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Path to Destiny: Part Three

by dragonwolf8


I flicked my ears; the little petpet was hardly scary and too small to be any threat to me.

      "Thanks for that," I said, not knowing if he would understand me or not. He relaxed a bit and I realised he was just scared of me. I bent my head down to his level and he cautiously sniffed me before rearing onto his hind legs and jumping onto my head. He fluttered his tiny, dark blue wings and chirped triumphantly as he sat between my shoulders, just above my backpack. I couldn't help laughing a little at the young Faellie's reaction.

      "So what's your name, little one?" I asked. He gave a little grumble and I realised that since he didn't have a neopets to take care of him, he probably didn't have a name. "Hm... How about..." I paused, turning my head back to look at the starry petpet to think of a name. His eyes were bright, sky blue while his fur was as dark as midnight, speckled with shining golden stars and his paws and tail-tip were pure white. He was small with big ears and comparatively big wings and a bushy tail that fluttered in the wind. "Does Snow sound good to you?" I asked.

      He barked a little before nodding and wagging his tail. "Well, Snow, I'm Dawn. I'm going on an adventure. Wanna come with me?" He let out another bark and wagged his tail and I was flooded with relief that I didn't have to do this alone.

      I padded through the woods that were now dowsed in glorious golden sunlight, listening to the whispers in the wind and the soft breathing of Snow as he fell asleep on my back. The only creatures I saw were petpets chirping in the trees and the occasional neopet or person on a walk in the woods. The grass was soft under my paws and the cool breeze made the walk pleasant. When the sun got high in the afternoon, I decided to fly the rest of the way.

      With the breeze at my back, flowing under my wings, the journey was fairly easy. The wind kept carrying me up into the clouds and I hardly had to move my wings at all since the air itself seemed to be doing all the work.

      Snow chirped as he woke up and stretched, and then he spread his feathery, midnight blue wings and flew beside me; dashing and diving around me, barking with joy. I couldn't help sharing the Faellie's excitement; I was actually doing this! I was free! I could go anywhere and do anything I wanted and I had a friend by my side. I dived down, below the clouds and looked at the scenery below. I had no idea how long I'd been flying but the sky was flooded with blazing orange light and I turned my head back to see the glorious sun bowing behind the horizon to rest till tomorrow morning.

      The sky above our heads was going deep violet and the silver moon started to peer into the sky. Down below was a strange mix of desert planes and frosty mountains and beyond that I could see a distant mass of ocean. I yawned and felt Snow land on my backpack and give a loud, high pitched yawn. I took a deep breath before tilting my wings down and letting gravity pull me down into the desert.

      I felt exhilarated as the air rushed past me and I couldn't help the grind spreading across my muzzle. I closed my eyes and let myself dive towards the land. I could vaguely hear Snow yap in annoyance as he scrambled to keep hold of my backpack. I opened my eyes again and realised how close I was to the ground. With a startled gasp and quickly jerked up and fluttered my wings as hard as I could and ended up only just hovering above the sand, my tail brushing it lightly.

      Snow growled, the fur on his back standing on end and his tail bristled before he jumped off my back pack and stumbled around on the sand.

      "Sorry about that! Next time you can go inside my backpack." I sighed, my voice slightly hoarse from my throat drying in the air. I landed softly but somewhat ungracefully as I stumbled around, trying to find my land legs. The sand was rough and warm and small stones mixed into it scraped my paws as I looked around, trying to find shelter. To the north I could see the silhouettes of large, snowy mountains looming above the desert. The sky behind it was mostly twilight-purple but the horizon was edged with orange light glowing dimly from the fading sunset. Snow yawned and I put my backpack down, opening it up and letting the petpet crawl in it and curl up to sleep.

      Before closing the zipper, I took out my journal and the map and lay them both out on the sand. Unfurling the map, I placed a claw carefully on the part that showed the desert and the mountains. Judging by how far the mountains looked I guessed I was on the southern edge or the desert, closer to the water. Lutari Island wasn't far now.

      I opened up my journal and took out the pencil, beginning to document my journey...

      'Dear Journal,

      I've reached the unnamed desert near the mountains and the ocean. Not far before I reach my destination. Also, I've found a friend; a feisty starry Faellie who I named Snow. I'm a little uneasy; I know next to nothing about this place and can only guess about from my knowledge of the Lost Desert. I should go now, before something realises I'm here.'

      I quickly and carefully put the map and the journal back in my bag so I didn't wake Snow and slipped it on my back. I stared around, not seeing shelter anywhere near me and the desert was now pricked with shadows and starlight and the moon looked huge here. This desert was wild; no civilisation as far as I knew and the sky was glorious. Stars specked the sky like frosty dew drops and the huge, spherical moon spilled silver light over the flat expanse of sand. Only silvery wisps of cloud whisked across the vast sky for fleeting heartbeats and every now and then I could see a Batterfly cross past the moon. It was silent aside from the quiet whisper of the wind.

      As beautiful as the scenery was, I knew it wasn't safe. My paws were sore and my wings drooped; I had to find a place to rest. The cold breeze ruffled my fur and I shivered before deciding to dig a little hole in the sand and rest there, as tired as I was. I clawed at the ground, tossing silver-tinted sand behind me and when the hollow was deep enough, I curled into a little ball, thrusting my tail around me to keep warm and closed my eyes. That instant, sleep engulfed me like a tidal wave.

      I had no dreams that night, just rest as the desert swept around me and the moon watched over me until the sun peeked over the horizon.

      I blinked myself awake and stretched, shaking the sand from my fur. I heard Snow unzip the backpack from the inside and peek his head out to see what had happened. My muscles felt stiff from the chill of the night but the sand was somewhat warm and I knew that as the sun rose it would warm up. A lot.

      Snow and I ate a little bit of food and drank some water before we set off. I fluttered my wings, throwing up clouds of sand behind me, before jetting off into the clear, dry, empty air, towards the glimmer of ocean in the distance. My wings felt sore from flying so much the day before and I found myself getting a headache as the temperature changed. The sun showered the desert with golden light and the very air quivered with heat as it got higher.

      I started panting and Snow had hidden back inside my bag to shield him from the heat. I slowly found myself floating to the sand until I landed, sweat dripping down my fur. I sat down, breathing deeply as the sun had gotten its highest and the ocean was much clearer now. I suddenly felt much more exhausted, as if another step would be just too much and the heat made my limbs tremble.

      I was about to give up when a shadow passed over me. I looked up, afraid I would just see the sun and go blind, but instead, I saw a shape silhouetted against the bright sky. It had broad, tattered wings and dark purple fur but that was all I could see from where I was. The creature finally landed next to me and I could see it clearly.

      It was a Darigan Lupe with deep purple fur, a mane of paler fur running from her head to her shoulders and golden eyes with deep blue pupils. In the depths of her gaze, I could tell she was wiser than her age and when she turned her head to face me, I could see three deep scars running along the side of her face and I shivered. She was wearing a golden necklace around her neck that had a blue gem on the front that seemed to be tinted with darkness slightly. Her claws glinted menacingly in the sunlight and her bush tail swished behind her.

      "Wh-Who are you?" I growled, trying to sound confident but the Lupe was much bigger than me and looked like she'd been in more than one fight.

To be continued...

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