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What About Trophies... For My Pet!?

by x_mystichorse_x


But I want more trophies!

* * *

Why, hello, kind Neopian! If you hadn't already noticed, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of guides on how to get site trophies.

In a nutshell, you can get many different site trophies through your achievements in games, art, poetry, story telling or showing off some of your skills with HTML or your Neohome ;). (Hopefully, I haven't inspired you enough for you to leave my moment of glory!)

But, eventually you'll have enough trophies, (enough for people to have to scroll for a few seconds to get to the bottom of your page) and you'll start to realize how full and colourful your user lookup is. (Don't worry, the effect varies from person to person but usually we like it when our trophies are "spread out", hence the reason to this guide).

You'll then go check out the layouts on your pet's lookup and you'll realize how... THERE ARE NO TROPHIES. Well, good golly, how'd that happen?

You'd believe that with all your determination and motivation your beautiful prize pets would at least have something shiny on their lookup, right?

Well... yes and no, you have to work for that too.

This is why I created this nifty guide! To help you color up in gold that pet lookup of yours.

I'll start by introducing the different contests that you can take part in to actually get trophies and then I'll describe what it consists of.

First of all, the Customisation Spotlight, second, Beauty Contest, third, Petpet Spotlight, fourth, The Neopian Book Award (combined with Booktastic Book Award), fifth, Pet Spotlight, sixth, Gourmet Club, seventh, PPL.

Now, what is the Customisation Spotlight?

This contest is more for Neopians who like to dress up their Neopets rather than create/invent a story, drawing, etc.

This contest consists of dressing up your pet in the niftiest way you can, and then enter it. It's divided in the NC category (for NC mall items) and the neopoints' category.

From then on, Neopians vote for their favourites, you can also check the different categories (of the different pets) and perhaps just get inspired off a few looks, mix them together and you might get a winning combination!

Beauty Contest

This contest is for people who have time on their hands, and motivation. To enter the contest is quite simple; draw the Neopet you're entering in an attractive and creative way. (You can enter all four if you like but start with one; you'll see it's pretty hard). Then, if your entry is accepted, you'll have one week (Friday to Friday) to get people to vote for your entry. You can win overall species division or overall... overall, as in, all species. (Pretty trophies everywhere *_*).

Petpet Spotlight

Here, it's your pets' pet that can award you a trophy. Similar to the Beauty Contest, you need an image and a description of your pet. (Well, ok, if possible provide an image but it's ALWAYS better to have one! Hehe). Story writers and poets will like this because you can let yourself go and create a story or poem about your Petpet, be captivating! ☺

Neopian Book Award / Booktastic Book Award

I put the two in the same category but they don't really have anything to do with one another.

The Neopian Book Award can be obtained by reading books from all over Neopia to your pet. Sounds easy right? Well, yes, sort of, but to get the trophy you must read, a lot, A LOT, of the books that are out there so get going... now!

The Booktastic Book Award is the same concept with the NBA but it's with the Booktastic books only, and those get quite expensive. If you have the time and money, then go ahead, you could win 2 trophies!

Pet Spotlight

Almost the exact thing as the Petpet spotlight, this contest consists on showing off your pets' ☺. Really go on about it! Be super creative and let us know how your pet loves to play games and play with his/her sisters and brothers. The more interesting it is, the better the chances for you to win! Plus, you'll be featured for the week if you're chosen ☺. Here again, the image submission is optional but it's best for you if you submit something! (Looks fancier as well).

Gourmet Club

Once again, time and money. This contest consists of eating foods with a rarity of 90-100. (Well, you don't eat it, your pet does!) This can become quite the task, because there is a huge list of gourmet foods out there. However, the top 17 get a trophy! (Hang in there!) 1-3 get the gold, 4-8 silver, 9-17 bronze. Get on to eating caviar and Chomby tar-tar! Hehe.

Finally, PPL.

This is pretty much the only contest you can win without participating in it.

PPL stands for Petpet Protection League. In short, each week a petpet is selected at random. The way you can win this is by having a petpet attached to your pet for a very long time. If the petpet that is chosen at random that week is your old petpet (for example) then you could win a gold, silver or bronze trophy depending on the rarity of your pet and how long it's been attached for.

Seeing how long the process is (52 weeks and hundreds of petpets), the chances of getting chosen are weak. (Your petpet will have time to mature before being chosen, attach one now!)

Oh also, not only would you win a trophy, but you'll get 10 Neopoints for every day it's been attached... imagine 2 years of attachment!

There you have it, the small practical guide for you to get gazillion trophies on your pets' page. Will it all happen today? No, but get started and it'll happen eventually! ☺

(Also, for almost every single contest mentioned above, there's a very detailed guide somewhere on the site, or just ask on the boards for help!)

Best of luck to you and your pets!

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