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Customizing with Spring

by cheriipie


With spring already upon us, it's time to smell the flowers, run through the fragrant meadows, listen to the bees buzzing and birds chirping, but also more importantly start customizing your pets for the season. It's not properly spring without beautiful spring attire! Whether it be for a beautiful lady, or a handsome gentlemen, it is never okay to be without lovely new clothes for spring, the season of fresh starts and new things. If you're wondering on what to get in order to put your pet into a spring mood, this list compiles the top ten available spring customization items for all neopets for both neopoints and neocash.


The items here are also all neopoints bought, and available to wear on most pets, so every pet is able to look wonderful this spring.

10. Cybunny Ears with a Spring Bow

The spring holiday of Easter is one of the major events of the season, and now your pet can celebrate it as well. This fantastic ear and bow set shows a dedication to the season of spring, as well as celebrates the beauty that comes with it. As the pink polka dots on the bow matches the inner pink the ears, this combination shows that you pay attention to detail, and is sure to endear your pet to everyone they meet.

9. Flowery Pink Parasol

For all those beautiful ladies out there who want to take a relaxing stroll outside, but don't want to get beat on by the radiant spring sunshine, this parasol is a must have. This particular shade of pink exudes femininity, with those small flowers edging the bottom as well as the little twirl at the end of the handle that are just subtle enough to lend this parasol and the lady carrying it some class.

8. Spring Courtyard Background

Nothing says spring than a leisurely stroll through the park. Set against a beautiful fountain, and woodland background, no matter what else you add on your pet, it is sure to have that wonderful spring feel. The sky is nice and blue with only a few fluffy clouds in the sky, indicating perfect spring weather!

7. Spring Path Background

Perhaps if fountains and woodland areas are not your style, consider the Spring Path Background. With the lovely cherry blossom trees in bloom, only found during spring, your pet will be lighted up by those gentle sun beams drifting through the branches. With vibrant pink and green in slightly pastel shades, this background captures the feeling of spring.

6. Pretty Flower Mask

A mask that is sure to draw attention anywhere. The delicate pattern on the green mask is charming and resembles a leaf pattern. The little flowers on the edge of the mask as well as the petal-like pattern around the eye holes help bring out your pets eyes and emphasize the season of spring at the same time!

5. Spring Negg Wig

This cute bob, curving right under your pet's chin and done in the colors of pastel pink and green, is perfect for the season of spring. Short, so your pet doesn't get too hot, but fun and bouncy at the same time, it is the perfect final touch for any spring outfit. The adorable jewels on the side are also reminiscent of Easter eggs, a hats off to spring's famous holiday.

4. Pink Flower Garland

Supported by dark brown branches on the side, this thick layer of bush, speckled adorably with pink flowers is spring personified. This greenery perfectly matches the fresh atmosphere of this season. With heavy layers of foliage providing cover for your pet, they will comfortably be able to enjoy spring weather.

3. Island Leaves and Flowers Foreground

Who says spring has to be all about pastels and Easter? This stand out foreground is a must have for any pet that would like a tropical spring. Spring is the time of growing and blooming, and that is no different for tropical flowers. These detailed, beautiful pink flowers are sure to compliment any outfit that your pet has on and lend them a more exotic flavor to their outfit while still being true to spring.

2. Bench with Flowers

This bench is a relaxing place for your pet to settle down and just enjoy the sights and sounds of spring. Surrounded by thick bushes dotted with multicolored flowers, this bench also boasts a soft feeling with its curved legs, armrests and back. A must have for any spring customization; you can just imagine that bench in the middle of a beautiful park.

1. Flower Petal Foreground

Beautiful, lush tulips in every beautiful pastel color there is, surrounds your pet as they bask in the glory that is spring. Spring, a wonderful season full of hope, wonder, and new beginnings, is spring personified. The gently shading on these flowers and the pairing of them with gentle, curling greenery is perfect for a spring customization.


10. Sunflower Dress

One of the iconic symbols of spring, the sunflower, is now available in dress form! Glory in the beautiful golden tones of this magnificent, big flower. With just a touch of green to top off this dress, it is clean cut, sophisticated, but still very fitting for spring.

9. Spring Flower Balloon Bouquet

To celebrate the whimsicalness of spring, this balloon bouquet is better than a real bouquet, because your pet will be able to carry it all spring long without it wilting. The wonderfully girly colors on this bouquet are sure to delight all female pets, and compliment any spring customization due to its cute, pastel colors.

8. Delicate Flower Tattoo

Subtle, yet very beautiful, this tattoo will be found on your pet's upper arm, and is a wonderful addition to any spring outfit. It quietly compliments other items on your customization, while still being present but not taking away any attention from anything else. One of the cheapest items on the list, and definitely worth it to have a complete spring ensemble.

7. Pretty Flower Light

Maintaining an air of regality, this light is perfect for princesses or princes that are looking to add a touch of spring to their outfit but still maintain their noble looks. Flickering with candlelight, it also lends a warm feeling to any outfit that it is complimented with.

6. Spring Nest Garland

A reminder of another part of spring, the beginning of new life, is this wonderful garland that features a nest of unhatched eggs. The leaves gently flutter in the breeze, while your pet is framed by two thin tree trunks; this is the perfect item for a pet that is looking to get more in touch with nature this spring.

5. Spring Flower Head Wreath

We cannot go through this spring list without the classic flower wreath on the list. Made by braiding chains of sparkling flowers together, this wreath will crown anyone wearing it with the most classically majestic spring outfit.

4. Floral Spring Dress

With vibrant splashes of colorful flowers on a subdued white dress, this is dress is perfect for any pet that wishes to partake in the colors of spring, but does not wish to be overly colorful. Paired with a beautiful orange flower decorated belt, this fun dress is sure to keep the wearer comfortable and in the spring mood.

3. Colourful Spring Petpet Garland

A wonderful garland with cutouts of some of your favorite petpets in pastel colors is a great addition to any closet hoping for a spring look. The nice, yet subdued colors of the flowers decorating the garland are sure to draw attention to the adorable petpets hanging from it.

2. Flowering Winter Branch Wings

Celebrating the transition from winter to the beautiful blossoming of spring, these pairs of wings not only help your pet look majestic, but are a soft white and pink color that is easy to match with almost anything. They will definitely make your pet stand out in a crowd!

1. Nostalgic Spring Picnic Background

Spring is the perfect time for a picnic, and nothing says better a perfect spring picnic than this background. With a soft looking blanket thrown under a exquisite tree, and picnic baskets lying by you, this is the ideal setting for a relaxing way to spend the spring.

There you have it, your top ten, neopoint buyable, and top ten, neocash bought, spring customization items. These are the items that are sure to never fail you if you're looking for a wonderful spring item to add to your closet and pet's customization. Never have your pet be unprepared for spring again by mix and matching these different items in order to come up with a wonderful customization that is all yours.

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