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Best Commemorative Items In Neopia

by darkobsession


Reminiscing over the past years, we witnessed lots and lots of events, games, and plots The Neopets Team put together for our merriment and enjoyment. Some are fun, like The Altador Cup, and some were troublesome, like battles and wars. Either way, TNT felt that these events are ought to be remembered after they're over, thus releasing some items to commemorate them.

In this article I will try to list of the best commemorative items that exist in Neopia, with a brief history of each of them. It will be divided into two categories: Neopoint items and NC items.


Neopoint Items

Terror Mountain Tilt Commemorative Cake

A cake dedicated to a game. That's highly unlikely, but due to the fact that this game is a huge advancement in the world of graphics, it does deserve its own commemoration. The cake is huge, and resembles the game platform, complete with a frosting Igloo and candy canes, and the safety net is made of chocolate.

Commemorative Altador Cup Autograph Book

I can easily see why this is a very popular item. Dedicated Altador Cup fans would all love to have their favorite Yooyuball players' autographs. I can imagine multitudes of fan girls running after Tandrak Shaye or Garven Hale, trying to get them to sign this book. Don't get snobbish if you managed to get a few autographs, though; the Techo Fan-atic has them all, since the first cup.

Commemorative Epic Lithograph

Remember when Xandra made the sky fall down on our heads, literally? If your answer is "No" then you have no business here. Move along. Wait, I'm only joking. This Lithograph would be of good use to you anyway, even if you didn't live that dreadful day. If you did actually witness it, then you must remember it was epic! A scene of such horror and intensity that it will be forever remembered as one of the biggest highlights of Neopian history. TNT decided to commemorate this scene with this fine lithograph. It's made with very fine detail and epicness, and framed appropriately with the exact date of the happening, to take place on your wall. Hang it in your Neohome as a remembrance that in moments of weakness, Evil may triumph. A bit of a downside, though: it is not mass-marketed, as it was a prize for participating in the plot, so it doesn't come cheap (then again, it shouldn't be).

2nd Annual Neopies Awards Commemorative Program

The first ever Neopies was a hit. But despite its success, and like many other events in their first year, it didn't get enough attention from the players, and many were not aware of it. Neopians got nothing from voting, except for a ribbon. But with a new sponsorship deal and lots of media coverage, the second Neopies created a buzz which lasted for months, especially with the new added categories due to the abundance of events that year (Atlas of the Ancients plot, new avatars, new games, etc.) Voting in that particular year earned you a nice Neopies souvenir. It was the one and only year where special items were created for the Neopies. One of these souvenirs was the commemorative program, which held info on all the contestants: their personal lives, their public appearances, meets-and-greets and lots and lots of coloured pictures. I'm sure those who got this book will treasure it forever! If you don't have it yet, you can still find old copies for a reasonable price on the Shop Wizard.

Altador Cup Commemorative Stamps

The Altador Cup committee signed a deal with The Neopian Post Office to release a commemorative stamp for the first time after ACV, and it was released as one of the higher value prizes. It was a huge hit and a new tradition started. Similar stamps were released for ACVI and ACVII as well; The ACVI being my favorite due to its unique non-round design and the Yooyu displayed on it. I think The ACVII one is the most elegant, though.

Hubrid Nox Commemorative Stamp

A fine portrait of Hubrid Nox during his glory days. In my opinion, this is the best commemorative NP item ever. It pays tribute to the legendary cult hero of modern Neopia. Before the Faeries Ruin plot, he was just an ordinary villain doing ordinary villain stuff (like turning neopets into ghosts) and getting defeated by Magax on a regular basis.

However, his untimely demise at the hands of Xandra, who tricked the poor fellow and framed him, has become a sad event for many Neopians, and his past misdeeds were forgiven to honor his memory. His sacrifice has finally redeemed him.



Commemorative Birthday Cupcake Costume

It's not the best of costumes, but it's so cute (and yummy). For their tenth birthday, TNT designed this wearable so your pet can jump INTO the cake, and not out of it. Well, technically, your Neopet would BE the cake. Cupcake enthusiasts were very delighted, and made their pets wear this costume for months on end. It was really funny watching all those Grarrls and Elephantes dragging their bodies around, parading as pink frosting. Not to mention the candle on top. Hilarious!

Commemorative Hall of Heroes Background

This brilliant background will allow you to experience the grandeur of Altador's Hall of Heroes. Their watchful eyes will be upon you, and you can even feel like one of these brave ones yourself. (Luckily the angry Yurble janitor is nowhere to be seen here.)

Commemorative Battle For Meridell Garland

Remember the battle for Meridell ? it was a vicious war, and deserves to be honoured with this simple, yet elegant garland. Although Brightvale didn't actively take part in it, King Skarl kindly decided to invite his brother and entire court to celebrate the anniversary together from now on, and it is one of the rare occasions the two kingdoms unite under one banner.

Commemorative Neopets Games Room Background

Another reason why the NC Mall is so awesome. This background will take you back in time; To year one to be exact. At that time, the Games Room was nothing but a closet with a few shelves, and most of the featured "games" were not even real games by today's definitions, such as the Battledome, the Trading Card game, the original Treasure Map, and the Stock Market. The choices were very limited: Kacheek Seek, Techo Says, and Kiko Match were amongst the first games created. (And yes, that is indeed a green alien creature in a flying saucer hovering over the top left corner.) This background makes me very, very nostalgic indeed.

Commemorative Unidentified P3 Infestation Background

Honestly, I fail to understand the logic of why would anyone want to remember this horrendous event, especially that it is still very recent and we haven't had time to recover from that emotional trauma yet. What trauma you might ask? You must be new here, or got your memory erased by Dr. Sloth.

Last summer, during the Daily Dare challenge, Roo Island was suddenly covered with an army of swarming ugly purple bugs. 6,714,556 of them to be exact. Neopians were flailing around with nets and bug spray trying to catch them, but it wasn't until King Roo himself reappeared with a device designed by Tangor, and was able to debug his island. This eventually led to a complete remodelling of Roo Island and a new Games Room design. My advice is: if you insist on using this background, stay alert! These bugs will be all over the place in a matter of seconds.

Invasion of Neopia Commemorative Background

This is why the NC Mall rocks. One word: EPIC!!

This was the first battle ever. Dr. Sloth invaded Neopia in Year One. Who was Dr. Sloth? What did he want? How did he obtain all that technology? How did Neopians defend themselves, being so young, fragile and unarmed? It's all ancient history to us now, and some of us might snicker at the mention of Dr. Sloth, but back then, the danger was imminent, real, and unknown! He would've done it too and won - if it weren't for the Space Faerie. In my opinion, this is the best commemorative item ever, as we must always remember that treachery, and our victory against all odds.


Thus ends my essay on the best commemorative items in Neopia. Of course, there are more to be released in years to come, and I believe we should all try and collect as many of those as we can, as they bring back lots of sentiments and memories of times past. Plus, they are all limited editions, and would be of great value one day.

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