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Queen Fyora Answers Neomail: Faerie Synthesis, etc

by black_skull725


Hello, Neopians.

I have been reading a few Neomails, yes I do read every single one of them, and I noticed that there are several concerns that many Neopians share. Since many of them echo the same concerns, I figured that it would be easier to address them in a formal letter to all of Neopia.

A few concerned Neopians were asking about the practice of synthesizing Faded Bottled Faeries. Perhaps it would be beneficial to explain things in plainer terms than sorcery. After all, we have all sorts of strange terminologies in the sorcery world.

When a faerie stays in a bottle for a long period, her reserve magic starts to degenerate. Note that this does not hurt her. However, Neopians would find that it would seem impossible to release her, since she does not have enough magical power to restore herself into a full-sized faerie. We call this process fading, which is a rather bland but accurate term. Fading happens to a sorcerer or sorceress when he or she does not practice sorcery for a while. Just like Neopets that train months for the Altador Cup, sorcery requires constant practice and training as well.

Now, faded faerie magic tends also become more unpredictable, sometimes losing its affinity to any elemental power. Thus, a Faded Bottled Light Faerie may still have the color of a light faerie, but the faded magic can also randomly change or lose its light elemental powers. This is why when you synthesize a faerie the results are random.

Now, Aethia and I were well aware of this problem of fading faeries and in fact, were the ones that developed the process of faerie synthesis to restore a faerie's magical powers. We admit that this process is not perfect and can sometimes be unpredictable. Magic synthesis has existed since the beginning of sorcery in Neopia. It is a relatively simple task to synthesis different spells. However, since faeries possess a higher concentration of magic, it is not as simple as spell synthesis. Therefore, Aethia and I spent countless hours figuring out how to do it. Of course, we did not use real faerie bottles, just faerie bubbles that we carefully popped above a cauldron of warm water.

The process we designed involves combining the faded magic from three different faerie elements into one. We discovered that three was the best number. Four was just too much power, and Aethia and I found out the hard way. That reminds me, I still need to replant that part of the Faerieland garden again. The two of us were glancing at the cauldron, carefully adding faerie bubbles in an effort to simulate the conditions of a faded faerie. After three, we noticed that the magic was getting stronger but it was still weak. However, adding a fourth faerie bubble ended up causing the cauldron to explode. The mess got worse after we found out the resulting element was fire. Thankfully, our water faeries were there almost immediately, sparing any damage to Faerieland except a small part of my garden.

One must gather the three different Faded Bottled Faeries and place them inside a cauldron of warm water. The low heat will slowly cause the magical power of faeries to drawn out of the bottles. When this happens, the faeries revert to a faerie dust state. Once again, this does not hurt the faeries. After this, one must gather the water and faerie dust mixture into a bottle. One then must wait a few hours and finally a Weak Bottled Faerie will form. Release one of those faeries to receive a well-deserved blessing. You can then take these to Aethia's shop to train abilities. It is just a little thank you for helping us faeries out.

Now some other concerned Neopians asked me why it took us faeries so long to figure out this process. It was because the process was not necessary. Faeries take a very long time to fade and most of them in bottles just started fading recently. It did take me by surprise when they first started fading. However, after some analysis, I figured that this would happen. Why I did not have the foresight before is something that is definitely my fault. For that, I issue my apologies to any Neopians that experienced any feelings of surprise.

The questions continue to pour in though. Still a few other concerned Neopians asked me how Balthazar fits into all of this. Balthazar continues to remain a threat to the faerie population. The Faerie Council has extended his banishment for this year. Each year, we evaluate if Balthazar still deserves banishment. It is my goal to deal with him as fairly as possible without giving him a chance to change. Thus far, he has continued with bottled faeries, both faded and weak. Kind Neopians continue to do their part by releasing the faeries and I fully appreciate their continued efforts.

Finally, some Neopians have been nagging me about which faction I should join in the Battle for the Obelisk. However, slightly off topic from my other discussions here, I will gladly answer this one. Let me be clear on this. I probably will not be able to prevent all of the faeries from joining a faction. However, the official Faerieland stance is that we are to side with nobody in the war. My personal views also reflect that. I will pass on joining a faction and I will not provide advice on which faction to join either. I would gladly point out that the Healing Springs is always open to everyone though and Aethia is more than happy to help you train some abilities. I strongly advise that the factions attempt to reach a peaceful agreement but realize that until then, there will be fighting. I think I will leave it at that.

I would once again like to thank Neopians for their concern about the faeries. After all, you all helped Faerieland recover two years ago. Thank you for all your Neomails and I wish faerie blessings upon you all.



Queen of Faerieland and the Western Skies

Official Correspondence from Faerie City, Faerieland

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