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Top 11 Underrated Royal Girl Pets

by flufflepuff


Since the birth of the Royal Paint Brush in Year 6, Neopia has been blessed by the grace and charm of many species of royal pets, 49 to be exact. Without them, there would be none to rule except the Faerie Queen, but come on! Doesn't the Faerie Queen need help reigning and looking beautiful sometimes? If you told her the latter, though, I don't think she would be very happy. But I digress.

What I've noticed over the years, especially on the Pound Board for the few times I dared to venture into the stormy sea of trades, is that some noble-pets are favored more than others. It's easy to fall for the large, endearing eyes of the Royal Girl Zafara, or the elegant blue-grey dress of the Royal Girl Aisha. What's even more coveted, of course, are the princesses that have withstood the test of time and remain unconverted. Who wouldn't want an Unconverted Kyrii Princess, I'd like to know!

With popular royal looks, it's easy to ignore the princesses with lesser-known beauty. It's also quite sad. With that, ladies and gentlemen, I give you 11 distinguished and underrated princesses. Why 11, you ask? I tend to take things past the usual limit. :)

11. Royal Girl JubJub

With a nearly complementary color scheme, a crown that works into the robe, and eyelashes that say, "That's right! Love me!", the Royal JubJub is on the list. Her feet may be bare but what do you expect? Not all royalty is perfect. Plus, she gets to show off her cute little toes. If they were hidden under shoes, even shoes made for noble-pets, they may develop odors and swell and make the poor girl sick. That wouldn't be attractive in the least.

10. Royal Girl Kiko

That hair. That perfectly fluffed, shined, magenta-but-not-a-blinding-shade-of-magenta, wavy--just--*sputters* THAT HAIR! Oh, erm, forgive me for screaming. Then again, 'that hair' isn't everything there is to love about this Kiko. The first thing one usually notices about a Kiko Princess is her eyes. They're light, they're blue, and they give her an air of kindness. She's even holding the scepter with a calm, but firm hand.

9. Royal Girl Yurble

This lady has "singer" written all over her. From her long, braided hair to her winged helmet, this furry ball of pink moxie is ready to sing! As for how well she does it…no one can be certain. Have your earplugs handy, just in case.

8. Royal Girl Techo

TNT has done a very good job incorporating an "Island Battle Princess" feel when it comes to the Royal Girl Techo. Look at the chain of flowers around her head and tail. Where does it start? Where does it end? Some subtlety that you may enjoy is the markings on her tail, slightly darker than her. That crown looks difficult to balance, though. She must be using a prop to keep it steady on her head.

7. Royal Girl Poogle

In Year 9, the appearance of pets changed drastically--and what a change it was! Before customization was possible, the Royal Girl Poogle looked delicate and serene, even in battle. After the change, though, she looks like she's ready to kick some tail! Her eyes and mouth just scream to the world, "Come at me, bro!" Watch out, evildoers! This girl's got attitude!

6. Royal Girl Gnorbu

Regal and beautiful. That's her, plain and simple. Her beauty almost makes those who witness it speechless. I had imagined it was difficult for a Gnorbu to be displayed elegantly, but TNT pulled it off, most of all with the perfectly rolled hair, shining teal dress, and transparent lace collar. What I especially love about the Royal Gnorbu is her contours. Do you notice the color of most of the lines? Hint: They're not black. And doesn't she look simply adorable when she's angry?

5. Royal Girl Blumaroo

The Royal Girl Blumaroo is the very definition of prim and proper. Her color could hardly be more unified with all of the mixes of pink and purple. It matches the dress perfectly, and can be fun to try and customize. Of course, you probably wouldn't do it since her dress fits her color so well already. This Blumaroo seems ready to party like the rest of her kind but, of course, with dignity, and with her scepter balanced in her left hand.

4. Royal Girl Lenny

Ah, the Lenny. The very pinnacle of cleverness. This lady is clearly an educated one. One glance at her and you can tell right away. For example, she knows to hold her fan with the left wing, and to wear a ring on the right wing. It practically goes without saying that wonderful brains can't go unprotected. That's why she has a dual-duty headdress that attacks being unfashionable and defends her brain. The Royal Lenny has impeccably useful fashion choices.

3. Royal Girl Elephante

I used to play Neopets about five years ago, and was fairly knowledgeable about the pets, but I'd never seen a Royal Girl Elephante! To this day I haven't seen anyone who owns one, which is odd because of how lovely she is. Her fair periwinkle skin (which is relatively easy to customize) complements the vibrant colors of her clothing and hints at her origin in the Lost Desert. What is also impressive is that she looks very friendly both before and after the customization change.

2. Royal Girl Bori

That hai--*stops self before she can start* That lovely braid. At first glance one may think she is elderly, but her youthful complexion says otherwise. And when she gazes at you with sad eyes, you can't help but want to hug her and tell her everything's okay. And don't get me started on that robe! That furry, richly ornamented, blue-and-teal, patterned royal robe! (Huh. Turns out I had started. And finished.) You can just barely see the dainty yellow shoes poking out from underneath, and can see a lace collar I did not notice until I started writing this article. It's small details like that which make the Bori Princess a joy to see.

And finally…

Number 1: The Royal Girl Peophin

There she is--she's standing right there in front of you, astride a wave. So many little nuances and colors just make the Royal Girl Peophin just about the most beautiful Princess one can paint. And look! She's even blushing because you told her! Aww, how sweet! Blue, white, and gold are lightened and, in some places, de-saturated to make this charming lady so graceful. Her hair is long and flowing down to her shoulders, all of her jewelry matches and contains hints of the sea, and her white robe-dress is spotless and adorned with a gold pattern and a smidge of purple cloth. The face piece adds an aura of mystery to her making all who see her want to look at her even more. One might argue her spot as number one due to her being simply clad. However, the simplicity and the unity her color scheme and accessories bring make her just right to fit comfortably on the number one spot. I'll bet it's cozy enough to sleep in, too.

That's it! These are the top 11 sophisticated yet underrated Royal Girl pets! If you ever brave the sea of trades the Pound Chat is renowned for, do keep these lovely ladies in mind. Who knows? You just might be lucky enough to have one of these delightful pets as your friend.

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