 18,690 and received a gold trophy. With some practice, a score of 20,000 will almost guarantee a gold trophy. Good luck, you trophy collectors!

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