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The 15 Best Colors to Paint Your Chomby!

by patspocobars


Thinking of adopting a new pet? How about a Chomby? Well, it is Chomby Day, after all! What color do you have in mind for your prehistoric friend? This is just my opinion, but I think these are the cutest Chombies around!

15. Skunk

Should you paint your new Chomby White or Shadow? If you are having difficulty choosing, why not just have both?! Skunk Paint Brushes will make him black with a cute white streak down the middle of his back. It's also cheaper than both the Shadow and White Paint Brushes!

14. Pirate

Arr! A Pirate Chomby would be the perfect companion if you live on Krawk Island and love the sea life! If you live in a Neohome in Neopia Central, you might have an issue with your Chomby bossing around your other pets in the house, and if they don't obey, you might catch them bound in ropes and forced to walk the plank over that pond in your yard!

13. Plushie

Your Chomby won't be afraid of cuddles now! I wouldn't expect too much of a conversation out of the poofy friend, but he probably won't eat a whole lot! A needle, thread, and knowledge to sew are a must! If your other pets get a bit rough with this Chomby, you'll need the equipment to patch him up!

12. Darigan

This looks quite evil; are you sure you want your pet to look like Lord Darigan's minions? Demonic looking or not, the paint brush won't change your sweet friend's personality! I wouldn't worry about the side glances your Chomby is giving you. Once he is painted, he will fall in love with the color!

11. Desert

This golden color is fit for a pharaoh! Only the most expensive golden jewelry will have the pleasure to adorn the arms and neck of this desert gem. With the flowing, shadowy black hair, you will be in Princess Amira's royal circle! (Note: this is entirely up to the Princess.) You might even start to believe you ARE royalty with the headdress! Now, if only we had some kohl...

10. Eventide

This pet has layers, like an onion, only prettier. Wow, with this new color, you'll be the talk of the town, dawn, dusk, and everywhere in between! The stars will be dancing in your new pet's eyes when you log in to see him. If you don't want to try to zap for this color, you might have to be a Neobillionaire to be able to afford this expensive paint brush!

9. Ghost

Spooky! If you live in (or like to visit) the Haunted Woods, your Ghost Chomby will fit right in with the other undead specters, zombies, vampires, Werelupes, and all around spooks. The only drawback this paint brush has is the fact that you won't be able to touch this pet, or groom it, for that matter!

8. Transparent

You don't have to worry about this Chomby lying to you, you'll see right through him! This color might not be for the faint of heart, and while I think it's cute, others seem to think it a little creepy. Its skin looks like it's made of transparent jelly, so it's almost like having a Jelly pet, except for the fact that you can see its innards.

7. Speckled

This color will make your Chomby look like a Negg. Never again will you have to worry about your Chomby being too easy to find during a spring game of hide-and-go-seek! This is currently the cheapest paint brush out there, excluding the Snow Paint Brush. This would be a great new addition to your family.

6. Electric

ZZAP! What an electrifying color! Once you have a pet painted Electric, you'll cling to it like static, guaranteed. Your new pet will shock you with its big heart! Okay, I'm out of electricity jokes, so we are moving on to-

5. Chocolate

Look at this yummy color! With the waffle cone spikes, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and cherry, this Chomby looks good enough to eat. I just might keep hungry Lupes away from this sweet (excuse the pun) pet! **I take no responsibility for whatever... damage... hungry Lupes do to your Chocolate Chomby**

4. Zombie

Unlike most Zombie pets, the Chomby is cute! It (probably) won't eat your brains, either. Just make sure it's well fed! It has an adorable green striped tasseled shirt, and a wonderful vacant expression. Lillie and Lanie would approve of this undead color. Delightful!

3. Halloween

Ooh, a vampire! How much fun would it be to scare your friends with a spooky new pet? Again, I wouldn't worry too much about your Chomby eating you in your sleep. *Shifts eyes* I'm pretty sure even the Chomby would be stealthy in it's dark cape and bone-like decorations. This is a friend for beyond life!

2. Baby

You won't be feasted on by this little thing! A light green and faint yellow bring out the neon green eyes in this little tyke. You need some responsible little baby to keep your unruly teenage pets in line! Warning! Other pets might not like the Baby Chomby because of its tattling habit! But you will always have a pet who will tell you what your other pets are up to, with honesty, too!

1. Biscuit

Last but not least... Biscuit! What is it with my loving Chombies that you can eat or that can eat you? With sweet crumbs and affectionate cuddles, the Biscuit Chomby will always be there for you. The Biscuit Paint Brush is also cheaper than some of the others. Just please; DO NOT EAT!! I don't think the Neohospital can cure a missing leg or two!

I hope that narrowed down the colors you are considering painting your new friend! Chombies are always up for play time, and you never have to worry about bullies with a big, strong pet like a Chomby! They also have a sweet and gentle side, so you never have to worry about your Chomby being disloyal! I also hope you survived my awful jokes... sorry!

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