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How to Improve Your Luck

by coco_bella


Finding your pockets a little light in weight, you decide to hop on over to the Games and give the slots a spin. As you watch it spin, you wait in eager anticipation and imagine how great you will feel when your winnings start to shower down. Suddenly, you hear the slots stop and look down to see... nothing! "How could that have happened?", you wonder in astonishment.

Or perhaps you just tend to purchase losing lottery tickets, find yourself constantly passed over by the Wishing Well or just watch in envy as everyone around you excitedly shares their latest random event. No matter what particular scenario you are finding yourself in (or maybe it is all of the above), you know that there is just one thing to do... blame your bad luck.

So maybe you're not as lucky as you want to be, but don't worry- there are ways that you can improve your bad luck so things start looking your way. If you read and follow my guide, you soon may start to find that your luck is beginning to turn around... and maybe then you could finally wash those smelly luck socks that you've been hiding from Dragona.

Tip #1: Be Realistic

There is luck, but then there are also unrealistic expectations. Even the luckiest of Neopians won't always get their way. And even the unluckiest of Neopians get lucky in ways that make others envious. Just because you do everything that you can to turn your luck around does not guarantee that you will be lucky all the time and whenever you want to. Luck doesn't work that way.

Which brings me to my next point...

Tip #2: Increase Your Odds

While luck is important, it is still a numbers game. The more you increase your odds, the more you'll find yourself feeling lucky. In every area of Neopets where you can be "lucky", you can also increase your odds to ensure your luck.

For instance- as an avatar collector, you should play particular games often so that you get the "lucky game" needed to get some pesky avatars, such as Carnival of Terror. Likewise, a NeoCash (NC) item collector will open more Mystery Capsules in hopes of finding the rare Limited Edition item or Rereleased item. Another example is that by exploring Neopets more and viewing more pages, you are more likely you are to get a Random Event (RE)... and hopefully it will be one that doesn't involve Boochi!

Tip #3: Practice Always Helps

While some things around Neopets do require luck, practice always helps, as well. If you find yourself struggling with earning a game avatar, feeding a kadoatie, or getting a particularly good item restock in a high-demand shop, you might find that you can improve your chances of success if you practice.

Not only will practice help you become better at what you have to do, but it will ensure that- when given the lucky chance- you will be able to succeed with ease. Although it may be easier to just blame your bad luck and hope for it to change, I would highly advise also taking an active approach to improving your luck and practicing.

Tip #4: Invest in Your Luck

Another active approach that you can (and should) take to improving your luck would be to invest in it- with NP, I mean. The under-rated and often forgotten Lutari Talisman actually has been specifically designed to improve your luck.

While there is still some mystery that surrounds the Lutari Talisman and their beads, this much is known: there are 4 different bead colors and 5 types of beads for each color. 16 of these 20 beads are still available for purchase from the Trading Post or Auction House- as well as discovery in a Random Event.

There is still speculation as to what bead does what, but it is confirmed that some of these beads will increase payouts from playing games, offer discounts randomly when haggling with shop keepers or increase the chances of a random event.

While I cannot decidedly recommend that you go out and purchase these beads now because of the mystery that stills surrounds them, I do suggest you further look into these beads yourself if you are hoping to improve your luck.

Tip #5: Sign Up for Premium

If you still want to further improve your luck, there is one final thing that you could do- sign up for Premium. While Neopets Premium is a paid service that does cost real money, it does offer several benefits. Similar to the Lutari Talisman beads, Premium services will grant you additional Neopoints from sent game scores and an increased chance of Random Events (with a special kind available to Premium members, nonetheless).

Tip #6: Find Some Lucky Charms

While there are some Neopians who scoff at superstitions- particularly lucky charms- there are others (myself included) who firmly swear by them. Whether it is a Four (or Twelve!) Leaf Clover, a Uni Shoe, a Lucky Pandaphant Doll, or even Lucky Trousers, find yourself a lucky charm and hold on to it dearly.

However- I must issue this warning: beware the Unlucky Mirgle Paw! This Paw is cursed; no matter how many lucky charms you pile onto your person to counteract its effects, you will never be able to fully recover from the unlucky curse placed on you if this paw falls into your possession.

If you have found yourself down on your luck lately, try giving these tips a try. While my tips won't improve your luck instantly- nor will they guarantee constant success at everything you do- they will make sure that you find yourself soon being that person that you have always envied before: the excited individual who is always talking about their recent luck and success.

Just remember... you have to be sure to do two things to keep your newfound luck: stay away from that pesky Unlucky Mirgle Paw and make sure Dragona never finds your lucky pair of socks!

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