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Keeping Your Uni Looking Faboo-lous Year Round

by xapplecrumble


We all know that Unis are terribly vain creatures, but do you know to keep your Uni looking and smelling amazing all year round? Next Uni day you may be thinking of spoiling your pet, but why stop at just one day when they can look fabulous every single day of the year? This guide gives you a number of items that are a must-have for any Uni owner. Some of these items may be out of your budget but if you shop around and lurk the Grooming Parlour enough you will quickly learn what are the bargains and what are the blunders.

If you ever want to get anything done during the day, my first suggestion is to remove any mirrors from your neohome. Staring at a mirror all day is one of this four-legged species' favorite pastimes. Once you have completed this it's time to move on to a list of lovely items that you should have stacked in your bathroom all year round.

1. Uni Shampoo

Item description: "This bubbling mixture will clean even the grubbiest Neopet."

This should be a staple in the inventories of any Uni owner, and it's a steal at about 150 NP there is really no excuse for not having one (or several) on hand! I don't expect that your Uni is 'grubby' but it is still a great way to start the daily grooming. Though not the most luxurious or best-smelling shampoo around, it is specific for Uni's and will therefore give your pet a beautiful coat every time.

2. Feather Conditioner

Item description: "It has the scent of a light breeze."

You can't have a shampoo and not a conditioner! Oh the horror. This little beauty is a great item for those inexperienced with Uni care. There is no way you can go wrong with a product that advertises 'feather' in its name! Your Uni's mane and tail will be swishy and beautiful after washing with this condition. It is also inexpensive, coming in at under 5,000 NP. Money well spent!

3. Purple Glittery Soap

Item description: "When you want to be sparkling clean - literally."

This soap is just gorgeous and you cannot tell me that your Uni doesn't want to actually sparkle. It is a little expensive at about 7,000 NPs a pop, but I think it is worth it and after trying it you will agree. Your Uni will love the results and enjoy bathing with texture of the glittery granules on their coat. I guarantee that after using this soap your pets will be the envy of all their friends!

4. Fyora Hair Brush

Item description: "Guaranteed to get rid of any knots and tangles painlessly."

A brush is simply a required item in your repertoire of grooming products and what can be better than a brush designed to give your pets luscious locks like Fyora? Nothing my friend, that's what. This brush is not only cute and stylish it is functional and easy to use. With this little tool you won't need to waste hours on tangles that won't budge, the brush glides through hair effortlessly and will have your Uni looking glamorous in no time at all!

5. Sparkly Toothpaste

Item description: "When you're strong you sparkle."

Toothpaste is always a necessity, and with this lovely item your Uni's teeth will be looking whiter and brighter than ever. At only 500 NP it is a much more affordable option than the exclusive Tooth Faerie Toothpaste. It does the job and won't break your bank. Your pets will thank you when you can buy them extra clothes with the money you saved, I promise.

6. Hoof Polish

Item description: "One coat of this special hoof polish and your Neopets hooves will be gleaming like never before."

The item description basically says it all and a major positive for this product is that if you have more than one species of hooved-neopet you can use it on them too! I think foot (or hoof in this case) care is very important and must be taken seriously. Your Uni has 4 hooves and should be proud to walk around with them on show, not always hiding them inside shoes or gloves. At about 200 NP there really isn't any reason you shouldn't have a few of these already at home!

7. Daisy Nail Varnish

Item description: "Bright red polish in a cute daisy design bottle."

Once you have properly applied the Hoof Polish, your Uni will basically be crying out for some color. Here is where nail varnish comes in handy. It comes in handy, there are several different colors so you can mix and match with outfits. The Daisy Nail Varnish is a particular favorite of mine as I think the color is a bit subtler than the common Red Nail Varnish and the bottle design is just to good to pass up! If you have a male Uni it may also be wise to invest in some other colors such as blue or black.

8. Uni Horn Polish

Item description: "Make sure your Unis horn shines in the light with this polish."

You simply cannot let your Uni leave the house without shining up their horn! Not only is it a matter of personal pride a uni with a sharp, shiny horn looks fierce and strong. At under 2,000 NP a bottle and only a few extra minutes grooming of a morning, your Uni will appreciate the attention. This item is recommended for battling Unis as it is nerve-wracking to battle a Uni with a horn shinier than your sword!

9. Weewoo Face Powder

Item description: "A delicate face powder with a Weewoo design."

At over 30,000 NP it is one of the more expensive items on this list but in my opinion it is money well spent. Not only is the item itself very cute it is also functional and reliable. You will be able to give your Uni peace of mind while using this powder to remove any unwanted marks or blemishes. It also acts as a great base if you need to apply blush, eye shadow or lipstick. Great for any Uni, even the males; as it is not obvious that your pet is wearing makeup and only appears that they have flawless skin.

10. Mushroom Moisturiser

Item description: "Who knew a fungus could make you so attractive?"

It doesn't sound as appealing as some of the other products, but trust me; it works! This little moisturiser will leave any pets skin feeling and smelling beautiful. Apply it before you put your pets to bed at night and in the morning their skin will be silky and hydrated! To ensure you receive the best results wash your pet thoroughly to remove any dirt. This can also be used with a sunscreen to protect the skin from any sun damage.

Even though this is the end of the list, hopefully you now have a better idea of how you can properly look after your Uni's grooming needs. There are other products out there such as eye shadow, lipstick, blush, clothing, jewelry and various wearables that can also make your Uni stand out in the crowd, but they are a matter or personal preference and wardrobe selection. I wish you luck building up your collection of essential Uni beauty products and remember that your Uni requires time and effort to look Faboo-lous.

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