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Planning a Valentines Day Picnic

by fleur_garden


Would you like to show your friends and family how much you care about them? Do you find most Valentines Day ideas overused or too expensive? Then this choice is the one for you!

In this article you will learn how to plan a Valentines Day picnic, what sort of invitations to send out, and the best food choices to pack. Let the special pets in your life know how much you love and appreciate them in an creative (not to mention yummy!) way. Let us jump right in!


Send out invitations at Neoschool, mail letters to friends or tell your family members to reserve the date. A nice idea for invitations is a typical valentine. To make this, simply fold a red piece of paper in half, sketch out a half heart shape and cut along the side. Add lace, doilies and glitter if you wish. Including a sweet poem or rhyme is a great addition. Make sure to put the time, place and date.

Want to send out Valentines that have that homemade look without making them yourself? "Homemade Valentines Day Card" is a fantastic option. Alternatives include: "Heart Swirl Valentines Card" "Pop-Up Valentine" and "Ghostkerchief Greeting Card".

Finding the Right Spot

This depends on where you live of coarse- if you inhabit one of the warmer regions of Neopia then you are in luck! If you are from Happy Valley, Haunted Woods or other such locations you might consider taking a ferry ride to Roo Island and Kiko Lake or trekking to Tyrannia. These locations are easy to access and are generally warm this time of year.

When setting up camp my personal choices for turf would be the top of a hill, a meadow or a riverside field. Check the local forecast in advance to be certain weather conditions are satisfactory.

What Food to Pack

I would argue this to be the most enjoyable step! Head over to your local food store and scour the isles for interesting choices. Try picking out a food you have never tried before, or shopping locally at your farmers market for in season snacks.

Picnic crowd pleasers: "Cucumber Tea Sandwiches", "Potato Salad", "Raspberry Basket", "Wocky Veggies and Dip" "Cheese and Grapes" "Jug of Fresh Lemonade" and a hot thermos of tea.

For sweets I suggest: "Dark Chocolate Hearts" "Heart Petit Fours" "Valentines Muffin" "Card Suit Cupcakes" "Iced Bundt Cake" "Chocolate Cream Puffs" "Vanilla Cream Puffs" "Berry Tarts" and "Heart Shaped Fruit Tart".

Heart shaped foods are a plus! Don't worry If you are short on neopoints- ask your guests to contribute to the feast and bring their own dishes.

Deciding on the Right Basket.

A picnic basket is a simple item that can really make an impression. It is probably best to steer away from small options like "Little Red Riding Hood Krawk Basket" and hampers suited for other uses like "Ruki Flower Vendor Basket" or "Basket of Yarn". The best choices would be large ones like: "Gnorbu Basket" and "Little Red Riding Hood Cybunny Basket". You can never go wrong with "Woven Picnic Hamper".

Bonus: Don't to pack: paper cups, paper plates, eating utensils and napkins. Remember to pack your trusty picnic blanket too.

What to Wear

You've put a lot of effort into your event and you want to look your best. . Now is a great time to bring out the red and pink, invite your friends and family to do the same. Wearing sweets and candy themed attire is wonderful! If you are aiming to look dapper sport a Red Bow tie and monocle.

Here are a few more ideas for attire:

  • (NC) clothes: "Cupcake Skirt", "Captain Valentine Jacket", "Prissy Miss Valentine Dress", "Valentine Tuxedo Top", and "Valentine Capelet"
  • For Baby Pets : (all NC items) "Valentine baby Bonnet", "Valentine Baby Dummy", "Baby Valentine Blankie", and "Baby Valentine Wings"
  • NP attire (suitable for all species): "Valentines Earrings" , "Heart Shaped Earrings", "Candy Heart Necklace", "Berry Splattered Apron", "Hannah's Red Undershirt", "Red Derby", "Red Striped Vest", "Stylish Red Purse", "Fancy Frock Coat", "Fancy Pink Gown", "Flowery Pink Parasol", "Pink and Green Sun Hat", and "My Sisters Frilly Skirt".

Planning Activities

If you decide on having your picnic a day or two prior to the 14th, making Valentine Cards is a lovely idea! Bring lots of supplies like "Construction Paper Variety Pack" glitter, glue, sparkles, and doilies (don't forget scissors!) After your guests have eaten their meal, you can all gather around and make cards for each other.

Play the Chocolate tasting game. All you need is a variety box of chocolates and a healthy dose of fearlessness. Just pass the box around and ask each pet to guess what flavor they are about to eat. See how often you are right!

Yet another fun idea is to read books and poetry aloud. Practice reading passages in fancy voices, or show off your poetry reciting skills. This activity is just about as sentimental as they come!

Considering your Guests

Do some of your friends have allergies? Then it is wise to include alternative food choices. "Rice Crackers" and "Gluten Free Snack Basket" are tasty items for your Gluten Free friends. "Kau Kau Farm Soy Milk" and "Jelly Milk" are sweet options for those who avoid Dairy.

If you have some younger guests present, it is very kind to provide meal choices for them. "Chokato Baby Food" "Lemon Meringue Baby Food" and "Baby Shoyru Baby Bottle" are smart selections.

Sugar free? No problem. "Sugar-Free Tooth Faerie Cake" is the pastry for you!

Bonus: If you are feeling generous, hand out paper bags at the end of your picnic party and allow guests to take home leftover treats.

Lastly enjoy yourself! This should go without saying, but I will say it anyway; forget about having the perfect picnic, or making the best impression. Relax and have fun with your friends. The best way to pass the time is to recall old stories of how you all met each other. Sure, gifts are great but kind words can go a very long way. Have you told the people close to you that you love them?

I hope you enjoyed this article! Have a very happy Valentines Day!

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