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16 Easy(ish) Trophies

by usukii


In theory your first row of trophies should be the easiest to complete; you just need 8 out of the hundreds of potential trophies in Neopia. What could be hard about that? However, completing your first row of trophies is often one of the most challenging rows the (potential) trophy collector faces, because a lot of people are stuck in the mindset that they have to be amazing at games to even get that far, which I'm happy to announce is completely wrong. ;)

Obviously people have strengths in different areas and not everyone will find the same thing easy so instead of listing the 8 easiest trophies, I'm going to list my 16 easiest. That way you can ignore the 8 you find the most challenging and still get a full row (or you could go for them all and go for two rows if you're feeling adventurous ^^).

This guide is about pointing you in the right direction and giving you some ideas of which trophies to aim for. Techniques for playing aren't explained, but if you look around, you'll be able to find plenty of good guides explaining how to play (and win) at these games.

1) Cheat! Probably one of the most well known easy trophies to get, and there's a good chance you already have this one. To get the trophy for this you simply have to complete 3 rounds, but there's no reason to stop after 3 because you can upgrade to silver after 5 and gold after 7. You can find all of the rules to playing the game on the Cheat! Page, and they're really simple after you've played a round or two.

2) Punchbag Bob. Not technically a game trophy, but it is displayed under the games trophy section on your user lookup so I'm going to count it as one anyway. Simply equip a couple of weapons to your pet (who doesn't even need to have been trained up, though that will make the process considerably quicker) and start attacking him. And attacking him. And attacking him. Ok, this one may be long and slightly mind numbing, but that doesn't stop it from being easy.

3) Snow Wars. If you've ever played Battleships then you already know how to play this one. The only difference is we've got a snowy theme and some rather hilarious looking opponents. And it's a good job they look amusing because you need something to keep you going in those later levels if you're trying for a gold trophy. However early on you shouldn't have much trouble, if you fail then you just restart the level, you don't get sent back to the start. After the second level you'll get a medal, which technically isn't a trophy, but will be upgraded to a bronze trophy after level 5, silver after 7 and gold after 10. Make sure to work out which items you're still looking for, the items that take up 1 square can be a pain but if you've got both of those and you're looking for your opponents larger items then you can space out your search a little bit more and hopefully find it quicker with less misses.

4) Pyramids. This game is a personal favourite of mine, though we've only just recently became friends again after it made me clear the pyramid 72 times before giving me my gold trophy. But for bronze you simply need to clear the pyramid 2 times, and 5 times for silver. Gold is awkward because it requires 2 consecutive wins, meaning if you're very lucky you could skip bronze and silver altogether and go straight to gold.

5) Sakhmet Solitaire. Let's face it, most of us have sat playing Solitaire at one point or another when we're meant to be working on something far more important, but on the off chance that you don't know how to play you can find the rules on the Solitaire page. The trophy system is identical to that of Pyramids, which means if you're just going for any trophy, you only need to win twice. I personally had more luck on the 3 draw game, but play and see which works best for you.

6) Go! Go! Go! This is the first trophy on the list that starts being a little less common on people's user lookups, but there's no reason it should be; it's just as easy as the previous games and I actually found gold on this far quicker than Pyramids and Solitaire. Now this one you probably will have to read the rules for, but after a couple of rounds you'll probably remember which cards are best to play and when. If another player wins the round then there's no point in carrying on with the round and it' best to just restart the round because in the case of Go! Go! Go! It's about winning, not just taking part. Unfortunately.

7) Round Table Poker. I hope you're not fed up with card games just yet! Now it's probably a slight cheat putting this one on here because it isn't a bronze/silver/gold trophy, but rather a runner up medal. But it takes up a spot under your game trophies and brings you that bit closer to completing a row so we'll be sneaky and count it anyway. There are 6 tournaments in total, and you need to complete 5 of them to get the medal. If you haven't played before then you will need to check out the rules guide to see the types of hands you should be aiming for. Personally I got the trophy without paying any attention to the reactions of the other players, but if you'd like to give yourself a slightly better chance then there is a Neopian Times article that explains when and when not to pay attention to the reactions of the other players.

