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Neopia's Best Sandwiches: A Countdown

by dhullu


As any well travelled Neopian will know, there is no dearth of excellent cuisine to be found in Neopia. From Kelp, the underwater restaurant in Maraqua that specializes in serving gourmet dishes to cafes in Neopia Central that are characterized by steaming cups of coffee and tea, there is no question that Neopia offers a wide range of food. An array of herbs and spices, an assortment of ingredients and numerous cooking techniques, each unique to a part of Neopia, go into the preparation of these fabulous meals.

But even amid all these Neopian delicacies, sometimes it's time to come back down to the basics.

What better way to do so than a sandwich?

Simple and non-fussy food, sandwiches are popular all over Neopia. Whether packed in brown bag lunches or eaten by the boxful at picnics, it is difficult to go wrong with a sandwich.

"Sandwiches are one of the easiest things to prepare," declares the Breadmaster. "There's plenty to choose from in the way of fillings. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, you can have it all. "

Sandwiches can certainly be eaten with a wide range of fillings. From the traditional choices like peanut butter or ham and cheese to the less conventional additions of juppie jam and berries, you can have whatever catches your fancy. And in Neopia, there is certainly plenty to choose from.

So, fellow Neopians, without further ado, I invite you to join me in a tour of Neopia's top ten sandwiches!

10. Pastrami Sandwich

Packed with meat and salad, this sandwich practically brims with flavour. The salad is fresh and appetizing. Slices of cucumber fill with bottom layer along with juicy chunks of tomato. This is topped by a layer of crunchy shredded lettuce. Cold cuts of meat give this sandwich a wholesome quality. Quite popular in Neoschool cafeterias, you couldn't ask for a more filling lunch for your Neopet.

9. Kiwi and Cucumber Sandwich

A light and deliciously tangy flavour is dominant in this sandwich. Fresh white bread is cut neatly into triangles and filled with slices of kiwi and cucumber. The bread is fresh and soft, filled with alternate layers of kiwi and cucumber slices. This sandwich is cool and refreshing, a perfect snack to eat by the poolside on summer days.

8. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a hit at garden parties. A grilled chicken patty is placed between two slices of bread to create this treat. The meat is succulent and juicy with a crispy skin. The bread is warm and complements the meat perfectly. It is best eaten straight from the grill when the flavour is fresh. Flavoured with just a hint of mayonnaise and served with round slices of tomato, a delicious aroma rises up from this sandwich, inviting you to sink your teeth into it.

7. Forest Fruits Sandwich

The Forest Fruits sandwich is certain to catch your eye as soon as you walk into the food store. This sandwich is carefully crafted into a delicate pair of faerie wings, giving it a pretty appealing appearance. It doesn't compromise on taste, though. This sandwich is characterized by a unique filling of fresh fruit. The tart flavour of berries merges with the sweetness of pear and melon slices. This, accompanied by the underlying sour taste of the Tangella produces an attractive burst of flavours that is a pleasure to eat.

6. Popcorn Sandwich

The Popcorn Sandwich took Neopia Central by storm when it was first introduced at the Food Shop . It is a rather unique sandwich but has an excellent flavour nevertheless. Lots of caramel popcorn is crammed into this sandwich with a thick caramel sauce lightly drizzled over it. This is encompassed by thick slices of bread. Several tiny chocolate chips are baked into the bread giving the sandwich a sweet sugary flavour that is to die for.

5. Mushroom Sandwich

The Mushroom Sandwich is filled with a variety of ingredients that blend together flawlessly. The cheese is soft and flavourful, coating the bread in a light sheet. Covering the cheese is a mixture of tomatoes, lettuce and sour green olives. However, it is the mushrooms that do the party trick, making the sandwich come alive with a taste of its very own. A special sauce with a hint of garlic seeps in between the filling, adding the ideal finishing touch.

4. Chocolate Pita Sandwich

The Chocolate Pita Sandwich simply beckons you to take a bite. The best quality milk chocolate from the Chocolate Factory fills this sandwich in lavish layers, covered with pita bread. It is then lightly toasted to give it a truly splendid flavour. The chocolate is rich and creamy, melting into the pita bread. It is a must for lovers of chocolate.

3. Apple Walnut Tea Sandwiches

The Apple Walnut Tea Sandwiches are an elegant and refined delicacy. Wedges of apple and whole walnuts are placed in this sandwich. The walnuts are sugared and candied to perfection and blend with the sharp, slightly acid tang of the apples. The bread is light and crust free with a rather airy quality. It balances out the flavours very effectively. The simple yet dainty presentation and the distinctive flavour make these sandwiches a terrific tea time treat.

2. Cheese Star Sandwich

It is difficult to talk about sandwiches without mentioning cheese, bread's almost constant companion. The Cheese Star Sandwich is much more than your average cheese sandwich however. Its main ingredient is the Cosmic Cheese Stars which are filled into the sandwich in luxurious amounts. The cheese is soft with a subtle tangy flavour. It is accented by plenty of crisp green lettuce. A thin tender meat patty is also added to the sandwich for a more wholesome flavour. This sandwich also happens to defy the laws of gravity, hovering an inch above your plate. It's perfect to take along if space travel happens to be your kind of thing.

1. Tomato Cheese Basil Sandwich

This is one of the Breadmaster's pet creations. Tomato, cheese and basil combine to produce a treat that is fit for royalty. The classic flavours of tomato and cheese with a gentle twist were applauded by food critics everywhere when this sandwich first hit the shelves. The tomatoes are deep red and juicy and give the sandwich a hearty flavour. The bread comes straight from the oven and is spread with a slice of cheese. A subtle flavour of basil is evident as you take a bite. When eaten freshly made from the Bakery, the Tomato Cheese Basil Sandwich is perfect.

Well, there you have it, the list of Neopia's most mind-boggling sandwiches. They are certainly a pleasure to dig into on any occasion.

So, the next time you're feeling peckish, why not try a sandwich?

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