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Remember to Visit the Forgotten Shore

by trubiekatie


With Krawk Island safely discovered and Gavril McGill watching from the Governor's Mansion, it was about time we learnt more about this new map. Classics like the Academy and the Golden Dubloon were safely recovered and new parts such as Warf Wharf were discovered. And who's kidding who, everyone is wondering what that Keep Out! sign is doing on the smaller island.

But across from the Smuggler's Cove is a beach, with a sunken ship and seemingly nothing there. However, on further inspection, we find that we are at the Forgotten Shore! But before you can reap any of the benefits it can provide you, you should probably learn all about it.

What is It?

Well, that, my friends, is a good question! It was evidently forgotten about and now that it has been discovered, the Shore is rewarding Neopians each and every day. But, as you go to the shore, nothing happens. Don't worry -- that's to be expected! You need to collect all 9 pieces of the Forgotten Shore Map to gain access to the beach before it will start rewarding you. Once all the pieces are obtained and redeemed, only then can you get your daily prize and your cash reward for completing the map!

The map itself depicts the Forgotten Shore, highlighting the jungle in the top 3 pieces, the beach in the middle and the sunken ship in the bottom. I think this is one of the best looking maps out there, likely because it has a new and updated art style.

Looks pretty, don't it!

How to Obtain!

So you want the daily, the chance at a new avatar or the pride of saying you finished another map set? Well, look no further as I enlighten you as to how the map pieces can be acquired. There are 5 ways:

1. Shop Wizard

2. Auctions

3. Trading Post

4. Anchor Management

5. Money Tree

The Shop Wizard and Auctions are the best way to obtain individual pieces, but if you're looking to buy the whole set in one swoop, the Trading Post is your best bet. The entire map now costs 3,000 NP, but each piece can range from 10-100 NP in shops and in the auctions. Be wary of searching in the shops! Each piece is not given a unique name (for example Forgotten Shore Map Piece 1). If you search, you will see just the Forgotten Shore Map Piece. Double check the pieces you already have before buying!

For those seeking the absolute cheapest alternative, the giant tentacle hovering around the Krawk Island anchor that you fire at daily can now award you with map pieces! All 9 are obtainable this way, but not guaranteed. This is a much more tedious process, but it is definitely the cheapest alternative. You can also try waiting around at the Money Tree and seeing what pieces get dropped. Since many people have excess pieces, they donate them to those who still need the map.

A word of caution: at first glance, one of the prizes (Forgotten Shore Background) looks awfully similar to the middle map pieces. If you are buying pieces from shops, make sure you are actually buying a piece and not the background instead!

So Now What?

You have gotten all 9 pieces and now you have successful completed the map! Make your way over to the Treasure Map Redemption page and collect your 10,000 NP reward! Enjoy the congratulations, but fear not, you've still got rewards to claim! Make your way to the Forgotten Shore via the Krawk Island map and click anywhere on the shoreline. You will be randomly awarded prizes each day that you click on the shore. Yes, it is random. There is a chance you won't get an item or reward one day, or even several days in a row. Your map isn't broken – that's how these things run. Don't panic and run in circles if you don't get something! Be patient and one day, you will find something in the sand. There are many different prizes available, which I've listed below. They are ranked from the worst to the best prizes.


Ancient Peophin Maractite Coin


Round Maractite Coin


Earrings of the Deep


Necklace of the Deep


Forgotten Shore Background


Neopoints (2,000, 5,000 or 10,000)


Discovered Treasure Chest


Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion


Pirate Draik Egg

The coolest prize is the Discovered Treasure Chest. It's actually the treasure that keeps on giving! When you open the chest, you will find a new prize (that replaces the chest). Many are booby prizes (have almost no worth), but can range into high-end Pirate Morphing Potions! If you're feeling lucky and want to chance it, try opening the chest if you happen to find one.

There are also 4 new stamp related items! Whether you're just starting your collection or looking to fill out the Maractite Coins or the Treasures of the Deep page, these four additions will surely help you work towards that goal of being the best Stamp Collector!

There may be an additional prize, but it is random for those who try, so good luck! Clearly the most valuable prize is the rare Pirate Draik Egg. I like getting just a simple bag of neopoints, since I can use it for whatever I please! The background looks great on all Neopets and is a lovely reminder of the Forgotten Shore. With a nice sandy appeal, this is great for any pirate look. All these items can be sold, traded or bought with no troubles. Remember, each day anything can happen, so check back and collect your goodies!

Hopefully after reading this, you will understand a bit more about this new map and the goodies it awaits! For stamp collectors, there are some new additions, so hopefully you can work towards that shiny trophy. For customization lovers, enjoy the new background for your pets! One can only hope that this Forgotten Shore will lead to some of the mysteries of the Keep Out! island that is currently empty. But if not, it's another daily, courtesy of Krawk Island's disappearance. Good luck collecting and enjoy this new daily!

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