8) Cellblock. This is another game that gives you a medal before you move on to the trophies and you will get it after completing level 4, which should hopefully be pretty quickly. You'll then get your bronze trophy after completing the first tournament, but silver won't come until level 4 in tournament 11 and gold at level 8 in tournament 11. But as we're focussing on getting a row of trophies rather than a row of gold trophies, this one isn't too challenging. Simply get 5 pieces in a row before your opponent to win a game. Of course it's not quite that simple a lot of the time because turns out your opponent also wants to win (shocking, I know) but if you look around there are various methods for playing the game and (in theory) winning.

9, 10 &11) Kacheekers, Geos and Armada. This is where we move on to slightly different methods of earning trophies. It's no longer about playing in your own time against the computer. These three are multiplayer games, and to participate you need to sign up to them in the previous month (sign up in Jan to play in Feb, in Feb to play in March etc.) You will be sent a neomail from TNT when your game(s) start and you'll want to visit them as soon as you can, you'll then see a list of the games and who your opponent is. It will also show you if it is your turn or not. First things first if it's your turn you'll want to make a move. Next the main thing you want to do is actually complete a game and to do that the best thing to do is arrange a time with your opponent over neomail when you're both able to play. Failing that just check back as often as possible to see if it's time for you to move yet or not. One of the most well known facts about these games is that a lot of people sign up and then never bother to play. If your opponent goes 24 hours without moving then you can click the Move or Lose button and it will send them a reminder. If they don't move for another 24 hours after that you'll get an I Win button, for an automatic win. Yet another reason to make sure you check back to your games regularly!

12 & 13) Illusen & Jhudora Quests. Ah, our first High Score Table trophies! Two things to keep in mind with these trophies, you can only go for one or the other in a month, and while you don't technically need to start on the 1st of the month, it will be a lot easier for you if you do. Another thing to remember is that you'll need to be able to complete a quest approximately every 12 hours, which is where most people slip up. However if you're quick then you should only need to keep this up for a few days, or a week or so if you're going for gold. You'll want to complete your first quest (ideally at level 1) as early on the 1st of the month that you can, and then remember to come back as close to 12 hours later as possible to complete the next quest. And keep up in the pattern until you get your trophy. Your score depends on how quickly you complete the quest so speed is definitely an issue, but even if you're not the quickest around as long as you remember to complete your two quests a day you'll be on your way to the trophy as more and more people stop completing the quests or miss one out.

14) Battlefield Legends. And we're on to our first flash game trophy! This game has a max score, which you achieve by playing on the hardest level and making sure none of the enemies get past you to the other side. However getting the score is only half the battle. You'll then be put on to spot 100 on the high score table, and then every time someone else sends in a max score, you'll move up 1 place. You then need to rely on luck and hope that you are in the top 17 places (a.k.a. the trophy spots) when trophies are awarded at night. And if not? Well, there's always next month ^^

15) Ugga Drop. This game also has a max score, which you achieve by being the first to land correctly each time. However unlike Battlefield Legends, if you achieve the score then you are guaranteed a trophy that night, and it will be shiny and gold! It takes a bit of practice, but when you get used to learning when to use your parachute you shouldn't have too much trouble.

16) Clockwork Codebreaker. Last but not least. ^^ This works exactly the same as the Ugga Drop trophy does, and there's just 3 levels with no time limit to complete to get the max score. It works the same as the board game Mastermind, or the other Neopian game, Time Tunnel. With a bit of luck you should get through those 3 levels and you'll have another shiny gold trophy!

And there we have it, 16 easy(ish) trophies to aim for, and hopefully a good idea of where to start when beginning your trophy collection. Remember the first row is the most intimidating to complete, so focus on getting those first 8 and you'll be off to a flying start!

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