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Path to Destiny: Part Two

by dragonwolf8


"Lady Dawn? Dinner is ready." It was Lucy, the red Lenny.

      "Could you bring it up here?" I asked. I didn't want to face my owner right now; I didn't want to know what he would do with me.

      "I'm sorry; the master has asked specifically that you come down."

      "Ugh... Fine..." I groaned and listened to the Lenny's footsteps fade down the stairs. I was determined not to let Bob think he'd won so I cleaned up my fur and made sure my eyes were dry and clear before unlocking the door and going down the stairs; purposefully taking my time.

      "Decided to join me?" I heard Bob's voice as I reached the table. He didn't have any other pets and the servants ate downstairs in the basement so it was just me and my owner.

      "I'm here, aren't I?" I replied coolly. I sat at the table and began eating the gourmet meal.

      "I want to forget what you did today," he began. I glanced up at him for a moment but continued to eat until he spoke again. Until then, the only sound was the clanking of cutlery on plates as we ate.

      "I really am. But to do that, you have to apologise." I froze as he spoke. "There will be no more arguments, no more defiance and no more crazy talk of adventure or whatever it is. You will keep your NC wear on and walk on your hind legs like a civilized pet and will never use your wings unless necessary. Have I made myself clear?" he asked and I put my fork down and looked him straight in the eye.

      "Yes. You've made yourself very clear."


      "But that doesn't mean I agree." With that note, I left the table and flew upstairs, the orange sunset light reflecting off my shimmering wings and creating pretty patterns on the thick, furry, red carpet. I swung my door open and slammed it behind me, locking it tight before slinking towards my window.

      I had meant what I said. I was going, weather my owner liked it or not.

      I got a small backpack from my bag draw, stuffed a map of Neopia, some food, a bottle of water and a journal with a little pencil attached to a string that was tied to the spine of the book. The sky was going purple by the time I flung my backpack on and opened my wide window. I stood on the windowsill and thought for a moment, taking in the view. The woods below were tinted orange and gold by the fading rays of the sun, the horizon was blazing like fire and the rest of the sky was deep violet with little silver stars peeking out from the darkness.

      This was it.

      I fluttered my wings and leapt off the windowsill and hovered in the air for a moment before jetting off in the opposite direction of the sunset, heading south-east towards Lutari Island. The woods below were quiet but a mixture of excitement and fear were conflicting in my heart. Was I doing the right thing? My owner would never take me back if he found out that I'd done something like this; there was still time to turn back and pretend nothing had happened, apologise to Bob and obey his every order. But I knew I'd be betraying everything I believed in if I did that. No. This was the path I had chosen, and there was no turning back.

      As much as I knew what I was doing, I couldn't imagine doing it alone. In the rush of leaving, I had forgotten to take any NP with me so there was no hope of travelling with a petpet. I shook my head to dislodge the fearsome thoughts that threatened to overwhelm me and concentrated on the wing brushing through my fur and the fresh air that wreathed around me.

      Night fell over Neopia Central like a thick blanket and shy stars peeked their silver faces around the proud, shining moon. I landed in the woods that were bathed with soft moonlight that made the glossy green leaves and blades of grass gleam in the darkness. I never knew that the woods were so pretty at night; Bob never let me out when it got dark but it was actually quite peaceful and beautiful here.

      I sat at the base of a tall, old oak tree and but may backpack down beside me, taking in the scenery. I took out my journal and pencil and began to write...

      'Dear Journal,

      I have finally made my escape and begun my journey, heading towards the water between Lutari Island and Moltara. I'm no longer doing this for a good mark at school, or even proving others wrong about the continuing stereotype about rich pets; especially faeries. I am now doing this for me. To find myself and where I truly belong. My owner never cared for me, he only cared about appearance and how he could show me off to others.

      Right now, I'm in the woods near Neopia Central. I never thought it could look so beautiful at night. Tomorrow morning, I will set off again... alone. I admit, this journey is scary to me, but I have to be brave if I ever want to find my destiny. I've chosen the path of my heart, and will follow through to the end...'

      After I finished writing, I closed the book and slipped it into my bag before closing my eyes and taking a deep breath; this was really happening. I was going to find where I really belonged.

      I curled up in the lush grass, the sound of petpetpets and other small night creatures gently lulling me to sleep.

      My dreams were a mixture of sea and storm, hot and cold, good and bad. Through the swirl of all these different things I saw two glowing, golden eyes with deep blue irises and a small lantern glowing warmly in the background, being held on the tail of a sleep, feline shape.

      I blinked myself awake to be greeted by a blur of dim colours. I rubbed my eyes with one paw and my vision cleared, revealing a thin mist that hung over the woods as dawn arrived. I stood up and stretched, the memory of my dreams fading like the morning mist itself but amongst the thin slivers of mist was a warm, glowing light in the distance.

      I cocked my head and quickly slipped on my backpack before running after it, my wings too damp from morning dew to fly. I was still quick on my light paws but as I got closer to the light, it got further, as if it wanted me to follow it somewhere. But I persisted on and the silhouette became clearer. Or should I say silhouettes?

      One was the lithe feline shape from my dream, glowing green eyes blinked in the dim morning light but there was a larger for behind it. The second form looked like a large Lupe with broad wings folded beside it and gold and blue eyes gleamed through the mist. For a moment, the strangers gaze lay on me before they both got further and disappeared all together. I ran fast but the grass was damp so I slipped and skidded into a small clearing, where the shapes used to be.

      "Hello? Anyone here?" I called out, but my voice echoed harmlessly off the trees with no response. I looked around but there was no evidence of anyone other than me being here recently. I shrugged maybe I had just imagined it. But suddenly, I felt a chill go down my spine, as if I was being watched.

      My fur started to bristle as I spun around wildly looking for the source of this cold feeling. "Come out!" I snarled, assuming whatever it was could hear me.

      "L-Lady Dawn?"

      I finally saw Lucy, the red Lenny poke her long beak out from behind a tree. She indignantly brushed away some leaves from her feathers and quickly came over to me.

      "The master has been looking for you all over town! You must come back!" she squawked. I froze and gazed at the Lenny before shaking my head, stubbornly.

      "I've made my choice. I'm not going back." I growled coldly and fear flashed in the Lenny's eyes.

      "I'm sorry... He says it is not up for discussion. You must come back!" she persisted and I started to get angry.

      "I said, NO."

      Suddenly, a screech split the air as a small blue shape flew at Lucy and the Lenny jumped with a startled squawk. Red feathers flew as the creature snapped at her but she threw it off and ran away, screaming and yelling. I stared down at the furry blue shape that was bundled on the wet grass in front of me.

      I bent my head to it and was shocked to realise that the feisty creature was a starry Faellie. He sat up and shook his head, showing he had many tears in in his ears and old scars on him muzzle. I had always assumed Faellies were quiet, cute bundles of fun but this one proved me wrong! He looked up at me with wide, sky-blue eyes and bared his little teeth at me and growled.

To be continued...

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