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More Easy Species to Zap with the Lab Ray

by blessed_faerie


How many times have you tried zapping your pet with the lab ray in hopes of a cool color, only to get a species change on the first zap? It happens all the time! Instead of zapping a species that is expensive to morph, try falling in love with a species that's a little less expensive.

In my previous article, Easiest Species to Zap with the Lab Ray, I showed you the seven Neopets species with the cheapest morphing potions. If none of those species appealed to you, here are seven more species with inexpensive morphing potions available. These pets make great lab pets--if your lab ray changes your pet's species, you can easily buy a morphing potion from a user shop and morph your pet back to normal at a low price.

The morphing potions below are listed from the lowest priced to the highest priced. All prices current as of Month of Awakening, Y15.


We're starting off this list with the Quiggle, a frog-like Neopet. Quiggles are not very popular, but they do have a loyal group of users who are crazy for them. Their stumpy bodies and big toes make them funny looking and adorable at the same time. Quiggles come in some neat colors that can be zapped by the lab ray, like 8-bit, mutant, Darigan, and robot. Owning an Island Quiggle will give you an avatar, so that's another popular color. If you want your own Quiggle, a Yellow Quiggle Morphing Potion can be had for a mere 35,000 neopoints. Quiggles have nice neopoint wearable sets for both male and female Quiggles. My favorites are the "Quiggle Gentleman" and "Quiggle Hostess" sets.


Gnorbu are one of the cutest species in all of Neopia. And they're inexpensive to morph, too! Blue and Yellow Gnorbu Morphing Potions cost only 35,000 neopoints each. Yellow and Red can also be purchased for less than 60,000 neopoints. Gnorbu have thick manes that grow so long they need to be sheered one a year. Their manes feature prominently in many paint brush colors: fire Gnorbu have a mane made out of fire, while chocolate Gnorbu have a mane made out of whipped cream. Aside from fire and chocolate, Gnorbu come in great colors like water, Darigan, Halloween, faerie, and grey. Gnorbu have one of my favorite wearable items: a "Gnorbu Zoot Suit"! They also have the "Lovely Gnorbu" and "Gnorbu Snow" sets if your Gnorbu is too girly for a zoot suit. You can say so many good things about this species!


Third on this list is one of my favorite species: the Lenny. The least expensive way to get yourself a Lenny is by using a Split Lenny Morphing Potion, which costs 40,000 neopoints in user shops. Brown Lenny Morphing Potions cost less than 100,000 neopoints if you prefer to start with a more neutral base color. Lennies have become super popular since the war in Tyrannia began and The Sway were unveiled. Their leader is a stylish and evil female Lenny who has inspired many Lenny morphs around Neopia. Lennies come in some fantastic colors including transparent, chocolate, and eventide. Lennies also have some stunning neopoints wearables, like the recently released "Daring Adventurer Lenny" and "Lenny Plague Doctor" sets. Their two long and skinny legs make feminine Lennies look especially wonderful in dresses.


Next, we have another one of my favorite species: Ruki! Rukis are bug Neopets with their own unique shape. Right now, the cheapest Ruki potion is Yellow at 45,000 Neopoints. Red, Blue, Green, Brown, and Starry Ruki Morphing Potions are also inexpensive. Rukis can be zapped some great colors including Halloween, swamp gas, and spotted. Halloween makes your Ruki look like a mummy and can also award you a special avatar if you attach a Mummy Baby petpet. In addition to awesome mummy bandages, Rukis have one of the most detailed neopoint wearable sets in Neopia, the "Arid Ruki" set. Make your Ruki an adventurer and zap away!


You'd think Tuskaninnies would have tusks, but only the mutant and Tyrannian Tuskaninnies have them. Luckily, both mutant and Tyrannian are zappable with the lab ray. Tuskaninnies come in some other nice colors that you can get at the lab ray: swamp gas, transparent, and spotted... just to name a few. You can purchase a Yellow or Red Tuskanniny Morphing Potion for 50,000 neopoints with the Shop Wizard's help. The Orange Tuskaninny Morphing Potion is a good value for a non-basic color at bout 75,000 neopoints. Tuskaninnies have adorable vintage-style beach wearable sets (called "Tuskaninny Beach Boy" and "Tuskaninny Beach Girl"), as well a set of serious punk rock clothing. The "Punk Tuskaninny" set even comes with a fire-colored mohawk and a safety pin for a nose ring!


Meerca morphing potions are instantly recognizable: the potion is balanced on the Meerca's trademark feature, its tail. Quite a feat of balance! Meercas (and their tails) come in tons of great colors such as chocolate, 8-bit, and snot. Maraquan Meercas look really unique and, luckily, the Maraquan color is available at the lab ray. The Blue Meerca Morphing Potion is priced at 60,000 neopoints in user shops. Yellow, red, and camouflage Meerca potions are also quite inexpensive. Meercas also have some of my favorite neopoints wearables. Take a look at the "Meerca Magician", "Morning Meerca", and "Professor Meerca" sets!


Finally, we have the Flotsam: a fun ocean-dwelling Neopet. Currently, a Blue Flotsam Morphing Potion will set you back about 65,000 neopoints. Flotsams look great in desert, transparent, and zombie--all colors that can be granted by the lab ray. Desert Flotsams have some gorgeous paint brush clothes that stay in your closet even if your Flotsam changes color. Their neopoint wearable sets are also quite lovely, especially the "Sunny Flotsam", "Fancy Flotsam", and "Flotsam Artist" sets.

Hopefully one of these seven species appeals to you. To find more species that are inexpensive to morph, check out my previous article "Easiest Species to Zap with the Lab Ray". All of the species mentioned in each article are inexpensive enough that they can be purchased in user shops with the help of the Shop Wizard. Time to fire up your lab ray and get zapping!

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