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Neopia's Insight: Aishas

by amberkad


It's another edition of Neopia's Insight! This time around, I'd like to give the spotlight to the most fabulous *drumroll* Aisha! In this article, I'll be talking about Aishas inside and out, popular paint colors, and even some famous Aishas around Neopia! And guess what? At the end, we will have a little quiz to test how well YOU know your Aishas.

Anatomy & Physiology

Ears: Not only do Aishas have two ears, they have FOUR! Yep, you heard right. Four, one pair resembling long antennas. Being a four-eared little critter, Aishas have incredible hearing and can hear miles away.

Nose: You may think Aishas have no nose, and therefore, no sense of smell. But that is incorrect! Aishas DO have noses, they are just not in our range of sight. Similar with their hearing, Aishas have an incredible sense of smell.

Eyes: Aishas always seem to have their eyes closed, but this doesn't affect their vision at all. With their excellent hearing and smell, their ability to seem like they are dozing all the time is cancelled out.

Legs: Aishas are a quadruped species, meaning they walk on all fours. Aishas have rather stumpy legs, and do not use them for fighting but for trying to make their get-away.

Tail: Aishas also have a rather short tail, but it is very thick, making a rather versatile weapon.

Neck: An interesting feature given to the Aishas is their slender neck. Well, not exactly their neck, but their collar around their neck. This special collar branded with an "A" is rumored to hold immense power, which is also their main mode of offense, and possibly defense.

Fan Favorites

Aishas can be painted a total of 61 colors. WOW! I took a poll to see which colors were the most popular around Neopia. Here are the results:

5th Place - Pirate. Avast ye scallywags! Hand over yer treasure! It seems the docks of Krawk Island are crawling with these tough Pirate Aishas, and even some Neopians have decided to take some of them home! But... what's the point of the eyepatch if their eyes aren't even open...

4th Place - Maraquan. I guess Isca and Caylis had some influence here. The graceful swimmers hit the hearts of many, earning them a place in a top five favorite colors. Well, that's not surprising! Who doesn't like mermaids?

3rd Place - Desert. So... hot... Need... Aishas? These gold-adorned Aishas have everyone running around the Lost Desert. I'd run around too if I saw these elegant Aishas wandered around. Now that I've flattered them, maybe they'll give me some of that gold they are wearing...

2nd Place - Baby. Baby pets are everyone's favorite, am I right? These tiny little things are beyond adorable with their pacifier, and those big eyes and ears, looking up at you so innocently. Awww, my heart melted.

1st Place - ALIEN! Well, of course this would top the charts! Hitting #1, Alien Aishas are the most popular color in Neopia (and outside of Neopia too...). These six-eared space adventurers were first discovered on January 23, 2004, and since then, they have been everyone's favorite outer space martian!

Famous Aishas Around Neopia

Aishas are everywhere in Neopia, and many have left their mark. Let's take a look at some famous Aishas known world-wide.

Abigail. The Daily Dare easy mode girl, Abigail is the younger sister of the difficult AAA. Her and her brother are featured in their very own game: Dungeon Dash.

Isca & Caylis. These two sisters live in Maraqua and are survivors of the raid against their home. While Caylis was exiled from the city due to her prophetic nightmares, Isca foresaw future events in her dreams that helped save Maraqua.

Jerdana. Also known as the Protector, Jerdana is one of the twelve heroes of Altador, saving the city from the Darkest Faerie. She is very excelled in sorcery, using it to pause Altador for 1000 years.

Princess Amira. The daughter of King Coltzan III, Amira is the current ruler of Sakhmet.

Lisha. The younger sister of Jeran, she helped save Meridell during the war against Darigan.

Imiya. This little Aisha is featured in a game called Maths Nightmare, where she frets over many math problems.

Dorina Hals. Signed on in 2008, this left defender is a team member on Maraqua in the Altador Cup. She was replaced in 2011.

Prytariel. The team captain for Terror Mountain, this Aisha signed on to play in 2006. She excels in passing an defense.

Items Around Neopia

Here are some Aisha items popular around Neopia.

Aisha Hot Chocolate: A special treat for Aisha day, this cute mug is filled with piping hot milky chocolate.

Baby Aisha Plushie: Aww.. it's squishy, soft and super cute!

Strawberry Aisha Cookie: A crunchy oatmeal cookie smothered in vanilla and strawberry icing.

Chewy Licorice Aisha Ears: These Aisha ears are made from twists of black licorice.

A is for Aisha: A simple book full of colourful pictures that is great for early readers.

Halloween Aisha Balloon: Your Neopet will love this Halloween Aisha balloon no matter what time of year it is :)

Quiz Time!

It's time to test your knowledge on Aishas! Ten questions will be asked and the answers can be found around the site. Let's see how much you know without looking!

1. How many Aisha collars do NOT have an "A" on them?

2. What popularity rank are Aishas?

3. When is Aisha Day?

4. How many avatars have an Aisha displayed on them?

5. What color was recently released for Aishas to be painted?

6. Name the unconverted Aishas.

7. What color wings does a Faerie Aisha have?

8. What element of nature are Aishas associated with? (i.e. water, fire, ice, etc)

9. Who is the Aisha navigator on the Cyodrake's Gaze?

10. What are the names of the two Aisha thieves?

I hoped you enjoyed this issue of Neopia's Insight, Aisha style! Aishas are probably my second favorite, right next to Shoyrus, and I even own a few! I love them as much as Zafaras and very thankful they were discovered. Until next time!

If you have any comments feel free to neomail me. :)

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