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Being Weird

by kayixu


Kalilu finished reading The Magic Paw and the book vanished in a puff of yellow smoke. It was rather hot and humid today. Rain was possible later on. Kalilu walked to the place where one could usually play Tombola. Although this time, there was a sign that said 'Closed. Back in an hour or so'. So Kalilu walked away. As she walking, she passed two other Kougras. There was a Brown Kougra. The other Kougra was painted Island. The ground around them was wet and muddy even though it had not rained recently. The Kougras must have wet the ground using the water hose. The two were wrestling in the mud. Now, why would they want to do that? This is what they do to have fun. But how could getting extremely muddy and dirty possibly be fun? It's so unproductive! The two other Kougras noticed Kalilu was watching them.

      "Hi! You want to join us?" the Brown Kougra asked.

      "Uh, no thanks," Kalilu replied. "I believe I shall just go for a walk and enjoy some peace and quiet." The other two looked at Kalilu strangely and then continued their mud war.

      Kalilu wondered why they seemed to be so confused. They are the confusing ones! Playing the mud like that. And wrestling? What was the point in that? All that would do is get someone injured. And then one of them would come home with a twisted ankle or something. Their fur would be a complete and total mess. Seriously, what is the point in engaging in such an odd and pointless game? Kalilu went to the Haiku Generator. There was a Green Kougra there.

      That Kougra stated, "Timeliness deprives though honeycomb arrives near tomorrow catches." That Kougra was looking at Kalilu strangely as well. Again it was a confused look. Now where to go? Perhaps to the Island Mystic?

      It was such a pretty day today. And it was that precise reason that Kalilu had been reading outside rather than inside. Also she wanted to enjoy some peace and quiet today. Something that would definitely not happen in the abode in which she resides. But as intelligent as Kalilu is, there was something she just didn't understand. Why had those other Kougras looked as if they were confused? What is so strange about her? Did she have something stuck between her teeth? No, that couldn't be it. There was something different about her. Maybe they were amazed at how intelligent she looks? That must be it. She was almost to her destination when came along, a Tyrannian Meera. This Meerca was sitting on one of the above tree branches. The Meerca was also seemingly confused.

      "Hey!" the Meerca yelled.

      Kalilu walked over to the tree. "Yes?"

      "You don't seem like a normal Tyrannian Kougra," the Meerca replied. "You look so clean. And your fur is so neat."

      "Why would I want dirty unclean fur?" Kalilu questioned.

      "Kougras like to play and pounce on each other. Tyrannians are usually quick tempered and aggressive," the Meerca explained. "So why not you? It's weird."

      "Well, goodbye." Kalilu started walking away. She was slightly irritated. That Meerca is the weird one! With all those bugs in her unclean fur. Didn't look like that was a very smart Neopet.

      But when she really thought about it, Kalilu realized that Meerca might be right. Kalilu had always thought that it was the other Kougras and Tyrannians who were odd. Kalilu loves all things Tyrannian. There is so much about her that is Tyrannian. She prefers Tyrannian food, Petpets, and clothes. There are a few things about her that were not Tyrannian however. Like her Girly Mechanical Wings and her personality. While most of her kind enjoyed senseless games, Kalilu prefers reading. She is the most intelligent Neopet in the household. She is not like other Kougras. Is Kalilu weird because she is different? She continued walking as she thought this. Finally, she reached the home of the Island Mystic. The mystic turned around as Kalilu entered.

      "Greetings! Now then...." he said. The Kyrii waited a minute. "Ah, I see now. You will have excellent luck in Faerieland."

      "Amazing!" Kalilu replied. What she was really thinking was 'Why did I even come here? This Kyrii is insane and always says random sentences. If I wanted randomness I would have stayed home!'

      Kalilu left the Mystic's home. Now she could continue to try to figure this out. As she passed the two Kougras again, she still wondered something. By now they had been joined by a Tyrannian Krawk. She was ignored this time. They seemed to be having so much fun in the mud. Why did it not seem like fun to Kalilu? Maybe she really is weird and abnormal. She sighed and continued to walk home. She was almost to the Classic Neohome when something fell on her. She was on the ground as she thought 'What was that?' But it wasn't what. It was who! It was Reena. The Yellow Xweetok had probably landed on her on purpose.

      "Reena, must you do that?" Kalilu questioned.

      "No, but I enjoy it," Reena stated. "Is something wrong?"

      "Actually, yes. Reena, do you think I am.... weird?" Kalilu asked.

      "What do you mean?" Reena questioned.

      "Am I weird? I have reason to believe so," Kalilu replied.

      "Well..." Reena paused. Why? Probably for dramatic effect. "Yes. You are weird."

      "I am?"

      "Yes, definitely!" Reena replied. "But that's a good thing."

      "What?" Kalilu was ever so confused. What was her sister talking about? Being weird is a good thing?

      "Yes. What some might call weird is good because it means you are unique. It means you are not as Kayixu would say "One of those mythical creatures called normal"! You don't want to be a clone of everyone else, do you?" Reena asked.

      "No. I want to be myself," Kalilu replied.

      "Good. Now let's go home." The two of them walked the remainder of the way back to the Neohome.

      Kalilu felt better now. She is different from other Tyrannian Kougras. The smartest Neopet in the Neofamily had learned something from her insane sister. She realized it was funny for her to think that color had everything or anything at all to do with personality. Kayixu was planning to paint Reena the color Faerie. And that Xweetok is not calm and peaceful. Reena is crazy and has anger issues! Kalilu had just now realized something. As crazy as it seems, Kalilu only then realized just how weird her family is! They walked through the front door as a small robotic Meepit was walking into the room.

      "I wonder what that is doing here," Kalilu said.

      "It's another one of Leala's robot minions!" Reena screamed. "I told you she's a mad scientist!" Reena chased the Meepit out of the room. That's insane! There is no way that such a cute innocent Cybunny could be a mad scientist. As Kalilu left the room, there was an explosion. What was that? Never mind. Kalilu went upstairs and towards Kayixu's bedroom.

      Kayixu was trying to think of an idea for a story. She was also trying to think of something to happen next in other stories. "I need inspiration!" she yelled at the cupcakes next to her. "Why are you not inspiring me?" She was silent for a minute. "Hey, don't you yell at me!" Then Kalilu walked into the room. Kayixu immediately turned around and said, "I was not arguing with baked goods!"

      Kalilu laughed. Yes, she is weird. And so is her family. But that's a good thing because they are themselves. They don't try to be like everyone else. Today, Kalilu learned something. She learned that being weird is much better than being someone she's not.

The End

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