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Inexpensive Wearables for the Everyday Neopian

by crymetothemoon


In these days, the Neopian economy can fluctuate and take a turn for the worse several times over. As owners, we have to provide the best, well, "everything", for our beloved neopets (however demanding they are at times). "I want the latest and trendiest clothes on the Neopian market"? Give me a break! I am not ashamed to say that I am a pinchpenny, excuse me, pinchneopoint type of owner. How can one balance say, buying luxurious items for your next gallery theme AND giving your neopets something other than a potato sack to wear? Honestly, balancing anything seems like a ludicrous idea but it is a possible endeavor. Through some light research I have come across fashionable and inexpensive wearables that are sure to keep your pets satisfied before they start shouting off their list of demands, such as shelter and food. I have taken in consideration the price, complexity, and "wearability" of the following items. That is to say, all neopets are able to wear it and look moderately good in it, and you get your neopoint's worth in value. Now, less telling and more showing!

Fancy Kitchen Background (approx. 15,000 neopoints)

This quaint little domestic scene is perfect for any neopet who shares a love for cuisine, whether it's cooking or eating it. Its appeal lies in its converging planes. The foreground is incredibly inviting, with a tea-time set and a jar of Kookith-shaped cookies. It almost makes you say, "Hey! I can grab out and reach this!" but you can't, and there lies the magic of this background. The far background seems to lead into a hallway, perhaps another room in this humble little home. The price is also not bad at all for such lovely scenery that your neopet is sure to appreciate.

Black Eye Makeup (Oww, A Rock Hit Me!) (approx. 4,000 neopoints)

Makeup items that are universally applicable to any neopet are hard to come by. "There are plenty in the NC Mall," you say? Believe me, I have enough to worry about and I'm not about to let my neopets bring about my financial downfall. This is where this little beauty comes in. The Black Eye Makeup will make your neopet look tougher without them ever having to actually have done anything. They'll have all their friends tricked that their latest battledome fight was a tough one, when in fact all they did was apply a little Black Eye Makeup on (and win against the Chia Clown on EASY, c'mon). If your neopet doesn't like this one, maybe you can give them a *REAL black eye!

*I do not, in any way, shape, or form, condone eye-punching.

Shirasaya Sword (approx. 2,000 neopoints)

If your neopet is skilled in the ways of the sword, or wants to be, then this is the perfect fit for them. The Shirasaya sword may not prove as handy to Neopets that cannot hold items and stand at the same time, or who do not have any hands to begin with. Despite this, the Shirasaya sword will still be a flexible addition to your wearables closet. Its beauty is found in its sleek edges and wooden scabbard. This wearable is far from being a clunky mess and takes advantage of its elegant shape.

Circular Doorway Foreground (approx. 15,000 neopoints)

This is probably one of my favourite foregrounds out there. Not only is it inexpensive, it has a unique way of framing your pet. The circular shape is perfect for adding emphasis to your neopet and the subtle use of plants gives it a sense of depth. This doorway can go great with any background that has a setting outside and gives the impression of being the entrance to a home or garden. This will certainly be a quaint little addition to your neopet's clothing ensemble.

Spring Negg Wig (approx. 10,000)

Wigs can be a little bit hard to choose, mainly because every neopet has a distinct head shape. Some wigs can look extremely well on some but unflattering on others (I'm looking at you, Quiggles). However, this cheap little find is sure to please most pets with an appropriate head shape. The green and pink colours mix nicely and the ornament it includes is not obtrusive or distracting. Its practical cut is the reason it is so fitting on most neopets, cutting off right around the ears and conforming to a neopet's head shape. With spring rolling around, this would be an appropriate addition for any neopet who's looking to show off a full head of hair (I'm looking at you, Quiggles).

Respirator Work Mask (approx. 15,000)

Breathing has always been a strenuous task, but not anymore! This respirator mask is a smart choice when having to pick what to put on your neopet's face. It gives your neopet that look of fatigue, but the good kind, the kind you have after working a long and hard day at whatever it is you do. The mask also proposes a backstory for your neopet. Why are they wearing this mask? Trouble breathing? Back from a long day at "work"? Ugliness? Either way, this mask is sure to get your neopet more attention when walking about.

Sugar Cookie Wings (approx. 20,000)

I usually don't endorse wearables that are also edible. That's a dangerous combination, since you don't want to be throwing away your precious neopoints on clothing that's going to get eaten. However, these cute little wings are sure to be loved by your neopet long enough and lengthen its lifetime at the same time. I also wouldn't recommend flying with these, since they'll probably break away and cause a nasty fall. Their primary purpose is to be shown off and to make your neopet look better than it presumably already is. Just make sure nobody eats it, I can't stress this part enough.

Well, folks, after glazing through some notably cheap wearables, you should now have ideas rumbling in your head as to what to customize your neopet with next. Here are some tips on finding other affordable wearables: Is it easy to find on the shop wizard? Does it look good on my pet? Will it make them stop yelling at me to "feed" them?

Good luck on your fashion endeavors!

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