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To Be Caught Off Guard

by paranoidnarcissist


Ssyndur slithered forward, moving behind a rock so that he would go undetected, the black cloak that Envhy let him borrow settling over his scales, which gave him the added benefit of keeping his stars from glowing throughout the darkness.

      That Tonu was there again, the spear clenched tightly in his grasp as if any moment an attack would happen upon Moltara. For a moment, Ssyndur actually wished that that would happen, that an attack would happen just so he could slide within the Magma Pool and take a quick dip. Being cold blooded was a hard thing to contend with during the winter and every day, as Envhy and Vychous went with Mother to the Advert Calendar, Ssyndur would sneak off to Moltara in the hopes of taking that quick plunge that he so badly dreamed about.

      Six months, he had been coming to the Moltara Caves for the last six months, hoping just once that he would be able to catch that dreaded Tonu sleeping so he could sneak past him. And yet, today, just like every other day, he wasn't able to obtain that goal.

      Slumping against the rock, he let out a little hissy breath and fluttered his wing like arms. How many more hours would he be able to dedicate to the Magma Pool, how many hours of game play, battling, and shopping would he have to give up just so he could get his dream? As he sat there pouting, a small black worm inched towards him, looking at him with those big round black eyes the creatures typically sported. Lifting it, he placed the worm on his scales, a sigh leaving him.

      "It isn't fair, to be forever waiting and looking for something that you want so bad, only to have it taken away with one single person standing guard. I want to swim in the Magma Pool... I like the thought that I could be warm, all the time, without having to go sit on a rock somewhere. Vychous gets to take warm baths all the time, and it's good for his tough skin. Envy is furry, so he gets to be warm all the time... Me... Well, my scales don't work all that well and I'm always cold. Mom tries to help, getting me blankets, a heater, but it's not enough... "

      The worm chirped as it continued to look up at Ssyndur before moving down the tail end of his scales and inch across the ground. The worm paused, looking back towards Ssyndur before chirping again. "You want me to go with you?" The worm chirped a third time and Ssyndur shifted, a look of confusion moving over his face. Should he be doing this? He didn't know much history of the worms, but maybe this was a chance that the Faeries were giving him.

      Following after the worm, he looked back for a moment towards the Magma Pool and the Tonu standing guard still. The worm led him towards a series of dark caves and Ssyndur paused a moment. "I can't go in there.... It's too dark." As the worm paused, it let out a series of chirps, some longer than others, before there were suddenly responding chirps and a glow started in their direction. Backing up against the cave's wall, Ssyndur's eyes locked on the glow that was coming ever closer though as it rounded a corner, his whole body relaxed.

      There was a large number of worms, various colors, chirping loudly, and all looking at him as if he was some god-like creature. Swallowing hard, Ssyndur looked down at the first black worm at near his tail and he could have sworn that the little worm was smiling. "I can see now, thank you," he muttered to the little worm and it gave a little chirp which was echoed by the large group that filled the cave with a comforting glow.

      Taking his cue from the little black worm, who was now inching its way deeper into the cave, Ssyndur took a moment to look over the designs that seemed to be burned into the cave walls. It looked like the work that could be done inside the temples at the Lost Desert, but these were complex in a way. The ones in the Lost Desert were easy to decipher, easy to read; but these pictures, these markings, you would have to know a lot about Moltara's history to get into the burnt carvings.

      Tracing his wing along one of the markings, Ssyndur turned his head to look at the other wall, only to trip over the group of worms that had stopped. Instead of falling upon them, he twisted so that the hard rocks of the wall caught him and he looked about once again with confusion melting over his features that had been awestruck with the caves. "Wh..."

      The black worm came forward, chirping as if it was having a conversation with Ssyndur, who just looked at him completely lost. The worm seemed to get frustrated for a moment and huffed over towards the group of worms that lit up what Ssyndur could see was a small room. The group parted until the center and there, curled up in a ball like form, rested a small Melton. The petpet looked as if it was asleep and Ssyndur pushed away from the wall to inch closer.

      The petpet must have sensed the larger Neopet and woke with a small jerk of its body, looking between the worms and Ssyndur. "I won't hurt you..." he whispered gently, holding out one winged arm. The creature continued to look between the worm and the offered arm before slowly moving over towards him. The worm chirped, drawing Ssyndur's attention and as soon as the Hissi turned to look at the creature, the worm twisted his body about, pointing at Ssyndur then the Melton before wrapping his tail around himself and shivering.

      Ssyndur looked down at the little Melton and then at the worm before slowly speaking. "You're giving me the Melton to keep me warm when I'm cold?" The worm chirped, which caused the others in the room to chirp as well. The Hissi smiled and looked down at the Melton before hugging him. "Thank you," he whispered to the worm, happy for the turn of events since he had gone to the Magma pool to be warmed up and got a gift that would keep his heart warm forever.

      The worms led him and the little Melton, who was now swirling around Ssyndur out of the cave. The Melton had appeared in rough shape, being abandoned by another pet when the worms had taken it in. Apparently the black worm had seen something within Ssyndur and figured that he would make a great owner for the little petpet. He was thankful, since the actual meaning behind it was sweet and taking to one another meant that Ssyndur and the Melton would both have a purpose with one another, a purpose of keeping one another warm and safe.

      As they left Moltara to catch up with Vychous and Envhy over at the healing springs, Ssyndur had a smile on his face for the first time in days, one that would stay plastered on his face. Though he still had the goal for him and his Melton to swim within the Magma Pool together.

The End

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