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Stowaway Sting Made Easy!

by fullyalive2


Have you had trouble obtaining the deckswabber avatar since before the game was even called Stowaway Sting? Many Neopians consider this one of the "hard" game avatars, but I'm here to tell you it's as simple as 1, 2, 3! Or should I say Health, Gems and Strategy. The following guide should help you in obtaining this adorable bouncing avatar, and maybe even earn you a trophy!

So, where to start? First things first, make sure you turn the music off, but keep the sound on. The sound lets you know when diamonds and bags appear and can be very helpful! Play the first few levels a couple of times so you get used to the controls and how the game works.

You will play as the character Scrap and basically you're trying to collect as much treasure as you can before the timer runs out while steering clear of the 'thugs'. Don't worry it's not as hard as it sounds :)

Bad things to watch out for:

1. Thugs

2. Box of Spears: These take away your health when you step on them, so try to avoid them as much as possible!

3. Sinkhole: Do NOT step in one of these! If you do, it's game over! Use caution when you're near one of these.

Good things:

1. Bags: They are worth 20 points each.

2. Diamonds: They are worth 50 points each and don't show up until level 3!

3. Game Code: You can use the code scrap once per game to gain all your health back! Thank you TNT! ;)

Make sure you don't just try to finish the level as fast as you can without paying attention to the treasure! You need those points more than you need the time bonus!

Let's begin!

Level One

This is a very easy level. There is a maximum of 4 bags in this level and you need to get them all! My suggestion is to step on all the blocks except one in the middle. So when you are waiting to get the last bag you are in the middle of the board, with only once space needed to complete the level.

You should have 162-171 points by the end of Level One.


  • 4 bags
  • 162-171 points

Level Two

Don't panic, this level is still easy too!

You are thrown a few obstacles you have to get by: One thug, boxes of spears and a sink hole.

The biggest thing to worry about in level two is not to lose any health except for clearing the two spaces at the far right of the level. You will be happy you have more health in later levels - believe me.

In this level I clear all the spaces except for the two higher ones on the far right. That way I can safely navigate though the level past the thug, and get all the bags then go and finish off the last two to complete the level.

You need to collect 5 bags in this level before you complete it!

You should have 336-345 points by the end of Level Two.


  • 5 bags
  • 336-345 points
  • Almost at full health.

Level Three

It starts to get a little more complicated in Level Three, but keep calm and focus on the game!


Two Thugs

6 Sinkholes

Boxes of Spears

You will be losing some health in this level, but do not let it get under gold/yellow! You don't want to use your code this early in the game!

You need to keep your eye on the timer! If it helps get to this level a couple of times and practice navigating around it, until you feel comfortable and go at a nice pace. You will need to be quick and accurate for later levels.

The thugs are fairly easy to avoid, you may need to step on them once to get to a diamond or bag if there's no alternative route.

You need to get a total of 5 bags and a maximum of 2 diamonds in this level. The diamonds appear randomly so you may not get two or even one! If you don't get at least one I'd start over. The good thing is the first two levels are easy to re-do!

You should have 555-615 points at the end of this level

(Don't worry if your score is a little bit lower!)


  • 5 bags
  • 1-2 diamonds
  • 555-615 points
  • Health not farther then gold/yellow. (between the A and L is about as far as it should go)

Level Four

Level four is when they introduce what I call the "changing tiles". All this means is that after the tiles turn blue, if you step on them again they turn blank.


Two Thugs

Boxes of Spears

One Sinkhole

Luckily there is a nice little trick I like to use on these levels!

You may notice that which was once a blue square is now blank again after you landed on it twice. A quick, easy way to get it back to blue is to walk towards the wall! You won't go anywhere but your tile will turn blue! This seems like a simple thing that might not help much, but believe me it does.

This is nice to use when a bag shows up and you need to get it and change the tile back to blue.

This next tip is a big more complicated, but bear with me!

You should eventually get to the point where every space is blue except for the one you will step on to finish the level. But what happens when a bag appears on the other side of the screen?! Simply go to the bag and even if it's not on a wall keep going until you get to the wall space nearest the bag. Then use the trick above and walk towards the wall to change it back blue and follow your path back to change all the others back to blue. Then from there you can go to the next bag and repeat the process until you have all 5.

Use this idea throughout the level and you should be fine! Be sure to collect 5 bags, sometime you may be able to get 6. Diamonds randomly show up in this level as well, get them if you see them! Your health should be about the same as it was from the last level, unless you had to lose some to quickly get a diamond. You shouldn't use your code yet!


  • 5-6 Bags
  • 0-2 Diamonds
  • 800-925 points
  • Again if you're a little under it's okay!

Level Five

This level can be a bit complicated and many people end up losing the game. Just stay calm, use my tips and you should be fine!


Two Thugs

Two Sinkholes

Boxes of Spears

If your health is between the H and the E you should use the scrap code! Why not just wait for a heart? Because the heart takes place of the diamonds! The points are more important!

See the left side of the board? I always turn all those tiles blue first because you have to go over the tiles a few times, so get it out of the way first! If a bag happens to appear over there, use the trick I told you about in level 3, backtrack, backtrack, backtrack!

Try to get at least 5 bags, 4 will work if you've been lucky with the diamonds.


  • 5+ Bags
  • 0-2 Diamonds
  • Almost full health (if you used the code) If not, above where you should use the code.
  • 1000-1170 points

You should know by now not to worry if you're a little under. ;)

Level Six

Doesn't this level look familiar? ;) You should be an expert at navigating through this level now! It's the exact same as level 3! The only difference is the tiles change. But you already know how to deal with those.

Again like in level three try to get 5 bags, and up to two diamonds! Keep part of it blank, which is where you'll finish.

Watch your health and time! If you're getting low on health a heart may appear instead of a diamond, get it!

You should have enough points for the avatar at the end or during this level. If so, congratulations!! If you don't, keep going!

Level Seven

I'm not going to lie, this level is pretty difficult. Instead of the tiles just changing blue, you have to go over them again to change them green. On top of that, if you step on the green they turn blank again! But thankfully you shouldn't have to finish the level to get the avatar score!

Your only goal in this level should be to get the bags and diamonds to get up to the avatar score! Good luck! :)

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