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Not Pretty to Look At?

by lupeyloonylupin


It's come to my attention that some species of neopets are not as popular as others. While in a way it makes sense, people also seem to think the less popular pets are... ugly?! No way! For that reason I am going to point out the most appealing, and even cute, features of some rather unpopular pets.

First, the Buzz!

Buzzes have large, shiny eyes (SUPER Cute!), and slender, elegant, limbs. Their tails are club-like, with two cute little hairs on the end! This gorgeous insect-like Neopian has their look tied together by a beautiful set of dragonfly wings. Put these features altogether, Buzzes are an elegant but tough looking pet!

The Elephante is next!

Elephantes are big, strong looking pets, with a very gentle look. Their small wings make this species have a 'gentle giant' look. They have a poofy little tail, that really completes their already cute look! Besides, who doesn't love an elephant?

Flotsam are diving in!

Flotsam are sleek, and dolphin like. Need I say more? Their friendly eyes make them look approachable.

Stomping in, here comes the mighty Grarrl!

Grarrls have big, friendly smiles, full of sharp pointy... er... I mean... pearly white teeth! Their species is made popular only by the winged Darigan and Faerie, but this is an injustice. All Grarrls have great feet for stompin' and a thick tail to die for! If ever a terrifying beast could be adorable you'd have a Grarrl.

Taking over from here, it's the Grundos!

I can see why Sloth wants to enslave this race... they're simply out of this world. *Cough*

Grundos have stumpy limbs, and big sparkling eyes. Even if their antennae look like ears growing out of another pair of ears, these round little fellows are charming.

Grinning wide, it's the Jetsam!

Jetsam always look ready to tumble, but to me, they look like they're ready to cuddle! Jetsam are not as sleek looking as the flotsam, but they have a powerful look to them! Their snarky (Or... sharky?) grins make them seem like the Grarrl... tough, but playful. One thing is for sure, if you want a tough looking aquatic pet, you want a Jetsam.

JubJubs have waddled in!

They're... well... they're little hairballs. With feet. And big, soulful eyes like a lost puppy. They may not be easy to dress up, but if you need a soccer ball... (Joking!)

Quit grazing, Kaus, it's your turn!

Kaus are... cow-like! Even though Kaus sport long horns, they have a peaceful look, as any cow would. A tuft of fur on top their head makes them almost seem childlike. Though, taking another look at those horns... I would want to make a Kau angry!

Here from the lake, they're Kikos!

Kikos, are round and ball-like. Their eyes, are also round. And while many don't like them, personally I find them rather delightful. Kikos have a simpler look to them then most species, that makes them all the more exciting. And with those sweet smiles, they're probably a lot more trustworthy then a Hissi.

Swimming around, time for Koi!

Koi have very shiny fins. Very shiny. They look... well, like a fish! When I look at a Koi, I think of a Beta fish. Beautiful, graceful, and probably a bit dangerous. (No?Just me?)

Night has fallen, here comes the Korbat!

Korbats have large ears and round little faces. Unlike plain old bats, Korbats have loooong tails! They also have tiny pointed fangs and beady little eyes... amazingly wonderful! A Korbat is just the kind of pet I'd want with me in the nighttime. With that kind of hearing, nothing could sneak up on us.

Kyrii... wait, what?

Kyrii aren't THAT unpopular. But I've noticed a lot of people think they look... sort of mean? Mostly because of their swept back hair. Well. Xweetoks have the same kind of hairstyle as Kyrii. It's just shorter and nowhere near as fabulous. (No, I'm not biased, what?). The narrow eyes of the Kyrii are not cruel and calculating... they are playful and mischievous! Kyrii are nearly weasel like in appearance, making this one misunderstood species.

Fly down here, Lennies, you're up!

Lennies are really quite unappreciated. Not only are they intelligent, they're also VERY pretty! Most will think of the rainbow, faerie, and pink Lennies as pretty, but it's the species as a whole, really! They're gangly appearance is really quite endearing. Their tail feathers lend a certain quality of being cute, and their wings? Oh their wings! Talk about high flying fashion!

Meercas, it's your time to shine!

Round little chipmunks! Meerca have looong tails that look perfect for napping under! Their bucktooth look only adds to the woodland cuteness this species clearly favors. Meerca are a great species for those who like cute, cuddly pets, with just a hint of being a prankster.

Moehogs, CHAAARGE!

Moehogs are boar-like pets with big tusks. Despite this, they have a friendly look to them! Don't you just want to stroke those floppy ears? Their round snout and short legs, really make them stand out from the other hoofed pets.

Swingin' by, it's the Mynci!

Oh who am I kidding, of course all the kids love Myncies! After all, who doesn't love a monkey?

Leaping Nimmos!

Nimmos are a peaceful looking pet. Like Quiggles, they seem to have a frog-like quality, though Nimmos have more elegance.

Don't forget about Ogrins!

Ogrins look like Okapi! Not sold yet? Ogrins have large paws, dark stripes, and large eyes! This may not sound impressive, but when you take it all in, maybe you'll realize just how impressively cute Ogrins are!

Don't squish the Ruki!

Ruki, like Buzz, are very bug-like. Unlike the buzz, however, Ruki have pupils, and a shell over their wings, like a beetle. Although they may be major pests, ants are very cute, and Rukis seem to take after those malevolent insects. (Without the whole, invading your house thing.) Rukis also look very sturdy, compared to most pets, with their natural armored look.

How can it be?! Scorchios are next?

I am mortified to think Scorchios aren't as popular as Draiks. Scorchios, unlike the scrawny Draiks, have thick limbs and awesome spikes. Known to be fire breathers, these Neopians seem to draw more inspiration from the traditional, princess kidnapping, castle destroying, knight fighting dragons! Despite their brutish body, however, Scorchios have a very kind face, making them come off less as monsters, and more like a friendly dragon!

Skeiths, stop stuffing your faces and... just get over here.

Skeiths aren't just unpopular with most Neopians, they have a bad rep. How many tales have you heard, where a Skeith gobbled up someone's precious items? Well, these big fellows aren't all bad, just look at Kind Hagan! Most think of Skeiths as one of the draconic neopets, but looking at them, they seem more like gargoyles don't they? If you need a pet to keep the bullies at bay, a Skeith could be just the pet you are looking for!

After training hard, here's the Techo!

Techos have long, tapering toes, and squiggly wriggly tails! Those narrow heads and yellow eyes give this pet the perfect lizard-like look! And who can forget the game, Techo says? And who hasn't entrusted their pet's training to the wise old Techo Master?

Ground shaking Tonus are here!

Who hasn't dreamed of busting down the door of their school, while riding on the back of a rhinoceros? Well now you can have all the stampeding goodness, with the added bonus of a beautiful mane! Tonus are sure to please anyone.

Tuska-nininininnies... Tuska-nininies... Tuska- oh forget it.

Tuskaninnies may have a long name that can be funny to say, but there is nothing funny about... no, wait, they ARE kind of funny. These seal-like neopets almost look like clowns! ...Isn't that the Chias job? Even if they're funny looking, Tuskaninies have all the playful wonder of a real seal!

Last, but not least, the Yurble!

A badger? A bear? A hedgehog? A very hairy guy? With Yurbles, the possibilities are endless! They're fluffy and cuddly looking, making it hard to understand why they might not be as popular as something as un-fuzz-tastic as the Kougra. If one was going to cuddle up to any Neopet, it may as well be a Yurble.

In conclusion, all pets have some adorable feature to bring to the table. So while some of these pets may not be as popular as a Kacheek, it's not because they are 'ugly'.

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