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In the Spotlight! (From a Puppyblew's Perspective)

by kitty_power_2298


Hello, everyone! My name is Puppy and it is a pleasure to meet you. I am a plain little puppyblew and my life can be quite boring, but despite that I am still full of contentment. I am living with another petpet called Kitty. Kitty is a pink kadoatie. We have been staying together for a period of time to know our habits, likes and even dislikes. Both of us are living in a cozy neohome located in Faerieland with our neopet, Emma the faerie Blumaroo. Emma is a really affectionate and tender loving neopet to both of us. She takes pleasure in keeping us safe and warm. It all started when she found me hiding under one of the white and puffy clouds one day while coming home from work. She decided to take me back home and cared for me. With Emma working at the Faerieland employment agency, she was able to lavish us with both mouth watering food and luxurious gifts. Hence, I mentioned I am full of contentment with my life.

      The majority of our friends, neighbours and faeries all have a common agreement and that is both Kitty and I are unable to get along due to the massive differences in both of us. Such differences include physical appearance and character building. On the contrary, we are able to maintain amiable status. There has never been a huge fight or discordant argument between the both of us. This has caused many of our friends and neighbours to be extremely shocked and surprised. However, let me emphasise a point and that is we are not the best of pals.

      I am a reserved person by nature. I try not to get into any arguments with anyone, especially over trivial matters. If others let me mind my own business, I will not disturb them either. I would prefer to have a quiet snooze in my soft and comfortable bed. If not, I can be found sitting silently on the windowsill just to watch the bustling city life of the neopets or faeries that pass by. Besides watching the busy life outside the neohome, I also enjoy reading story books. I may not understand the words, but I can look at the pictures. My imagination will come fully alive each time I look at such wonderful pictures! The pictures always come in a bright array of iridescent colours. My favourite time of the day would probably be when Emma reads a story book to me before bed time. What a delight!

      On the other hand, Kitty is more impish and narcissistic by nature. Kitty, being a kadoatie is also ostentatious and can be rather spoilt. Being with her for quite some time, Kitty purely loves the spotlight and attention. Whenever Emma has spare time, she would take Kitty to participate in the petpet spotlight. In my opinion, she also loves pink way too much for her own good. Although she has never meant malicious harm, Kitty can also be on the jocular side or sometimes mischievous. There are times Kitty makes a cacophony by mewing for a period of time to get attention or even play with those squeaky toys of hers. However, after a while, I got used to such noises till they did not bother me at all. Many times, Kitty would ask me how she looks. Kitty would rather spend her precious time brushing her pink fur. According to her "my fur is very delicate and dainty. It has to be purr-fect." She simply enjoys gazing at the mirror just to stare at her own reflection. Occasionally, seeing the various accessories she has on her can lighten up the melancholy and monotonous disposition. Rarely, if I am feeling amuse I would give a small chuckle at Kitty's attempt to display her vanity. Unfortunately, most of the time, I would be busy doing other things and tend to ignore Kitty. That is why sometimes Kitty feels rather annoyed with my lifeless reaction.

      However, I have to admit that I dislike being alone all the time since Emma is working in the afternoons. Hence, Kitty becomes my companion and we both keep each other company.

      One cold and breezy afternoon, Emma was out working just like normal. I was looking at the charming pictures of a storybook I had picked out earlier today for Emma to read tonight before bed time. Not long after, Kitty rudely interrupted me.

      "What do you think of my new pink ribbon and collar set?" Kitty purred proudly.

      "It is nice," I replied politely.

      "Nice? Just nice? We kadoaties are very exclusive, you know. Have you ever heard of VIP?"

      I shook my head slowly.

      "Well, you should have. It means 'Very important petpets' and I obviously am one of them." She pouted and swiftly stomp off.

      That is just another one of Kitty's usual tantrums, I thought to myself and shook my head, this time feeling wearily.

      Feeling bored from my dreary reaction, Kitty started to comb her delicate and dainty fur. I went back to looking for pictures in the storybook.

      That same evening, I was lying on my soft and wooly bed as always. In the lucid corner of my eye, I could see Kitty dragging her regal purple petpet cushion near the door. She laid there anxiously while waiting for Emma. We knew it was the evening because outside the window I could see the lambent sun setting. The sun had a myriad of colours. The bright orange and scarlet red was turning darker by the minute as the night started draw closer. The beautiful and shimmering novas started to appear. They seemed so carefree up in the vast sky. It was normally this time that our neopet, Emma, came back home from work at the Faerieland job employment agency. The familiar sound of the keys jingled at the front door. I could sniff out the ambrosial aroma of piquant delights with my tiny button nose. It had to be Emma bringing dinner back home promptly as always!

      "Mew!" Kitty shouted at the top of her piercing voice. Kitty immediately sprang to life and jumped up the moment she saw Emma. Emma was indeed pleased to see Kitty after a day's work.

      "Hello, Kitty! There you are! How was your day? I had a fine day at work," Emma exclaimed and hung her knitted scarf and coat on the coat rack. Emma carried Kitty and stroked her usual well groomed pink fur. She purred loudly breaking the deafening silence. It was obvious that she loved the attention she was receiving from Emma.

      I stood up and stared at the way Kitty was getting all the attention from Emma. My mind was in a whirl. It was as if I was in a suffocating fog sucking away the fresh and cold air. The temptation was just too great. Step by step, I crossed over to the large front door. Step by step, I grew nearer and nearer to where Emma was standing, holding Kitty in her arms.

      I started to whimper, breaking the sound of Kitty's purring. I looked up at Emma with my puppyblew eyes. I gave a short but loud bark. This caused Kitty to be extremely shocked. I could feel her eyes glaring against my back. I know she was staring at me in displeasure because now Emma's attention had shifted to me.

      "Puppy! It is lovely to see you. I have bought a delicious dinner for you today!" Emma said gleefully. Her kind words drifted into my ears. Emma placed Kitty back on the hard floor and hugged me tightly. Despite Kitty's small beady eyes staring at me, I was not in the mood for pleasing her. I was happily receiving attention from Emma. It was most worth it. I loved being in Emma's spotlight!

The End

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